Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 12

Frank woke up only because he heard the chimes in the living room. He was grateful to the clock, rather, he was grateful to myself that once bought the watch, as it is likely that fatigue 'transatlantic flight, "he could sleep until the evening, missed the opportunity to reassert itself world. A delay could not - should urgently catch up.

A small hitch was that the manuscript of his novel, Frank presented the mother of a little girl on the occasion of swimming in Maisy. Frank remembered perfectly swim, at least, its initial stage, but as fain, failed to recall the name of the little girl, which was the essence of his savior. In connection with this, Frank does not regret that he gave the manuscript - this family is worth it. It remains only to decide what to give Robert - electronic file or printed pages. Frank stopped at last. Printer do the job quickly enough, while Frank was still rummaging in the wardrobe in search of money earned in an honest wrestling. He examined all his pockets, but in vain. There was no money. "Here it is the flip side" - sadly noted Frank. - "At the nightmare disappeared and money." Frank was really upset because I felt that the saturation, resulting in the "Green Rooster" at the end of what he has already received meaningful signals from the depths of his stomach. Rectify the situation could only visit the "St. Petersburg", but in the absence of funds it could not be considered.

Heading hesitated to leave, Frank also remembered that Jessica, his beloved Jessica, yesterday was mad at him. "Losing money, hurt Jessica. Is it too great a price for getting rid of the curse? Yes, even a broken stereo. " Something went wrong with the resurrection, and Frank felt a certain depression. But the retreat was impossible, and he pulled the door handle. The door did not succumb, and Frank began to suspect that the amount of someone's machinations against him over time will only increase. Fortunately, his suggestion was not confirmed, and the culprit was lying on the side of the chair, which allegedly blocked the door at the same time when the music center ceased to exist as an integrated organism. Stooping to lift a chair, Frank found a ski suit, which was thrown fragmentary memories Frank in this place. Pushing it all aside, Frank decisively opened the door and went outside.

The bright sun was shining and it was unusually warm. At the heart markedly relieved, despite the impending William Nightingale. "Dr. Watson ... He is my attire, you see, did not like it. This suit has passed the trials and in the mountains, and in the air and on the ground. In the end, this is where I won the most difficult in his life chess match. " Mentally saying this monologue, Frank slammed his palm against his forehead. Anyone who knew Frank would say that Frank did so whenever he visited a sudden thought. At this time, the idea had to do is lying in the front door ski suit that has not been examined for the presence of money in his pockets. Not paying attention to trying to say something to William Frank rushed into the house, which greatly puzzled neighbor. "It seems that he feared me," - suggested William and turned back with regret.

Meanwhile, Frank easily found money in a breast pocket suit. "I need to be gathered, gathered," - he made self-hypnosis and carefully hung the suit on his chair, smoothing tiny folds of tissue as a sign of great appreciation.

Another attempt to leave the house turned out to be successful. Not because contrary to custom, William was out on the horizon, so that all that is in this horizon observed, exuded a love of everything and anything that Frank in the first moment even blinked from his overflowing happiness. Not in autumn warm breeze seemed whispering: "Come on, do not be afraid. Now all you get. " From this point on all the actions of Frank were subordinated the main goal - to win once Accomplishments. Frank got into the car and went to the "St. Petersburg".

During the meal, Frank was extremely focused on the upcoming meeting with Robert. "He, of course, it takes time to get acquainted with my novel. Formally entitled. But given the fact that he has long been familiar with it, I have a moral right to demand the acceleration of the process. " The arguments were interrupted by shouts loud enough at the next table. For some features, Frank determined that the conversation was in Russian. Frank considered it appropriate to listen to the contents of someone else's conversation, he just said often and loudly repeating the word "buck", "pounds", "euro".

"I will give him two days. Not more. By taking this decision, Frank paid off and was ready to leave the restaurant, but at the last moment turned and walked over to the table with Russian speech. Two young men were sent to Frank his bewildered eyes. Frank immediately hastened to apologize.

- I'm sorry to trouble you. I heard Russian speech, and I was excited. Unfortunately, I myself do not speak in Russian.

- In vain.

- Excuse me?

- It is better to speak in Russian - is understandable, and enjoyable.

Frank smiled, letting him know he appreciated the joke. Russian spoke about he understands English, but Frank did not think to abuse their attention. He just wanted to know the answer to his question was interested for a long time.

- Frank - Frank introduced.

- Alexander, - said one Russian and invited Frank to sit down.

The second was, as expected, Boris.

- Thank you. Good restaurant, I love it here.

- Yes, - agreed Alexander.

- I think you're a tourist ...

