Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 14

Learning that occurred on June 13, Frank is not very upset. He had firmly learned that there is something that, at least temporarily, but brings life back in order. It remained only to discover it is something and make it work continuously. Primarily, Frank wanted to make sure that the quarrel with Jessica remained in the future and, to this end, he dialed her number.

- Jessica, I'm very bored and would like to meet - truly he said into the phone.

- Hello, who is it?

- Jessica, it's me, Frank.

- I'm sorry, but I do not know you.

Frank flinched. "Still, she hurt me. But how is that possible? "Thanks to upend the world, he had the right to hope that the misunderstanding that occurred during their last conversation, had disappeared, erased from memory.

- Are you mad at me? - A small voice asked Frank.

- How can I take offense to you, if I do not know you? And who gave you my mobile number?

- Jessica, you gave it to me herself. But what are your words? My heart is breaking! Well, we bet - who does not happen. Why act rashly?

- Excuse me, how do you say your name was?

- Frank! Frank!

- A name?

- Jessica ...

- I just thought that you could be a client of our agency. You did not make any real estate transactions in the recent past?

- Yes, that is not. Is that in the near future ...

Frank completely wilted and did not give the report in their own words.

- Very interesting, - said Jessica. - In any case, if you want to sell or buy a house, I am ready to give you every assistance.

It was clear that Jessica intends to end the conversation, and Frank could not oppose that request it.

- Thank you, I'll keep that in mind - very quietly said Frank.

He was confused. He did not understand why Jessica do that to him. Everything was going very badly, and this new twist in his fate could be fatal. Without Jessica he was poorly represented his life. During their meeting they are so close that ... Stop! Frank understood. They met with Jessica on a sea voyage in July, and today 13 June. Now Jessica's reaction to it no longer seems so inexplicable, just at the moment he and Jessica strangers to each other people, and nothing will change in their relationship for the better, while Frank will not solve your problem radically.

How Frank nor beat his fists on the wall, no matter how much kicked her, he does not get easier. Exhausted, he sat down and hugging her head fell silent. For a time he spent in that position, not reacting to the external environment. When the numbness was held, and Frank gradually began to restore their ability to think, the first thing he decided to focus on the analysis of two particular cases when he was all the way, and others. In deep thought Frank got up and walked to the window. On the streets of strolling couple Nightingale. William something enthusiastically told his wife, sometimes pointing at Frank House. Frank is strongly advised not to distract myself and went to the kitchen to look in the fridge. It was empty. "The first time was adjusted time when I was flying in a balloon. The second time period was adjusted, when I was visiting professor Stanley. " Opening the cabinet, Frank found some packages with soups. He chose the one that, according to the inscription, was smelling mushrooms. While waiting for the water to boil, Frank made a discovery which, as always, it was brilliantly simple in nature. "As I had not guessed! Being restored during the usual whenever I did not sleep at home! "From his excitement swept Frank lost interest in food, but brought the process to the end, because I realized that this day should be decisive in his life, and physical strength is not to be superfluous.

Terzi wondering what to do to test my hypothesis, Frank began to traverse all areas of the house. "There must be in the house that something unusual was going on when such strange things." As a child Frank had a chance to read several novels, full of mysticism. Subsequently, however, it has become quite skeptical of this genre, but it did not prevent him in such a crucial moment, remember that in homes with miracles, as a rule, there are secret facilities. To discover the walled door, Frank spent nearly three hours, rattling the walls thoroughly with a spoon, which was eating the soup. Anything unusual could not be found, and Frank was about to give it up, he realized, useless. But the re-examination of the wall in the vicinity of the fire, Frank thought that the sound of the strokes with a spoon slightly different than anywhere else on the wall. The excitement reached its climax Frank, when it was revealed that the suspicious area is also slightly above the level of the wall. Confuses the relatively small size of the area - ten by ten inches, no more. On the door through which people could walk, it was not like, but Frank has nothing could stop, and it became no regrets pick the wall. Some time later, the rescue were called iron, Frank strikes which violated the integrity of the wall, and the knife that was used to completely clear the "secrets". When the knife for the first time struck a spark, Frank guessed that hit something metal. Metal was a small door. When the door was completely cleared of the cover, Frank realized that before him safe, that will be open not just - lock slot presupposes the existence of a key.

