Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 1

"I came to this success thirty-four years," - Frank thought. - "No, it sounds out of tune ... as if I was going to succeed with the diapers. It is for certain, you can only say that in thirty-four years I reached him. " Having made such a conclusion, Frank Bailey paid in the restaurant and went outside. He wandered through the streets of Liverpool, where he lived for the last six years working in the "Flash Chronicle" and at the same time trying himself in the literary field.

"Fresh and exciting, very much alive." This review was destined to remember a lifetime. With her for it started a new countdown. Now he will not have to limit yourself to your desires. Now he stands firmly on its feet. Now he is optimistic about the future. Now he parted with the apartment, rented, sit in the new car and go to their new home, which he bought in quiet Birkenhead, where away from the bustle of the big city, he will be engaged in creativity. It is such a word, Frank called his calling.

To little that reminded him of the years are not so abundant, from his old life, Frank decided to take only one thing - the old computer on which it is to type the text of the novel, so abruptly changed his life. Everything else that he needed for a new life, which was to show first of all to himself, that he succeeded and got just a few steps of the staircase cherished, Frank decided to buy over again without worrying about cost savings. After all, he deserved it. So he thought. A means he appeared considerable. Reprint grew, and grew up with them, and his bank account.

So that fortune turned to face Frank, and he was full of energy and enthusiasm does not stop there. Unrest associated with grandiose changes in his life, somewhat subsided, and Frank was able to sensibly plan for the future. Bought a house ought to furnish, or something, and the corresponding status of Frank furniture. To his dwelling he has to drive a new car. Today is just to come the final part of the entry of a successful writer in his office. Today, Frank moved ...

Turning on became almost native street that ran along the areas adjacent to Birkenhead Park, Frank saw from afar their new home. The house was built in the nineteenth century, and a little different from their surroundings to some excessive impressive, which, however, are not too bothered Frank. Coming out of the car and looked around the facade, Frank purred contentedly. I unlocked the door and went into the living room, still purring drawl. What he saw in front of him, no doubt he liked. He gave the nod to the repair option, and styles, and gone will definitely satisfy him now demanding taste. Some of the heaviness of the situation, thought Frank, only underscores the seriousness of the owner.

Lacking only the old grandfather clock and solemn battle, acquired on the occasion of an antique shop. Watches should bring it to the end of the day. The picture of his possible welfare Frank always drew in my dreams as follows: under the chimes at the bottom, he wakes up in the afternoon in his cozy bedroom, which is in the midst of the late night after a long vigil in his cozy office at least at work on his new novel, which is and all the previous ones, will be doomed to become another bestseller.

Examine the top of the cabinet, which should be established in the near future new masterpieces, and the bedroom, where the works will have a rest after their creator, Frank finally satisfied. It only remained to set the table in the office of the famous tool - the computer that was used to write his first novel. Unlike Frank hours brought him to a car and now went to her to bring a computer into the house.

After leaving the house, Frank immediately noticed three women and one elderly man standing nearby his car. Still not fully svykshayasya role "celebrity" Frank did not realize what that meant. However, the first I had heard nice words caused heart palpitations.

- Hello, Mr. Bailey! Sorry for the obsession, but we could not greet you personally. Yesterday we learned that you have decided to settle in our city. You have good taste, once you have chosen this place and this house. We are honored to be your neighbors. I'm Mrs. Nightingale. And this is my husband, William. William, come closer. And this is my girlfriend Bessie Owen and Margaret Hilton. You are so young! You are so talented! Tell me, are you going to write a sequel?

The one that said that it was a woman of about sixty with distinctive features housewives still pretty and full of energy, from which Frank concluded that the action was organized by the welcome it was. Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Hilton had to match her age, but they were involved in the action only for the mass. In any case, it seemed to Frank of their less sophisticated declaration of love for his talent. Whether Frank more sentimental, he would have wept from the scene, as the realization that his novel read, and it recognized on the street, even in a small town, could not flatter his vanity. Frank politely thanked the audience for their attention to his modest person. At the same time he was somewhat disappointed Mrs. Nightingale that is not going to write a sequel to his first novel. However, Mrs Nightingale cheered when Frank hinted that he is full of other creative ideas.