- We have business here, - said Boris poured into a glass clear liquid.

- I understand - Frank nodded. - Guys, do not want to distract you. Just one question.

- Come on.

- I am fond of Russian literature, particularly Dostoevsky.

- "Crime and Punishment", - said Boris, dropping on the table empty glass.

- Yes, yes - happy Frank. - Only I'm talking about the other work. Correct me if I am accurate. "The residents of the small town Stepanchikovo." Right?

- It looks like - with some delay Boris nodded.

- I would like to know where is this town.

The young men looked at each other and go to Russian, entered into a small debate. Watching her, Frank was amazed extraordinary expression speak.

- Do you know where is this town? - After a while, the question reminded Frank.

Answer fell to Boris.

- Just do not know - he said. - But I think, in some hole.

- Excuse me?

- Well, somewhere far away.

- I understand. Russia is a huge country. Yes. Sometimes you want to live in seclusion. Here, for example, Santa Claus prefers to live the whole year in retreat.

- It's like our Santa Claus - said Alexander Borisov.

He nodded and added:

- Snow Maiden.

- The Snow Maiden? - Frank did not understand.

- This is his granddaughter - put Alexander.

- Whose?

- Santa Claus.

Frank thought about it and asked:

- What about the parents of the Snow Maiden?

Alexander and Boris looked at each other.

- Is shrouded in mystery, - said one of them.

Clarity about Stepanchikovo not added, but Frank thanked Boris and Alexander and wished them success in business.

Frank had a preliminary agreement for a meeting with Robert Melvilom - summed up the habit of being a valued customer for Robert, who were allowed to come into contact at any time when there was a need for this. In connection with this, Frank feared that Robert might be absent or busy. Fortunately fears were not realized, and Frank had the honor to be warmly welcomed by Robert, whose instinct tells them that skilfully placed the network brought the potential catch.

- Although we have not met, I'm more than confident that in front of me, the future writer.

Frank evaded and the most self-consciously asked Mr. Melvila participate in the publication of his novel.

- Brilliant! You yourself unknowingly fulfilled a precondition for success.

- Excuse me, what kind of condition are you talking about, Mr. Melvil? - Frank asked, because nothing like this from Robert he had not yet heard.

- In the first lines of our "romance" offer to get to know. Haha. Just call me Robert

- Frank.

- Dear Frankie, and now a few words about the conditions that I mentioned above. You want me to tell you why you wrote the novel? I feel that I want. The basis of any progress is dissatisfaction with the current situation. You were dissatisfied with their position? You can not answer - I'm sure in this. But you do not have to suffer endlessly from dissatisfaction, cursing everything and everybody, and to take responsibility for their own destiny for themselves. You have made some effort to change their fate. I sincerely congratulate you.

- Robert - hesitantly began Frank - I have lack of time to, as you put it, to change the destiny. Could we get down to business right now. Here's my manuscript.

- Oh! Quite voluminous work - praised Robert thick folder containing svezheraspechatanny novel by Frank. - I have to get acquainted with its content in order to talk about the possibility of concluding the contract. I think I need two weeks.

- Two weeks ?! - Exclaimed Frank. - It is impossible. This is unacceptable.

Robert was surprised by the reaction of Frank - not even a single customer does not put him such conditions.

- Frank, I have to make sure that you did not have any doubts about my commitment to decide on your novel as soon as possible.

- Then what prevents to take a decision tomorrow, at least for two days? - Did not let up, "aspiring writer."

- The thing is, Frank, that August I highly loaded. All have long been laid out, and squeeze into this schedule almost impossible.

- And where is August? - Frank continued to resent, but stopped and continue the game: - Robert, I am sorry for my impatience, I have been waiting for this moment ...

- I understand - condescendingly remarked Robert. - Okay, I'll try to come up with something. So ... So ... That's the most I can promise - next Monday, August 19th.

According to Robert made a very strong impression on Frank. So strong, that Robert hastened to pour into a glass of mineral water and handed it to sitting in front of himself impatient writer whose face every moment paled more and more.

- Hey, Frank, what's wrong? - Robert worried.

Frank took a sip and choked, coughed. Hand holding a glass, trembling, and Robert had to return to the place of glass to glass content was not on the table.

- Frank, you're scaring me. Are you sure you're okay?

- No, I'm not sure - Frank whispered. - Today, what day?

Robert was puzzled by the question, but did not go into details.

- The twelfth of August.

- That's for sure?

- As sure as the fact that I am Robert Melvil.

For a while, Frank sat silently, blankly staring at a glass of mineral water. Then he picked up the folder and stood up.

- Wait, Frank, you're not going to leave the manuscript?