Leaning on the wall, Frank went through the contents of the safe options. "There was a note to the description of what I have to do" - Frank thought. But it seemed the most realistic version of the riches hidden in the wall. This is somewhat diverted Frank aside from his main problem, but the desire to fully understand what he has to do, prompting Frank to look for a way to open the safe. Taking a knife, Frank tried to pry the door of his blade. The blade broke with a crash, and Frank resentment sufficed safe with all his strength iron. After losing the unknown Frank solemn melody, safe opened. Not fully aware that it is close to the goal, Frank cautiously peered inside. Near the door was nothing but a safe was deep, and it gives us hope that there is, in absolute darkness is at least one diamond. Rolling up his sleeves, Frank began to gently push his hand deep into the safe without encountering on its way nothing but smooth walls. Finally fingers found any elongated object. "Brilliant!" - Frank whispered and quickly pulled the object out. It turned out that he was holding a wooden box inlaid with colored glass cheap. Stash is also needed in the key, but Frank already knew what to do in such cases. Iron box did not leave any chances, and it shattered into several of its wooden parts. On the floor lay a diamond instead of a folded piece of paper. "Map of the area where the buried treasure!"

Frank rarely gave vent to his feelings in a way, but he could not do otherwise, when I learned that a certain Joseph Pikston decided in due time, probably only in good faith, to wish well-being and peace of mind to anyone who will be living in this house. That is what was contained in the yellowed note. Talk about composure Frank was inappropriate. He was angry and did not meet the expectations of Joseph Pikstona and over, spend as much time on the crazy idea. Shoving the note, together with the remains of the box a little deeper into the safe, Frank just now terrified as he brought disorder into the living room. He forced himself to collect all the age-old garbage and put it next to the message of Joseph Pikstona, but still a gaping hole in the wall then decided to close some painting.

"The more options I Lean, the closer to the truth, I find myself" - Frank consoled himself out of that house. Turning to the opposite side of the street, he tried to look at his house with great passion even than when he bought it. The house was really old, built in the nineteenth century, but good content and relevant redecorating predecessors have made it well suited to modern life, and how Frank tried, he could not find anything that could be interpreted in favor of his hypothesis. The house is like a house.

At this moment, someone coughed behind Frank. Frank certainly be surprised if the person was not approached William, but did not have to wonder.

- Excuse me, something I had not seen you here - asked William.

- Do you live here? - For some reason, and still I thought Frank asked.

- Yes, and quite a long time.

- I just moved here.

- Oh! So you're our new neighbors. Nice to meet you. William. William Nightingale.

- Frank.

- The house was empty for a long time. Finally, the house has a new boss.

- I'm sorry, William - jumped at the idea, Frank - but what do you know about the last owner?

- Who are you then bought it? - William was careful.

- Mr. Lawton, but through an intermediary.

- Yes, - agreed William, - Mr Lawton owned a house for twenty years, but seldom are. As far as I know, for the most part he lived in Australia.

- In Australia, - he repeated in thought Frank. - Do not you ever talk to him?

William's face appeared condescending smile, and Frank realized that there did not exist in the neighborhood of the soul, which would not ever talk to William.

- I mean, - Frank tried to clarify - did not say whether Mr Lawton to reason that he decided to sell the house? Maybe something did not suit him.

- To my regret, Mr. Lawton avoid close contact, so I can not tell you anything specific about it. And why do you ask? You have found some hidden defect?

William was quite astute, but Frank was not willing to share with him their suspicions.

- Not at all. All is well. I was glad to meet you.

