Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 13

Aching from the unaccustomed exercise the muscles are not allowed to sleep in the next morning long. From television news Frank learned that occurred July 12. On this day fell Friday, Frank, deciding that nothing prevents his meeting with Professor Stanley decided to act.

"Currently, Frank Bailey is preparing a review article devoted to current research in the field of interaction between space and time. Could you advise him of his questions. " After reading Mike's recommendation twice, Frank did not find it the slightest flaw and was entitled to rely on a very thorough conversation with Professor Stanley.

Before Noubridzha it was three hours away, but Frank managed to extend this time for almost an hour, going to the middle of the road to the inn, since the departure of the house was so swift that the thought of eating did not have time to visit his crumpled mind.

When Frank walked in, the debate about the impact of the size of acorns on clotting pig's tails, apparently, was in full swing. Although Frank was not going to take part in it, swallowing the food, he, nevertheless, was listening to the disputants. The one who was called Big John, argued that the larger the acorns, the density of winding and indeed the diameter of the helix will be more. The other is arguing - Frank never knew his name - believes that the large acorns contribute smoothing helicity. The dispute could stop being a gentleman and develop into antagonism, if someone from the two lovers pigs did not come up with the idea to find a capable judge them. The choice fell on Frank as the most sober of all those present and those of the institution were three - especially Frank turned around to find as accurately as possible. Frank already had finished and was going to leave the institution, besides, Miss Wesley told nothing about the tail. Unfortunately, his arguments were not considered conclusive, and Frank had to listen to the arguments of enthusiasts from the outset on what, in fact, was lost most of the time. Before we announce the verdict, Frank wisely asked whether to trust the two disputing his decision. Upon hearing an affirmative answer, Frank pointedly said: "After weighing all the pros and cons, and common sense, I think that the size of acorns does not affect or may affect the bending radius of a pig's tail." The decision was extraordinary, anyway, so it was perceived. Frank felt that if he did not leave an hour "meeting hall", then follow "withdrawal of the court," and there is no guarantee that everything will be strictly in accordance with "the rules of procedure." After paying, Frank quickly proceeded to the car.

At the entrance to Noubridzhu impressions of the incident on the road gradually smoothed out, and Frank tuned in to the business mood. Leaving the car in the parking lot, he went into the midst of facing university buildings with little hope for a quick finding of Professor Stanley, but the first head of a young man, apparently a student, pointed to the building, where they could find Miss Wallace, Assistant Professor Stanley.

Having strayed inside the building, Frank finally found the door, the content of signs which gives us hope that is behind this door can be met Miss Wallace. Knocking, Frank opened the door. Whether Frank pounded too delicate, or dive into the work was too great, but the young lady who worked at the computer, did not pay any attention to the newcomer. Frank looked around. The room was small and quite modest. From decoration could only note hanging in abundance on the walls posters containing various tables and graphs. Miss Wallace had a few twenty-five, at least so it seemed to Frank. In addition, Frank somehow thought that this is Miss Wallace. It only remained to see this, to inquire about Professor Stanley. Do not think of anything more original, Frank cleared his throat. In response, the woman gazed at Frank questioning look. Having considered the Miss Wallace from the front, Frank found it very nice, but the time to think about the place of women in science remains and Frank had to urgently explain its presence.

- Excuse me, please. I'm looking for Miss Wallace.

- It's me. How could I help you?

Miss Wallace's voice was soft and, one might even say, some good, and it's quite possessed.

- In fact, I would like to meet with Professor Stanley. I was told you could help.

- I think that would - said Miss Wallace - but I need to know the details.

- Yes, of course, I understand. My name is Frank Bailey. I am a correspondent of "Flash Chronicle." We plan to publish a series of articles about the most cutting edge of scientific research. Research on the interaction of time and space, which holds a professor Stanley, just to meet all the necessary criteria for the planned publication. Oh, I almost forgot, I have a recommendation from the magazine ...

Frank reached into his pocket, feverishly recalling in edition of magazine work, Mike. Rolled sheet in his pocket, he felt immediately, but unfortunately the name of the magazine completely flew out of his head. "Damn me, I pulled the magazine mention" - mentally distressed Frank, still pretending to be digging in your pocket. Pause, during which Miss Wallace watched with interest Frank addictive. We had to do something, and of the total hopelessness Frank distinctly remembered that he never knew the name of the journal in which he worked, Mike. From this certainty in the soul once relieved, and Frank, quickly removing the recommendation handed it to Miss Wallace.

- Here, - he added.

Miss Wallace, carefully read the contents transferred.

- "Sayntifik Mireklz" - said Miss Wallace, nodding respectfully.

Frank was shocked awareness Miss Wallace. Miss Wallace, in turn, invited Frank to sit down.

- Do I understand correctly, Mr. Bailey, you did not agree with Professor Stanley's time for the meeting?

Frank confirmed that Miss Wallace is absolutely right.

- Unfortunately, the professor lecture today, and it will end in about an hour. As you look at it, to wait?

Frank had no choice, and he replied that he was looking positive.

- Sit back, while I, I will try to complete the report - said Miss Wallace, nodding toward the computer.

- Yes, of course - strongly agreed Frank - do not worry, I'll wait.

Sofa on which sat Frank, it was located in such a way that the eyes of Frank was available computer screen Miss Wallace. Stealthily, realizing that it is not very good, Frank tried to assess what he saw. And he saw the tables and graphs that are very similar to those that could contemplate on the walls. Miss Wallace expertly edited the data, and then schedules modified. From all noted by Frank imbued with Miss Wallace has great respect. It is understood that Miss Wallace takes a direct part in the research, and its work is not limited to some simple office work, if any, have to do it any relevance. Frank looked at his watch and noted with regret that rely on a long conversation with the professor is no longer necessary. "Well, at least I hope I will be able to understand how the results of the professor can be applied to my case" - Frank decided and looked at magazines lying on the table in front of him.

- Well, that's all - after a while, said Miss Wallace and leaned back in his chair, still staring at the screen, this time with satisfaction of the declaration.

Frank almost asleep, deeply buried in the magazine and the belief that by doing so he demonstrates a deep interest in the written. It is said that Frank was very impressed by how these scientists find mutual understanding through these terrible formulas. It was a kind of language, to understand, and even more to learn that Frank seemed completely impossible task.