- Excuse me, how some other time - Frank wheezed, and then added: - When the hard times come.

Robert Frank's entranced gaze conducted before the release. "Preserve me, O God, from such clients," - he thought, as the door closed.

Despite another stroke of bad luck, coming from a literary agent, Frank was surprisingly composed. "There are no fainting, no tantrums, no swimming in Maisy. Until now, I have taken steps to resolve the crisis, guided only by feelings. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. Where is my inquisitive mind? So, let's begin. Drive to the nearest park, Frank found a tree to guarantee the protection from the sun's heat, put his manuscript is useless on the grass and sat down beside myself. A few vacationers basking in the sun, but Frank did not occupy such an idyll - he was firmly set for brainstorming.

For a start, Frank stated that after the balloon flight is no longer a hopeless situation. Oddly how, and in what seemed slim and immutable system failed. Otherwise how can we explain to temporarily restore the flow of time. On the ninth of September 12, Frank lived on the standard rules. What would cause this? In addition to the flight in a balloon called inning. Can I take seriously the story about the "miraculous" stream at an altitude of six thousand three hundred and twenty feet? Frank thought, as he watched a young mother with a stroller. His confused following consideration. If he wants to again some time to live with everyone in the same rhythm, he will have to make this flight. Fly to live. Live to fly. Nonsense! Since this is contrary to common sense malomalski, this version only Frank noted. Since reflections became increasingly philosophical bias was not surprising that Frank once again wondered why the actual fate decided to experiment on it. After all, from the perspective of the arbitrator, ascended over being, human society is homogeneous when averaged over time and space. And this, in turn, indicates the absence of any objective prerequisites from the Absolute Idea for preferences for Frank. Then more likely to enter into force some subjective power. Maybe he was the victim of someone's deliberate actions, aimed to settle the score, hurt. And then a terrible hunch struck Frank - Alex Butler sharpens him tooth. The same Butler, who was so discourteous that cast doubt on the merits of the novel by Frank. Alex Butler, a spokesman Frank unknown publication, was the only one who did not share the admiration of his work. At the time, Frank took this as a sign of the significance of his novel, as mediocrity is never heated debate and conflicting reviews. Now the role of Frank Butler was seen exclusively sinister. "He wrote that my novel encourages dark forces to unite. How did it all in tune with what is happening! Why did not I thought of Butler? It seems that I found the thread. "

Frank looked up from his shoes and looked up. The alley was an eccentric kind of guy, carrying under his arm and looking chess apparently in search of an opponent. In order not to attract attention, "chess", Frank instantly re staring at his shoes, as shown subsequently, it was a bad idea. People seriously involved in the chess game, the nature of thinking shifted to abstract fields. That is why, when he saw a man so intently considering his seemingly quite ordinary shoes, the guy found a soul mate in Frank.

- Excuse me, please.

Frank, in a sense could be called a secretive man, because in some cases, he said, not what he thought. And now he was out of place laconic.

- Yes? - He said.

- I would like to offer you the game of chess - man outlined his vision of the situation. - How do you look at it?

It goes without saying that Frank looked very negatively to this proposal, but it is long enough for picking the exact words, that guy, interpreting a pause in their favor, he sat down beside him and began to arrange the pieces.

- And why did you decide that I do know how to play? - Frank growled with displeasure.

- And is it not? - Disarming the guy responded.

- It depends on which side to look. However, my business to warn you.

- Good. Your move.

The venture was a failure, and the twelfth course, Frank was mat. The defeat made us think. "And why should he bothering me? To humiliate me? As well as the Butler. Oh! What if Butler and had sent him? In this world, everything is interconnected. "

- Another game? - The guy asked quietly, unaware of swarming in my head, Frank suspicions.

- And how is your friend, Alex? - Frank suffered.

- Just what Alex?

- Butler scribblers!

- I think you got me with someone confused - still quietly responded player and, realizing that the opponent is not going to take revenge in the second game, he began to collect figures.

- But I do not think so, because you're with Butler at the same time! - Frank yelled and grabbed the collar of chess

- Who is Butler? - Choking the poor man wheezed.

- Ha! He does not know who is Butler. The one that said that in the eyes reading my novel you can see glimpses of the diabolical fire. Art thou not it blew such a thought?

- No ...

- What no?

- Not me.

Suddenly, Frank realized that the wine guy was just that he got the arm. Upon reflection, Frank decided to apologize.

- I'm sorry, friend. On those rare occasions when you have to play, I am prone to depression.

With these words, Frank sincerely shook hands unjustly offended follower Capablanca discover onlookers standing around, looked forward to the outcome.