Sitting in the car, Frank could not stop thinking about why Lawton sold the house. But he is unlikely to ever be able to contact them directly, and to discuss with a third party in this situation is useless. There is speculation that the house bewitched, and Lawton was in the same mess that he, Frank. "No, not that. William said that Lawton twenty years owned a home, and if he suffered the same misfortune as me, he would have sold it long before. On the other hand, Lawton rarely appeared here. Why is that? To avoid getting younger? Then why did it took so long to get rid of it at home? "

No answer was, and Frank tried to remember where he was going and why. It turned out that no matter where, no matter what, but would not sleep at home. This should be a crucial experiment, the outcome of which will determine the future of Frank. To be more precise, an experiment to answer the question whether the general Frank future.

Judging by the signs, Frank moved toward Bebington, which is consistent with the general plan. Realizing that the purpose of the experiment is not about to go away from home, and to just get out of the house, Frank stopped at the first encountered them away. Coming out of the car and having taken a look cozy building with a sign "Jakarta House" Frank remarked with satisfaction: "Will."

- How long you plan to stay with us? - I asked a hotel employee behind the counter.

- In the best case, until tomorrow.

- And the worst?

- I'm at home.

- I'm at home ?! Almost a year? Oh, sorry, I was just. I hope you will spend a pleasant time.

Frank said that he, too, hopes because he could not say otherwise. In fact, the essence of doubt assailed him, but Frank stoically tried to suppress them. "Time will tell" - mentally he spoke.

- I would like to draw your attention - once again began serving - on local attractions.

- Yes? And what do you recommend?

- Firstly, New Brighton. It is only two miles away. We call it a mini Blackpool.

- Oh!

- Secondly, Liverpool - the city of the famous Beatles. Some three miles away - very close. Thirdly, if you want to visit the Roman era wall, then you need to Chester.

- And how far it was to Chester? - I keep the conversation Frank.

- Seven miles, not more.

- Thanks, I'll think about it.

Frank got up to the room and enjoy the really beautiful views from the window, and fell on the bed. "What next?" - He reasoned, contemplating the ceiling. Indeed, only now he was thinking on the subject of what he should do and what these actions should be expected. Until that hour, he should be absent at home? We must pay tribute to Frank because he thoroughly judged, I realized that it is a defining moment at midnight. That's when there is a change of day. Therefore, if just after midnight it turns out that this was the next day, Frank can celebrate success. If not ... This option was unacceptable, and Frank flatly refused to study it in detail.

Place your hand between them and the ceiling, Frank looked at his watch and realized that before the announcement of the results of the experiment is still quite a long time, so he is faced with the task to brighten up the expectation, at least make it less painful.

- Excuse me, is there, what to see in the immediate vicinity? - Frank asked when leaving the hotel.

- Yes of course! - Readily picked up the idea of ??serving behind the bar, but then somewhat tempered enthusiasm. - Just around here in that direction has the ruins of an old castle.

- Ruins? - Frank asked, puzzled.

- Yes, and they are popular among thrill-seekers.

- Among people like me?

Employee Frank eyed stare, trying to figure out which category should include a new customer. Loss with the decision, he hesitated a few.

- You know, it's an amateur, - remarked servant and pretended that he had a lot of work.

Frank went out. The summer sun was hot, and the need to move into the shadow of the growing number of obese trees in front of the hotel, in a comfortable environment to make a decision on further action. Elderly lady playing lawn bowling, and Frank for some time unknowingly watched their actions. No one demanded that he give preference to any of the play, so Frank was free for the thought process. "What he had in mind when talking about the thrill?" - Wondered Frank. Presumably, the ability to ask yourself questions is a necessary feature of the creative personality. A necessary but not sufficient. The person is creative in full, should still be able to answer these questions. Frank had no idea about such strict criteria, but the words of the thrill interpreted as an allusion to something very unusual, and therefore extremely attractive. Introduced the idea of ??a visit to the ruined castle in this light, Frank began to fidget impatiently on the bench. On the one hand, he certainly advocated for the purity of the experiment. This meant that he should wait until midnight, without being distracted by other, that ultimately would not allow uniquely interpret the results. On the other hand, a professional reporter's instinct dictates that without visiting the ruins, he may miss out on any sensation. After weighing both proposals, Frank thought experiment important sensation, and remained seated. Players in the meantime ceased to bowl and left. Frank was a bored and held in this state for almost an hour. When the forced inactivity was just a bear, once again came to mind the idea of ??the destruction of the castle. "Whose is this castle? Why is it broken? Why not restore it? "Frank went on to inquire further, but at some point I realized that it would be better if he went in search of the truth. No regrets parting with comfortable benches, Frank walked briskly in the direction previously indicated he hotel clerk. I had to go for a long time, and as he moved farther down the rough terrain without any visible result, it is more and more began to believe that will soon reach the walls of the Romans in Chester than the old castle. To check whether he lost his way, Frank asked the lonely wandering toward the men where to find the ruins.