- I beg your pardon, Mr. Bailey, I forgot to offer you tea. You do not give up the tea?

Frank refused, and Miss Wallace out at the door, on which Frank has not yet paid any attention. When Miss Wallace got up from his desk, Frank irrevocably knew who lack modern modeling business, and when Miss Wallace passed him surrounded ineffable flavor, Frank thanked fate for having consistently sitting on the couch - otherwise he threatened to crash as a result of vertigo. "How beautiful our scientists!" - Frank thought, and looked at his watch. Before the planned end of the lectures of Professor Stanley had about twenty minutes.

Miss Wallace returned with a tray on which stood a cup of freshly brewed tea. Frank thanked Miss Wallace and took a sip. The tea was delicious, but it is not said Frank. He suddenly discovered that Miss Wallace looks at him, and for this reason a second sip nearly proved fatal, as Frank choked and coughed. Something like a light smile face visited Miss Wallace. Frank put the cup down on the table.

- Excuse me, - he said, taking a handkerchief from his pocket.

But Miss Wallace did not explicitly comment on the incident. Instead, she wanted to know the reason for it is of interest to the work of Frank Professor Stanley.

- Mr. Bailey, and why you find a question of studying the interaction of space and time is so important that you decided to start your cycle of articles?

Frank did not immediately realize what kind of a series of articles in question, and almost asked about Miss Wallace, but he remembered that this is what he explained the purpose of his visit. Handkerchief handy again when Frank wiped the wet from the nervous strain forehead.

- The fact is - Frank began - that ...

Another moment, and in the eyes of Miss Frank Wallace falls too low. And all this because of the loss of their habits to prepare everything carefully. "Silence is a failure, it is better to talk about. Say anything, even nonsense, but would not remain silent. " It is with this principle, Frank continued speech.

- The fact that the last time to our office began to receive letters from readers, in which they reported the strange things happening to them.

- What exactly tell your readers? - Interested asked Miss Wallace.

- They say you do not believe me, Miss Wallace, but they say that with each new day, just imagine, but with each new day, they find themselves in the past with a difference of one month exactly.

Frank paused, trying to figure out what kind of impression they made on said Miss Wallace.

- Mr. Bailey, would you please explain more?

It was obvious that Frank can not teach an absurdity so that normal people understand the essence.

- Take me as an example. Today, July 12th. Here. For you, tomorrow will be July 13 and June 12 for me.

Frank again and this time with great hope looked at Miss Wallace.

- For you, tomorrow will be June 12 - she said thoughtfully.

- That's right - happy Frank. - Not to me, I was just figuratively, but for those of our readers that we write to the editor.

- For your readers ... and you would like to ...

- Quite true. And I would like to know the opinion of Professor Stanley on this issue. I think if the first article in the series will not only satisfy someone's inquisitive interest, but also bring practical benefits, it will be fine. This will mean that we are on the right track.

- I think that would agree with you. With regard to the phenomenon about which you inform the readers, it is difficult to clearly interpret it. But, as I assisted Professor Stanley and am aware of its research, I can assume that you mentioned a temporary anomaly with high probability in the plane of his scientific interests.

Frank for all his erudition could not associate so many beautiful and clever words thrown in one sentence, and for that reason felt boundless admiration Miss Wallace.

- Thank you, Miss Wallace, for that you instilled in me some hope. By the way, could you describe to me by Professor Stanley? I would like to prepare for a meeting with him.

Miss Wallace thought.

- You see, Mr. Bailey, I'm a little connoisseur of human souls, and it is unlikely my portrait professor may be considered a standard.

- This is not fair. I would like to get at least a first glimpse.

- Well, - I have agreed to a good Miss Wallace. - First, the professor is far from being a young man, and that in itself is a positive factor for the others, because the experience, which is owned by the professor, is priceless. It can not be learned from books - they can only be enriched by personal communication. Secondly, and here I am referring to the moral character, I would have reacted to the category of Professor gentlemen of the old school. If you ask what it is, I could not answer. That is to say, my intuitive definition. Wait a minute. I'll give you an example. Did you imagine that I have in mind. Once, long ago, I saw a movie. I do not remember his name. I think it was an Italian film. Yes, definitely it was an Italian film. One of the characters was a banker. I well remember one episode with that person. Imagine a big house banker. Large and deserted house, a lonely banker, who had big problems with the business, waiting for him a very important phone call. Large and deserted house. Twilight. The banker, sitting in a chair, all dominated by gloomy thoughts. The phone rang. Banker quickly instinctively reaching for the phone and at the last moment it stops. What do you think, why? This is not trivial! A man adjusts his tie and then picks up the phone. Neither before nor after, I was not a witness of a deeper psychological scene. It was not a game to the public, because it was the one totally alone. I think such behavior is clearly manifested warehouse of his soul.

- What you told Miss Wallace, very touching - Frank could not resist paste.

- I do not spend a literal analogy, but I hope that you understand me.

- Sure - Frank confirmed. - But, what if ...

- What is wrong in my reasoning?

- What if the surrounding circumstances in the above episode, you hung over your mind? You said that he was rich. This romantic atmosphere the shadows of the great hall ... And imagine underling straightens his tie in front of the phone. It would have made you the same strong impression?

Miss Wallace thought.

- Are you a good psychologist, Mr. Bailey - she concluded.

Frank modestly lowered his eyes.

- And thirdly, a professor of child addictive personality, - said Miss Wallace. - I think you will be able to see this in person. Do you want some more tea? Or coffee?

- Oh, thank you, Miss Wallace ...

Frank did not finish as the door opened and in walked an elderly bearded man with a stack of papers in his hands.

- Good afternoon, Professor. How was the lecture? - Welcomed the newcomer Miss Wallace.

Frank realized that he sees Professor Stanley. Professor Frank did not notice and continued to chat with Miss Wallace.

- Unforgettable, Julia. I like the youth of today. So much energy, so much of the creative fuse. Do you know why I am somewhat delayed? They did not want to let me go - all assailed with questions. Great!

At this point the opinion of Professor Stanley fell to Frank.