- My friends, - appealed to him, Frank, - this young genius is ready to play a session on the sixty-four boards simultaneously. You are not sixty three sets of chess? Then stand in line! Do not miss your chance.

Picking up his manuscript, Frank went to the car. "It is foolish. Understand, so with yourself Butler "- he realized his mistake, sitting behind the wheel.Not once, not a minute later, Frank did not move - Alex Butler sunk into the soul, and Frank could not decide what to do right now. He recalled that in his notebook to be the phone of Butler.

- Alex Butler listens - heard in the handset.

- Mr. Butler, are you talking to Frank Bailey.

- Very nice, Mr. Bailey. I'm all ears.

"He is all ears! Now all the other senses are also escalated to the limit. "

- I would ask you, dear Mr. Butler, stop intrigue against me.

- I'm sorry, Mr. Bailey, but I just do not intrigue, but I do not know you at all.

- Unfortunately, I have to catch you in insincerity.

- Be kind to express more clearly - is irritated, but still correctly remarked Alex Butler.

- "Roman encourages dark forces to unite." "In the eyes to read the novel, you can see glimpses of the diabolical fire." You are familiar with these phrases?

sounded represented workpiece Alex Butler, but he could not remember whether to use them in the end, but if used the then against whom exactly. In this uncertain situation it was preferable to change the subject, Alex Butler did.

- And what's all this, Mr. Bailey? And who are you, anyway?

What is the source several hesitated, and that he tried to avoid answering a direct question, could not escape the attention of Frank, and he was even more established in the idea that no tricks here Butler has not done.

- Are you saying you do not know the writer Frank Bailey, and do not know what is written on his novel review, more like a vulgar lampoon? And you're asking me to believe in these fairy tales? You would not believe it!It is better to have the courage to admit its not the best thing to do. I demand that you finally leave me alone!

You could be surprised patience Alex Butler, listens to all this from his point of view is nonsense. He himself was surprised by this fact. But something held him back from being able to throw the hook. Perhaps the reason for that was quoted phrases, without a doubt, Butler attributed to himself. How can this crazy to know about them?

- You want to say that you write a novel? - Butler asked.

- What is unreal?

- Judging by what I have heard from you ...

- Stop being rude, Mr. Butler. I accuse you of causing me harm. These are your tricks with time! I do not be surprised if you do the same thing with respect to allowing yourself to not be afraid of big words, space ...

- Dear Mr. Bailey, let us consider it impossible. I assume that I do not know you or your novel ...

Butler went further to say something, but Frank was not listening. Suddenly he again felt sad, for he realized that Butler was in his own right. Rights because Butler, due to the narrowness of his outlook, what Frank was more than confident, can not know that Frank is certainly a novel published in the future. He, Butler, thought in terms of the past, and it leaves its imprint on their conversation today. In connection with this, Frank was forced to admit that the idea of the verbal duel was not very successful.

- Excuse me, Mr. Butler, I think I got the wrong number, - finally said Frank.

- I, too, Mr. Bailey, it was nice to talk to you.

Even at home, lying on the couch watching TV, Frank somehow again remembered the conversation with Butler. Mention of time and space in this conversation to recall the desire to meet with Professor Stanley. Frank jumped just did, knocking himself once again with his hand on his forehead. How could he forget about this possibility? And despite the fact that he has vowed to rely solely on a scientific approach to overcome the terrible scourge. Tomorrow morning he sent Noubridzh where, according to Mike, a professor Stanley.

The new idea is extremely excited Frank, and he made ??several vigorous steps forward and back, decided to act. Almost believing in the fact that the meeting with Professor Stanley would be significant from the point of view of the possible consequences, Frank decided to appear before a professor of internal renewal. In his submission, this meant that he had to lie on the couch less and more exercise. To rush is not extinguished immediately, Frank hurried to put on shorts and sneakers. Before leaving the house, he looked out the window and frowned. No matter how great the temptation to start a new life, nothing could get Frank to leave the cozy room to run around in the street in such a cloudy day.

Having twenty laps of the living room, Frank decided to complicate the task. He quickly ran upstairs, turned around at the door of the bedroom and went downstairs as fast. This exercise was done three times. Frank then lay down on the floor not far from the hotly beloved couch and began to move his feet in the air, pretending to ride a bike. "Passing" so nearly a mile, Frank admitted that he was tired, and moved from the floor to the couch.

In the short period between reality and dream, Frank heard two voices. The first one was unhappy with the quality of exercise of Frank, naming them explicitly hack. The second was more optimistic, arguing that it is only the beginning, and that in future we can increase the number of races in the bedroom for up to four and even extend the route to the toilet.