- When running up that hill, and they appear to your eyes - with some delay he replied.

Said the delay was caused by the need to look at the Frank. It seemed strange, but Frank politely thanked traveler and began to climb the hill. Already being at the top, Frank looked around and noticed that the man was still standing at the place where they missed and stared after him. "Wonderful some" - Frank thought, and looked ahead. In a small overgrown bushes and stunted trees valley Frank saw evidence of human presence here. The man was here for a long time, as evidence of barely rose above the ground and for the most part were further hidden from the prying eyes of lush vegetation. Needless to say that the evidence to be understood under the remains of the walls of the grand structure."The Castle" - guess Frank and began to descend down the path of doubt in its output, so always believed that locks taken to build on the hill. Meticulously tested for a large space rocks, which are presumably witnessed the bygone events, Frank found nothing extreme. By selecting the most correct word, he wrote that will tell on his return to the author the idea to visit this place. In order to show the full extent of his disappointment befell Frank kicked the nearest stone. Stone strange way and can be easily bent. Using all of his physical strength, and they have increased in proportion to the malice, Frank threw a stone on the ground. Falling, several stone rolled away from their homes, allowing Frank to see that until recently has been safely hidden. Something like the narrow entrance to the cave was located directly in front of Frank. No entry to call it was impossible, because no human body could not squeeze into the hole. Yes, it is a hole. Curiosity led Frank to come closer. Bending down and looking inside, Frank saw a small part of the masonry. Everything else hid the darkness, as the size of the hole would not let sunlight penetrate significantly. "Yes, I do" - Frank said, straightening up. He again looked all around and not finding anything worthy of his attention, from despair kovyrnul toe edge of the ground bordering the hole.

The next moment he felt that the earth literally slipping away from under his feet, and he begins to fall rapidly. From the unexpected Frank I was not able to do anything, and as a result, flying fifteen feet, happily felt himself lying on the stone floor. Safely, because the fall has not managed to hurt himself, and was still the ability to move his arms and legs and, most importantly, think. The latter was the most important because, no matter how to move his hands and feet, to climb the steep wall was impossible. That wall was steep, it became clear in the late afternoon, but still abundant light pouring through a tremendous increase in the hole. The fact that it does not climb, Frank realized at once and therefore lying on the floor, not even making the attempt to stand up. "Yes, I do," - the second time in the last minute Frank remarked. - "Full extreme." He tried to get up, Frank felt dizzy and a dull pain in the neck. Another movement, and everything swam before his eyes. Sensing something was wrong, Frank had again dropped to the floor, and then lost consciousness.