- This is Mr. Bailey, correspondent. He writes popular science articles and would like to talk to you, - said Miss Wallace.

- That's just great! - Said the professor. - Every possible way to welcome the popularization of scientific ideas. My friend, let me call you so, my friend, I will certainly talk to you, only to find out from Julia about the current state of affairs.

- I made a correlation processing sixteenth series of experiments, Professor, - reported Ms. Wallace. - The four-dimensional representation clearly traced trend.

- Thank you, Julie. I'll come back to the report later. I think it's time to talk with Mr. ...

- Bailey.

- Oh, yes, Bailey. Come with me, Mr. Bailey.

Frank, leaving an inviting Miss Julia Wallace, wholeheartedly thanked her for attending.

- I, too, was interesting to talk to you, Mr. Bailey, - assured Miss Wallace. - I wish you luck.

Cabinet of Professor Stanley turned around. It was little different from the office of Miss Wallace - the same graphics, the same table. Is that an abundance of scientific journals and books, customized environment. However, this specification was needed only for those who have not yet realized that he was on a visit to the eminent scientist. Frank so believed in the importance of Professor Stanley, and the words "time" and "space" as subjects everywhere, whether it's a poster on the wall or the title of the book only confirms that he, Frank, has long had to be here.

- Sit down, my friend, - invited professor.

- Thank you.

Professor Stanley leaned back in his chair, still not fully parted with the atmosphere student audience.

- You are young, like them, my friend. That's fine.

- Excuse me, Professor, you're talking about? - Frank did not understand.

- I mean students. Youth - the golden age. But it was me sad? Perhaps our research will make it available to everyone.

Frank again did not understand what could be available to everyone, without exception, but decided to focus only on matters relating to him personally.

- In the case of ability to control the passage of time - itself continued the professor - anyone would be able to re-taste all its charms . I mean, anyone would be able to look younger.

Frank alert.

- And aging? - Escaped him.

- And grow old too. Just what old age may be a rapture?

Professor wiggled on the table stack of books and records, suggesting that restored order.

- Let's get started - said the professor strongly and made ??some motion with his hand in the vicinity of the collar.

Frank seemed that Professor He straightened his tie, but Frank was not completely confident in this, since the movement of the hands of the professor was somehow implicit and looked more like a magician hand movement. Bearing in mind the story told Miss Wallace, Frank started finding around a mystical character. Professor, not knowing about the complex trajectories thoughts interlocutor to put something in front of a blank piece of paper and turned his good look at Frank. That, in turn, hastily took notes and prepared for the interview, but the professor was ahead of him.

- What made ??you, my friend, to start the cycle of popular articles about research? It seems that your task as explained Julie, that is Miss Wallace?

- There's nothing unusual in the fact that such interest has appeared in our publication. Indispensable for cycling everyday, ubiquitous, it narrows the horizon of the nation, and this is unacceptable. I can assure you that we do not expect some kind of commercial benefit, but solely in high-end public education.

The entry impressed not only of Frank, but also of the professor.

- Competent popularization of knowledge on the importance akin to the establishment of knowledge. I think you will agree with this thesis.

Frank agreed, but not limited to this, and decided to continue on.

- First of all, Professor, I would like to know your opinion about the presence of limits in the knowledge of the spatial and temporal properties of matter.

- Good question.I assume you are familiar with the dictum "Atom is inexhaustible." I agree with this statement, unless, of course, consider it in some conceptual sense. In the sense that the process of learning is endless. You see, the discovery of a new fundamental phenomenon seems to me opening just another layer of the unknown, so to speak, a new substructure, which itself inherits from both a higher court, and has its own properties and methods that are inherited on. It is possible to set and monitor these features allows you to go to a deeper level of research being. Now you, I believe you know why we can assume that knowledge will continue as long as there is humanity.

Frank nodded, as if understand what was said. Despite some difficulties, he did not put the notebook.

- We now turn to the subject, which we have been in recent years - to the time management. Do you mind?

Frank almost choked. How can he be against it, if only for that and come here!

- I listen to you very carefully, Professor.

- Arguing thus, we decided to investigate the properties of time. Remember the four-dimensional Minkowski space? The space in which the coordinates added to the normal time. However, embarrassed that the time coordinate is not as equal and as spatial. You, my friend, do not confuse this asymmetry?

- C-confused - Frank blurted out, although he was more bothered by the fact that he had lost the thread of the argument.

"If that's all I can get from this meeting, we should recognize that Noubridzh trip is a waste of time. " The hands on the clock confirmed that the idea was correct.

Frank generally shared opinion of Professor Miss Wallace. The elderly, full of noble virtues scientist, apparently, was fanatically devoted to his cause, his idea. But this is precisely what bothered Frank. Mike told him that possessed firmly believe in his innocence, in that they have found the solution is unique and unshakable, but history shows that this is not so, and always something that seemed so natural and indisputable eventually give way to fresh ideas and discoveries . Indeed, the process of knowledge is infinite, but the professor for some reason prefer to talk about it only in general terms.

By the end of the third hour of continuous monologue of Professor Frank woke up.

- This is the idea briefly, - summed up Professor Stanley.

- Really ?! - Frank perked up.

- Excuse me?- I did not catch the Professor.

Realizing that blunder, Frank tried to unleash the fog.

- You said the idea ... Hmm ... What do you think of the absolute idea? - He said pointedly.

- As a synonym ...

- Yes, that's right.

- Bravo, my friend, grateful follower of Hegel. But I do not see any contradiction. Judge for yourself ...

"God, what I'm clumsy. And he was about to finish his story. "

When the window is hopelessly dark, Frank coughed discreetly, and Professor took it as a signal, calling proceed to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

- To our conversation became more objective, I propose to go to the lab and view our latest operating unit - officially announced it.

Frank took the initiative to admit that any materialization of pure idea much better idea of the purest, and therefore readily agreed. In fact, he just wanted to be closer to the exit. Contrary to expectations, the laboratory was further from the exit, to be quite accurate, even deeper. As he tried, Frank, he was unable to produce accurate records of the steps by which they went down with a professor at the bottom - as were many of them.

- Professor, what such depth? - Out of breath, asked Frank.