Considering that he made it clear that in a hurry, Frank opened the car and began removing his computer. And then William, still remain silent, volunteered to help.

- I am uncomfortable bother you, Mr. Nightingale. Let me himself. - I became a balk was Frank.

Throwing yet it is a futile exercise, he put up with the presence of an assistant and gave William a printer. Accompanied by William Frank went upstairs to his office. There he has set up a computer on the desk, and then, as he himself seemed warmly thanked William for help, waiting for the farewell procedure to be alone and get to work. William almost understand correctly, what he should do, but remained motionless, hesitating for words.

- Mr. Bailey, my wife really liked your novel. Thank you. But I wanted to ask ...

- Of course, Mr. Nightingale.

- The fact that I, too, sometimes inventing stories ...

- It is commendable - encouraged companion Frank.

- Yes, but I have come up with a dream ... and waking up completely forget everything. Sometimes very sad, because I think that the subjects should certainly be worthwhile.

Frank smiled indulgently and confirmed that it happens, that it has happened to him, but, as experience shows, stories, invented in his sleep, in fact is not anything remarkable, and for this reason advised Mr. Nightingale continue not to get upset.

- You think so?

- Just certain.

It was obvious that Mr. Nightingale found the answer to his question has long tormented.

- We have here not all have the same interests, - he continued. - Mrs. Owen and Mrs Hilton, for example, are obsessed with the murders.

Frank has some time by inertia continued to smile, beginning to regret not bought a house somewhere else.

- I would say that they prefer to all other detectives. But it is their choice.

Frank sighed with relief and agreed that everyone has the right to read what he likes.

- Thank you, Mr. Bailey. I wish you success. We are now your neighbors. You can count on around us. Goodbye. Glad to meet you.

With these words, new neighbor warmly shook Frank's hand and left the house. "In essence, a good fellow, the William" - Frank thought, sinking into a chair in front of his desk. He leaned back and closed his eyes, he was lost in thought, gradually transfered into dreams. And he was dreaming about, while his dreams had a solid basis.

A pleasant train of thought was interrupted by a phone call. Reaching for the phone, had the foresight to stand on the table and picked up the phone, Frank, still continuing to dream, greeted the caller. It appeared to be an employee of the company, which is to deliver its antique clock. The news was that the clock is approaching the house. Glancing down at his reflection in the glass door of the bookcase, Frank went downstairs and went outside.

The house is approached the van. Having caught up with Frank, he stopped. The driver and assistant, coming out, started the procedure of transfer of relics.

- To carry, Mr. Bailey?

- In the living room, please. Only caution - historical and fragile thing.

- Do not worry, Mr. Bailey, trust us more ...

Ending phrase was not followed, as is obvious, what to say and fall at the same time not very convenient, in any case, can not everyone. After the clock stopped publishing plaintive sounds, reaching as far as the base of the steps, it installs heavy silence. Accessing the assistant, who came second, and is now lying next to the clock, hardly I pondered what to expect next.

Despite a fairly common practice, Frank clearly expressed his opinion. Rather, he was ready to make it public, but at the last moment to remember who he is now. And to who he is now, he does not become publicly give vent to his feelings.

- Quite by accident I have matured a proposition for you, - said Frank. - This time, you watch carefully carry into the living room, because there is no visible damage, sincerely hopes that they will go. If your expectations are not met, I will have, sadly, to apply to your company with a claim.

Having like Frank grew even more in their own eyes, "As I looked worthy!" Because he did not offer an alternative plan of action, there was nothing to discuss. To the great relief of all those present pendulum derived Frank balance, did not stop and continued on his oscillatory process. On this side and the left. "Good watch. Weekly factory. The exact course. Too bad they would lose "- Frank thought, touching shallow fresh scratches on the body.

From experienced excitement ought to relax. Something inside Frank alluded to the need to eat. In haste, warming his dinner and opened a bottle of wine purchased at a housewarming party, Frank sat on the couch watching TV. Without realizing it, and under the influence of alcohol, he began drifting passively on television waves. The last thing deposited in his head, was a favorable weather forecast for tomorrow, July 10. Armed with such information, Frank fell asleep in the living room.