- I'm sorry, my friend, if I forgot to mention the story of the confounding factors, the influence of which is necessary to get rid of. The fact is that the background radiation ...

- Yes, Professor, you are quite elaborated on this issue - Frank blurted out, for the credibility of patting the pocket, where lay a clean pad.

"Do not reveal your mouth unnecessarily!" - once once gave himself instructed Frank and followed after professor toward the massive doors. Dim light barely allowed her to discern the outlines.

- Help, my friend - asked professor and leaned on the handle. - Well! What does not work?

- tight - Frank admitted. - Are you sure that the direction of rotation is selected right?

- Oh, no! I mean, yes. You're right, in the other direction. Try?

- Try to - Frank sighed, and then tried to make: - Professor, but we definitely need to?

- If you knew that before you here have visited the unit, you would not ask that question.

Shamed, Frank pressed the handle with the double strength, and she succumbed. Unscrewing the knob all the way, Professor pulled the door open. Crossing the threshold, Frank was in a great hall, a bright light comes from an unknown source extended encircling the perimeter of the hall at a level only slightly does not reach the ceiling. The ceiling was also unusual and was a conglomeration of farms of all shapes. On farms hung some ropes, which reached the bottom of the unknown structure, located in the center of the room and occupies about half of the entire space. The height of the construction is estimated to exceed Frank sixty feet. Frank has not yet decided how it relates to the construction of which, most likely, is that the existing installation mentioned by the professor. Naturally, the dimensions of all seen amazing, but it was a significant effect of the use of this creation?

Suddenly, from the installation on all its sides burst out what looked like or steam, or smoke. Frank was frightened and instinctively grabbed the professor's arm, mumbling something unintelligible.

- Calm down, my friend, it's just the evaporation of liquid nitrogen - the transition process.

The confidence of a great scientist passed on to Frank, and he freed from his shackles professor arms and pointing evaporation of liquid nitrogen, asked in a very concise manner:

- Oh?

- All right, otherwise we would have heard the alarm. Everything under control automation.

- Ah, - sigh of relief, Frank.

- Here I should explain - proudly said Professor - that we have made ??some progress in terms of operating temperature.

Frank noted with regret that the hall no object to which it would be possible to sit down, because he knew that the professor does not have the habit of talking briefly.

- The fact is that overcoming the time barrier is extremely energy consuming. Without going into details, I will say that you need a very efficient cooling. Our achievement is that we have reached no effect at liquid helium temperature, but only at a temperature of liquid nitrogen.

- Fantastic!- Was forced to exclaim, Frank.

Ask me than liquid nitrogen is different from the same liquid, but helium, Frank wisely decided not to.

- Yes, - Professor grunted in satisfaction and offered to come closer to install.

With some caution, keeping strictly behind the professor, Frank close to the plant. The peculiar odor tickled his nose Frank. The smell could not belong to the soulless, though smart, car, and because Frank stopped trying to establish its source. Seeing the puzzled reporter, professor pointed to what looked like a cage where Frank saw rabbits, absorbing cabbage.

- It is a product of our experiment - praised the professor.

Frank scratched his head.

- guessing, Professor, but I do not see the connection between rabbits and space not to mention the time.

- My friend, it is only at first glance, such a connection can not be traced.

- And the second?

- Excuse me?

- And for a second opinion?

- Let me explain. This setting is designed to test our theory on the possibility of influencing the course of time. We decided to make sure whether we can change the period of the known processes in nature. To this end, we have put in place the camera crossing force fields, which put two rabbits. The camera is located over there.

Frank still did not understand. In a place where the professor pointed out, as it was at the height of fifteen feet, he saw a small opaque box.

- The experiment lasted exactly five minutes.

- And?

- Do not you guess? The result is in front of you.

The professor moved his nose, drawing attention to the crispy cabbage rabbit.

- Try, my friend, to join together all of what I have said and see how happy we were successful.

When collected willpower grains scientific reason exceeded the critical mass, Frank was ready to continue conversation.

- Those two original rabbit belonged to different floors?

- Of course, otherwise it loses its meaning.

- The experiment lasted five minutes?

- Exactly five minutes.

- When you looked into the box ...

- In the chamber.

- Well, at the camera. The number of rabbits that were in the drawer ...

- In the chamber.

- The number of rabbits in the camera, really do not coincide with the number two.

- I will say more precisely, it was much more than two.

Frank paused. He was tormented by doubts.

- You want to say that ...

- Yes and yes! Oh, you're right, my friend. From the viewpoint of rabbits more time has passed than outside the chamber. Therefore, there had time to be born a new generation of rabbits. And mind you, had not only born, but grow.

Frank looked into the cage again. He could not deny that there were a lot of rabbits. It is true, and it was something that was not among them infants.

- Do you understand - insisted the professor, - that in terms of rabbits accelerated time?

Unlike Professor Stanley Frank was not sure that we should rely on the views of the rabbits, especially in such a complex and important issue.

- Do you think that this is an artifact? - Asked the professor, seeing fluctuations Frank.

"The professor reminds tricksters. What if he's right, and time can be accelerated? That's what I need. "

- Do you think that this is an artifact? - He repeated the professor.

- Professor, and whether all your experiments have been as successful?

- My friend, it was the only experiment. Of course, we do not have solid statistics, but we have every reason to believe that we are on the right track.

Frank was very excited. He clearly felt the proximity of interchanges. Now or never. It is better now. "

- Professor, how you look at an experiment with a man?

- My friend, you can not say that we have not thought about it, but we are realists and understand that much more is necessary to calculate and provide for.

- What ?! That count? What is the difference between a rabbit and a man?

- You see, even a cursory glance, this difference is felt ...

- I do not know. Put in a box, that is, the camera man and activate your wonderful setting. And yet!

Professor incredulously looked at Frank.

- Plant, suppose you can.

- Oh!

- and turn too.

- Come on, Professor! You all the cards in your hand. Or you do not want to make a great discovery?

- How is that possible? You abusive my ambition!

- This is your finest hour, go!

- Wait, my friend. But we need a volunteer.

- He's in front of you. Show you how to climb into the box.

- My friend - a professor began carefully - you want to say that we are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the triumph of science?

It is the turn of Frank think.

- What is life threatening? - He asked cautiously

- I do not think, though ...

Before Frank had a choice: the inglorious end of the discoverer or glory. What did he have to lose? The possibility of falling into childhood after a while. That's all.So is it worth clinging to the dubious prospects?

- I'm ready to professor - Frank said firmly.

Tears of pride and compassion moistened eyes elderly professor. Even in my wildest dreams he could not have imagined that so soon he will be able to check the influence of his ideas, ideas born in his mind, which is only an infinitesimal part of universal human reason, the lives of millions and millions of people. This humble guy totally disinterested wants to help him, despite the possible danger lurking in the unknown.

The professor could continue indefinitely dream of high, if not noticed that Frank is already creeping up towards the camera.

- Stop! Hold on, my friend. This is not so. Get down. The whole process is mechanized, and you do not need to show the habits peculiar to our ancestors.

Frank was already halfway to the camera, deftly overcome a large number of different-sized vent, from which erupted, according to the professor, the evaporating liquid nitrogen. Therefore, the proposal took down Frank, without much enthusiasm, but did not argue with, fearing that a professor change his mind. Later, Frank saw in his hand a professor, a box of buttons, such as the TV remote control.

- This remote control - said the professor.

Raising his glasses on his forehead and approached the console directly to the face, the professor found the right buttons and click on them in a certain sequence. At that moment, something rumbled on, and Frank prudently pressed against the cage with rabbits. However, nothing terrible has happened, only ropes hanging from the ceiling, began to move, and Frank realized that he was dealing with an ordinary winch. Meanwhile, the camera picked up by a winch, describing intricate trajectory in space, began to fall near the professor. In fact, with some crashing camera landed, Frank could not judge too much skill in the management of this professor edifice. The camera was really great, and Frank interested in the question whether there is there a chair to comfortably ride out the experiment. Professors do not take the little things - he struggled with the buttons. Finally, there was a low rumble, and the upper part of the chamber began to shift towards opening access to the interior. What was inside, Frank had not seen since the height of the camera slightly exceeded its growth. Another easy movement of the fingers of Professor and the side camera appeared retractable ladder. Lacking strength to wait, Frank willfully climbed the stairs and looked inside the camera.

- Oh, God! - He exclaimed.

- What happened? - The professor asked, climbing the stairs to the second.

- Do not you think, Professor, that in addition to rabbits, the box for anyone not fit?

In fact, the internal volume of the chamber was mostly busy with some equipment - wires, tubes and sensors allowed too little space for experimental.

- Oh, God! - He exclaimed the professor, seeing it all. - I forgot about it. What to do?We'll have to undo everything ...

- No way! - Frank almost cried and climbed into the camera.

He's already figured that if he will squeeze your knees to the chin, it is quite possible that the lid is closed. Of course, it has to be in a horizontal position. "Do not be scared, I stand five minutes."

The grimace of compassion appeared in the person of Professor when he witnessed the torture of Frank, customize its shape under the rectangular chamber. "He's doing it for the sake of science" - thought the professor again and almost wept.

- For your convenience, if the word is applicable to the present situation, there is a virtual reality helmet.

- What is it? - Frank asked.

- With it, you can see what's going on outside the chamber, and the use of voice, for example, with me.

Frank did not know why his five minutes is a miracle of technology, and how to use rabbits, but I did not argue and put on a helmet. The projected image on the retina were reported with remote cameras, and is currently Professor Frank seen leaning over the console.

- Are you ready, my friend? - Heard in the headphones. - When I click on the "Start", the camera will automatically close and move into a place of crossing fields, and then automatically turn on all fields. Five minutes later I click on the "Stop" and all will end.

- Begin, Professor - almost doomed Frank said.

In his helmet, he saw the professor came down the stairs and took two steps back. "Once all the checks," - Frank thought, feeling his legs begin to flow. The professor raised the remote-to-face, in the search for the treasured button. "What's he waiting for? Rather, the same "- Frank languished. His heart was pounding. At that moment he felt a jolt and a helmet shows that the camera is closed. Close lid pulled one of the cables, which, unhook, rocked in the vicinity of the professor. "We need so or not? Suppose that it is necessary "- Frank decided, watching everything going on. After another push Frank felt rocking the camera. TV picture captured the rapid rise in the place where was supposed to start the main action. At the same time, Frank pointed out that Professor unnaturally raised his hands, rolled over and looked up in this position from the floor. There could be no doubt - dangling rope swept professor's body below the waist and pulled him up.

- Oh, shit! - Frank said. - Professor, what happened?

The professor did not answer, but Frank could hear him groaning in the headphones.

- Professor! All flies to hell. Turn off your miracle of technology.

- I can not, - I hissed in response to the professor, all on automation.

The camera froze in place, and to enhance the evaporation of liquid nitrogen, Frank realized that the process has begun.

- Damn!Then five minutes later do not forget to turn it off.

- I can not - strained spoken professor.

- Damn!This is why?

- Remote fell from his hands and is currently on the floor.

Frank was covered with sweat in anticipation of the approaching end. He tightly immured in the crypt is exposed is not clear why, and have no means to stop this abuse.

- The professor - plaintively called Frank.

- Yes, my friend.

- Do you have at least some kind of idea?

- Just one.

- Let.

- On Monday, Miss Wallace will miss my guess, and come down here.

Frank screamed wildly. Two days Copts on this grill! He was good there - breathe deeply and shakes your pleasure. "The gentleman of the old school." Frank tried to move, but to no avail, a protruding part of the inner chamber even harder hit his body.

- Professor, are you aware that Miss Wallace would not make much sense to go down here.

- Why? She is a very executive worker.

- Well, except for the identification of ...

- your sad thoughts, my friend, are disappointing to me.

- Then the suggested solutions. And quickly - five minutes have passed. The situation is an emergency. Stop!What is your smart automation involves doing in emergency situation?

- It should all turn off, the only problem is how to understand the automation that the situation is an emergency.

- What is your brilliant creation does not distinguish you stand at the bottom and flying under the dome?

- So, so ...

- Then think on, professor. It is in your interest, too.

It took another half an hour, but other than groaning and creaking rope on which to hang the professor had the misfortune, no other sounds were coming to Frank. Frank was preparing to give the professor a big part of what he thought of him and his invention, as suddenly heard a phone call.

- Like the way! - Frank was delighted exhausted. - I'll call the caller to help.

Telephone was in the pocket of his pants, so to speak, at arm's length. However, Frank tried, he could not squeeze his hand in his pocket. In this situation, could only cry that Frank did.

- My friend, you feel bad?

- On the contrary, I feel good as ever - Frank quipped.

Perturbing stiff shoulder to ache, he felt a sharp ledge. "This is a rack with some sensor" - he remembered your camera.

- Professor, your automatic reacts to damage anything in that box?

- If you are referring to the camera, yes.

- Very good.

- What are you said,?

Overcoming the pain, Frank pressed the rack. For a while she resisted, but finally snapped, and then in the hall several times a piercing alarm sounded. Immediately thereafter, the camera picked up the winch has been moved on the floor next to the rabbit cage. After a few seconds the lid open.

With great difficulty, hardly feeling the arms and legs, Frank left the chamber. It would be more accurate to say that he fell out. Tearing off his helmet and frantically looking at the rabbits, Frank has not been able to decide what he should do. Barely moving his feet, he walked to the door.

- My friend, I'm glad that everything ended well, - heard from above. - Enter, please, the number of six thousand three hundred and twenty on the remote.

Frank was uncomfortable because he had forgotten about the professor. Picking up the remote, Frank found that in the fall the remote casing is cracked, but cherished numbers still lit on the display, and the professor began to sink slowly. At the last moment, Frank contrived equilibrist feet and turned down because the head professor, as the most valuable organ, the risk was not.

Relying on each other, both enthusiast went to the door. At this moment the door opened, and the crack poked red head.

- It Henry, my graduate student - provided the owner of the head professor.

Frank nodded graciously. He himself realized that a graduate student in front of him, on the grounds that horrible kind of glasses sitting on the nose of Henry and symbolizing itself scholarship, was not allowed to suggest anything else.

- Sorry, professor, you still need my help?

- Not anymore - said a professor Frank - all finished well.

- Hmm, then I go?

- Go on, Henry.

The door closed.

- On Monday, I'll show him a report on the experiment, even came up with his interpretation - the professor said, and took the hand of Frank .

- May - agreed Frank.

- Wait, I forgot to grab this very report - suddenly exclaimed the professor.

Swaying, Frank stayed to watch the actions of the professor, being unable to prevent. The professor walked to install and press the big red button. At the same time, a number of cracks began to crawl out of the paper. When the print process has been completed, a professor with a clearly visible satisfaction back to Frank. Coming out of the room, Frank turned toward the stairs on which they professor some time ago down here.

- Offered by a lift, - the professor spoke, reading a report on the move.

- You want to say that ...

- Yes, there is a lift, - as if nothing had happened stated the professor.

- And what, excuse the expression, a trait we have worn shoes, upholstering steps? - Outraged Frank.

Frank became angry professor, but he quickly disarmed Frank.

- I would like you to appreciate the enormity of the building.

- I think that this is more than you succeed, - muttered Frank and called the elevator.

- My friend! - Do not let the professor.

- What else is there? - Frank asked wearily.

- You were lucky - the professor continued, pointing to the report.

- Really? What is it you subtracted?

- The fact that the field is not enabled, which means that you will not receive any harmful effects. I will assume that triggered automatic.

Frank would like to develop the theme of automation in its own way, but the elevator door opened strongly suggested to enter. Already at the top of Professor Frank I asked a question that it strongly held.

- Professor, and if all went well, without fail, in what was to become a factor? I mean myself. What would have happened to me?

Professor thought.

- You know what modern man differs from the human past? Explain.The historical memory of the last person to say that what was happening was happening to him and his ancestors. I am living conditions, tools, entertainment and so on. So it was with some variations and ten, a hundred, a thousand years before him. This knowledge allows a person to assume that everything in the world constantly and in ten, a hundred, a thousand years everything will remain the same. Another matter modern man. Even within one generation the world is changing beyond recognition. From this man loses confidence - he could not even imagine what awaits him in the future. In connection with this ... Oh, that's what we stand? I figured we'll go with me.

- Professor, I think it would be better if I went home. I was glad to meet you. I am very grateful for the interesting conversation.

I warmly shook his hand Professor Frank hurried outside. Not easy to find in the dark parking lot, Frank sat behind the wheel. Hours before him showed nearly one in the morning. When the primary problem solved, meaning the prospect squirm until Monday in the box revealed a problem of the second plan - physical strength was waning, and very hungry. The day was tough for him, and have to admit useless.

Leaving the track, Frank decided to stay at the motel as he could get home just before dawn. First met institutions offer only food and Frank agreed to this option, as it was dictated to him the stomach strategy. Frank was the only visitor and had the opportunity to select a table in accordance with the state of his soul, and the state was such that Frank sat near the window with his back to the empty room. He has already started mercilessly devour food as it distracted attention was drawn sound that resembled a grinding brakes fast moving car. Looking up from his plate and fixing it to the side of the window, Frank noticed in the light of a lantern hanging above the entrance, quickly approaching figure. The figure was in all respects attractive, and belonged to the young creation of the female sex. Taking all this into consideration, Frank continued to feast.

The door slammed, and appeared on the verge of a beautiful stranger, which first of all looked around, and then a quick step closer to the place where Frank just sent another batch in the mouth to eat. Lowering his hand with a fork, Frank looked up, waiting for an explanation. The one who should explain the reason why it distracts from the important work of Frank, was a young woman of about thirty, with the exterior, is not uncommon in Hollywood. Apparel, however, did not quite live up to the standards the Oscars, but, at the same time, says his owner not long ago visited some party.

- Mary. Can I sit down? - I asked the "star."

Frank "guessed" that all the other tables booked, and were forced to agree. Mary, if so called stranger sat opposite, not even pretending that he wanted to order something.

- Can I keep you company? - Followed by a sequel.

Frank did not answer because he was busy with the process of chewing food.

- You are so deliriously eat like hungry - Mary said, not waiting for an answer.

- It may sound absurd, but I really came here to eat - Frank reluctantly countered. - And in what actually is it?

- You went so fast that I could not catch up with you.

- And if caught, than it could threaten me? And why I should chase after me?

- I was lonely.

- I would advise you to go home and go to bed. Loneliness in a dream passes without a trace.

- How do you know that? Do you also have problems? Yes, you eat, do not be distracted.

Frank pulled the next plate, and Mary, meanwhile, ordered a mineral water.

- damned thirst, - she explained. - You did not answer about their problems.

- What kind of problems?

- Who do you annoy.

- Where such a conclusion?

- Can you think of me whatever you like, but you have, no doubt, there is no way to deny me the right to be observant

phrase was too sophisticated for such a beautiful woman, but Frank did not say anything.

- If a person has no problems, he was not hungry travels around the country at breakneck speed - concluded Mary. - You'll be all anyone?

- Frank - Frank admitted, and added: - research space and time.

- From Noubridzha?

- From Birkenhead.

- Wirral?

- Wirral.

- It's far away.

- Perhaps, but that's my problem - indifferent Frank said, beginning to tea.

- Here you are, and let it slip! However, I will climb into your soul. I, too, in a sense, I was dealing with time. You want me to predict your future?

From big irony Frank choked.

- You're not sure that I can predict your future?

- I'm sorry, but even the collective imagination the whole universe is not enough to predict my future.

Mary frowned.

- A severe case?

- Very.

- Maybe try? Give me your hand.

- Do you practice divination? - Asked Frank.

- Divination deal of ignorance - on it and divination, - explained Mary.

- Can you offer something completely fresh. Do I understand? Then why this old paraphernalia? Why do you want my hand?

- By and large, you're right - there is no need. I'll manage that. Then sit still and look straight into my eyes.

Frank put the cup down on the table and followed the instructions of Mary without being sure that it is he wants. Using this opportunity, he openly stared at Mary. But her appearance that Frank had already assessed remained just good looks, nothing talking about what it hides.

- Not to me, but in my eyes! You feel the difference?

Mary Frank looked into his eyes and felt a manifestation of a process that is gaining momentum in it. Frank did not notice any physical stress Mary, and it was obvious that the activity took place at the border with the consciousness level.

- All. Now listen. You is not no scholar.

Frank started. He could not even imagine how it was possible to make such a conclusion. "Either she knows me or she really has supernatural powers."

- Please note that I did not ask, so it or not, - Mary said mechanically. - You decided to go to Noubridzh hoping to find a solution, but you are on the wrong track. Instead, focus on finding the child from Stratton.

At the mention of Frank Stratton contorted face.

- K of children? - He whispered.

But instead of continuing Mary just took a sip of water. She once relaxed, bereft of the discipline that Frank could see it during the announcement of the prediction.

- All - breathed Mary - know nothing more.

Frank was confused. A short statement of Mary made ??it more impressive than the unit of Professor Stanley. Fate, it seems, has repeatedly hinted at a solution. Stratton - is the key to the solution!

- Hey, Frank, wake up - before he heard the words of Mary.

- Yes.

- Why so upset?

- Look, are you sure you do not know any details about Stratton?

- what Stratton?

- By the way, really, about what? They are, as far as I know, a lot.

Mary frowned.

- I do not know anything about Stratton.

- You want to say - began to lose patience, Frank - that the child you do not know?

Mary alert.

- What kind of child? - She asked quietly.

- From Stratton!

- And, of Stratton. Yes Stratton was given you this!

Frank thought. It was not like it was a joke. About Stratton in the context of what is happening to him he did not talk to anyone. It is well remembered that the comments were about Stratton him, usually during sleep. Mary suspect in connection with the heroes of his dreams, especially wild boar, silly. There is something else. "Or maybe I'm dreaming, and I dream about this, Mary? Pretty unlikely it was a statement about the loneliness. " But Frank rejected the version of the dream - too clearly perceived all around. Only one thing - this is not Mary, Mary, or rather, not a man but an artificial creation, which is available for other ways of communication and perception. However, it is possible that she was saying someone's mouth. In hypnosis, for example.

- You said that you can predict the future, - timidly remarked Frank.

- Come on, let it - confidently said Mary, putting a glass on the table. - Nobody is able to predict the future. Or can you?

- I can - for no apparent reason, Frank volunteered.

- Can you give an example of that?

- Can. For example, in November, "Bohemian Rhapsody" win the BBC among the hits of all time.

It was evident that it did not make the proper impression on Mary because she stood up.

- All right, Frank, was a pleasure to talk with you. I follow your advice. Bye.

- Bye.

Mary disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. The sound of her retreating car, reminded Frank that with Mary disappeared, and another accident there was a hope to solve the mystery of his misadventures.

There was no desire to finish drinking iced tea, and Frank decided to continue the journey home. Unfortunately Frank's trip has not worked, because after all his full strength reinforcements were sent to fight sleep. Continue in the same spirit was unsafe, and Frank quickly turned off the road to the left. The area was wooded, and Frank had to maneuver between the trees, which was quite tedious. When Frank realized that it makes no sense to go deep into the thicket, he was relieved to stop the vehicle. After moving to the back seat, Frank curled up and fell asleep instantly.

Waking up early was due to the fact that the teeth have started to beat Frank fraction. Frank realized that cold. It was natural for the early morning, but from the realization that natural does not get any easier. It was about six hours. The body is numb from prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position, and it took some effort to get out. When it finally succeeded, Frank slowly walked around the car, trying to determine where he brought this night. Wheels left a clear trail, and it was clear in which direction, in which case, you should move. This circumstance pleased that it was possible to recognize a welcome circumstance in these scarce positive emotions today. Remembering that he vowed to keep yourself in shape, Frank repeatedly jogging round the car. He planned to make seven turns, but the race was interrupted by the sound of the horn. Frank stopped. "Here is someone nearby!" - He guessed, and gently moved in the direction from which the appeal was heard. Soon the trees became possible to distinguish between a small building. "Another Lonely Panther" - thought Frank, but he wanted to get warm that, without hesitation, he pushed the front door. It was not clear who dudel, as the owner of the hotel, and it really was a hotel, when bells began to show his whole appearance, that he was not asleep. It was only in part, and according to this greeting was not very graceful. Frank asked for hot tea and sat down on the sofa. When he returned with a tray, the owner put it on the table in front of Frank.

- You want to stay with us? - I asked the master.

Frank did not react and only made ??frequent throat. Pleasant heat gradually spreads through the body, reducing its trembling. Not having received an answer in time, the owner decided to try a different tactic.

- And how did you find our hotel? - He asked.

Frank did not understand the question and tried to let them know about all kind.

- It is unlikely that there is even a narrow path leading to our hotel - said the master.

- I'm in the car - said Frank.

By this he meant that he did not need any narrow path. At the same time, Frank could not grasp what is necessary to hide the hotel, because in such circumstances, lost its raison d'etre. The owner looked out the window and, not finding the car, which was discussed, was very surprised.

- It is hidden groves - explained Frank.

For the owner, who seems to know a lot about the conspiracy, this explanation was acceptable.

- I understand, you participate in the rally.

Frank liked the version, and he decided to stick with it and continue.

- Of course, not surprising, - expressed his opinion of the owner and continued - Every year in July, here we have the rally.

But Frank, produced in the mind of some calculations surprised. It is well remembered that yesterday was July 12. "It is evident that today, June 12," - he thought - then how should we understand the words of this man of the forest? "

- Where am I, and what day it is? - Found in this situation, Frank.

- We had to immediately say that you have gone astray, - noted reproachfully hotel owner. - I understand perfectly.

- What exactly?- Frank was worried.

- Everything!

- And more precisely?

- Heavy route, great speed, enormous physical strain, the machinations of competitors have led to the fact that you lost your orientation in space and time.

Frank started. Put a cup on the tray, he glared at the speaker.

- And what should be the practical conclusion from your theoretical conclusion? - He asked impatiently.

- The conclusion is as simple as valuable. You are in the "Plantation Duke", and today 13 July.

Utihshaya was shivering suddenly resumed. "It starts! Another round of the absurd. " Frank rubbed his temples.

- On the "Plantation Duke"? - He asked out of place.

- In the heart of it - confirmed the owner.

What to do? What to do?Every day I dumped something new. I can not take so long. "

- The thirteenth of July?

- Of course! I confess that I did not look back in the calendar, but if yesterday was July 12, it is reasonable to assume that today, July 13. It is reasonable?

- P-reasonable.

He finished his volley cold tea, Frank jumped up and began to bid farewell to the boss.

- What ?! You do not stay in our hotel? - He cried.

- I can not - come on the heels of rivals - try as closely as possible to the subject parry Frank and rushed to the door.

Open the car it was not possible because of the often-growing trees. Moving backwards, Frank did not stop to wonder how he failed a slalom at night. Coming out of the woods, Frank, despite all efforts, could not find any mention of the hotel. "Interestingly, he knows but me anyone else about this place? But what do I care about that - I have my own problems. It is urgent to return home to comprehend what is happening. "

began shortly rain upset the plans to be home before noon. Streams of water flowing down from heaven, was so rapid that the wipers do practically useless device. Visibility was minimal and had to move at a snail's pace. Nature calmed down only when Frank drove in Birkenhead. When you turn on the street leading to his house, came across a familiar figure with a folded umbrella under his arm, wandering in spite of affluent streams, guides end up in the oceans to replenish it. Frank slowed down, not to throw the neighbor, and caught up with him, said on duty greeting. William once again surprised that an unknown man says his name.

- We did you know? - He tried to clarify the situation.

Moving parallel to William, Frank, without a shadow of doubt assured:

- Since yesterday.

What has been said so much struck William, he stopped in his tracks. To be with someone to continue the conversation, Frank even had to back off.

- Yesterday, at the same place - he continued - you explained to me the meaning of "an intellectual of the old school."

- I?

- I'm sure it does.

William pale. It is, of course, nothing like that could not speak, neither yesterday, nor ever, as was learned in such nuances, but the confidence of a man sitting behind the wheel, makes you wonder what William did. And he did it so thoroughly that Frank tired of waiting for an answer, and he wanted to pull away.

- It is strange that I do not remember this, - hastened to say, William.

- Why?

- I have a good memory for faces and events, but it what you said, I just do not fit in the head.

- Okay, William, never mind. Treat your life easier. For example, I recently ....

- I envy your optimism, Mr ...

- Just Frank. For you, William, I just Frank. By the way, I catch you at your word, William. You said that everything is fine remember. No Does your mind any scene with a child of Stratton?

- With a child of Stratton?

- Yes.

- I'm afraid I do not remember this, - on reflection, a neighbor confessed. - But you frighten me. It happened something?

- Yes.That is not. However, do not worry. This is the way I have. Well, I see you, William.

- Wait a minute, Frank! Wait a minute.

Frank looked at William and felt regret for his inappropriate jokes. "I should not so" - he thought.

- Wait a minute. I'm not clever to ask about this, but could you tell me what is remarkable intellectuals of the old school.

Frank was puzzled. Version Miss Wallace was complicated in the explanation and understanding.

- That phrase can be characterized by a high degree of intelligence, if anyone thought of an appropriate scale.

- And I told you yesterday?

- Exactly.Word for word.

Frank touched the car, leaving behind a man in soaking wet to the knee pants, whose head at that moment was full of sublime.

Once inside the house finally, Frank first went into the shower. Watching the flowing streams, he smiled bitterly. "If I say that the same water can enter twice, I do not believe it. No, I will not believe. And why?Because stereotypes die hard. Definitely tenacious. " Shaved and other pointing gloss, Frank donned the robe and as such went into the living room. Sofa, normal sofa, after a stay in the chamber seemed to Professor Stanley Frank feather. Blissfully sprawled on the couch, Frank closed his eyes. Mixed feelings overwhelmed his soul. Firstly, diabolical system got off for the second time. It is vulnerable, and it is happy. Secondly, learned from bitter experience, Frank was in no hurry to enjoy the full measure. Time will tell what happens. Third, Frank began to think that he is close to unraveling. But he did not move in straight lines, and some roundabout way, perhaps in a spiral. Where did these thoughts, Frank could not answer. But once appeared, they warmed his tormented soul.