After being in this state just so that the sun had dipped below the horizon quite thoroughly, Frank opened his eyes. He did it more out of habit, because the need for such an action, there was no - around was absolute darkness. With great care, Frank crawled over to the wall and sat down, leaning back on the ill-fated masonry. He remembered what happened to him, and very sorry that did not stay at the hotel. Looking at the clock, not just Frank did not recognize the current time, but never saw the clock at all. It was something to fall into despair. But seasoned Frank was not going to do it and take the first solution came to mind. He will wait for the dawn that will see the wall. It may be possible to find a way upstairs. All is good, but in this case Frank coming pretty big hardships. Sitting on the cold floor, leaning against the cold and from something damp wall for a long time seemed unbearable ordeal. Frank stood up, swaying slightly and holding the wall, he moved forward. This act was not an explanation. Frank was not going to find another way out of this trap - he just got up and walked, thinking that, turning, he always returns to the starting point. Had to go slowly, constantly trying to foot the way, as from time to time across the floor of the huge stones, stumbled on that, you could break your neck. The air in the cave was stagnant, and as we move Frank did not get fresh. This means that the output was not in the vicinity, and Frank, realizing this, he turned back. According to the plan he had to rest against the wall, beside which lay at first, and then sat, but Frank walked and walked, and the wall had not met. Suddenly Frank started and stopped. He realized that he was lost, but he still wanted to think that he is wrong. He even tried to feel the wall more carefully, paying attention to all the details of its relief. It turned out that the wall makes a barely perceptible turns that lead away for some intricate corridors. It was clear that Frank has long been wandering through the maze. Frank panicked. I express it in a wild scream that erupted from the depths of his tortured soul. Sound similar to the flapping of wings, led by Frank suspend unaddressed complaints about their fate. "Birds!" - Frank guessed. - "So next exit." Perhaps Frank startled his large flock of screaming, as the flapping of wings was so intense that even the air around was moved. Gradually, all was quiet. "Uleteli" - Frank and decided to become a renewed energy to seek out. As time went on, more precisely, Frank knew that as time went on, but his searches were still unsuccessful. Frank was ready to scream again, but then his attention was attracted by the sound of which this dungeon he had heard for the first time. Someone was approaching from afar, the steps are very resembled hooves. The head did not come, and just in case, Frank tried to merge with the wall. This fully he failed, and Frank with a growing fear waited for the meeting with the sound source. To a passerby caught up with Frank, it took a considerable time, and it is possible to estimate the scale of the building. Sound poetry, and Frank realized that he is a stranger almost in full contact. Further evidence was clearly felt the hot breath.

- I'm sorry, who are you? - Frank murmured.

There was no answer, but instead became a strange kind of hard to sniff at least, that's what Frank interpreted again hear the sound. "What does he want?" - Frank thought feverishly. - "Why is he sniffing? However, still in the dark to see with whom you are dealing. But once he has adapted, it turns out that for a long time here. It turns out that it is impossible to get out of here! I suffer the same fate! "

- I'm sorry, you can get out of here?

The answer struck Frank. Rather, the form of the answer struck Frank, because clearly the stranger grunted. "The poor man has lost his mind! It must be the same in store for me. " Wanting to shake hands with fellow sufferers, Frank stumbled on something warm and wet, in addition round and with two holes. "It's snout! Pig! It turned into a pig! How low he has fallen! "As if to confirm the stranger grunted again, and then rubbed on Frank's side. At this point, Frank felt unusual for pigs thick wool blanket. "Boar!". Knowing that the boar does not cost anything to gut him with their fangs, Frank screamed in horror. Wild boar scared and shrieking took to their heels.

Frank has not had time to recover when behind him he heard a slight cough. "He came back. It is to me not so easy to fall behind. "

- I am glad to greet you, dear stranger - the unknown began slightly husky voice.

- Who are you? And why in this guise? - Frank asked in a trembling voice.

- How do you know what my guise? Or do you have the ability to see in the dark?

- You are covered with hair. You have a great penny.

- Why would?

- I tried to touch you. In addition, you have repeatedly grunting.

- understood.

- I envy you, because I, unlike you do not understand.

- I knew that you are faced with a wild boar. He often visited by here.

Frank realized that this time he has been dealing with a person, but just in case, and turned carefully reached out toward the voice. The man did not resist tactile analysis.

- Well, - said Frank, convinced that the boar before him. - I have to you just one question: how to get out of here?

- And how did you get here?

Frank thought through the power and decided to be tolerant of any tactless statements.

- I fell into a hole.

- Clearly, - said the stranger and was silent.

- Hey - cautiously called Frank, afraid to be alone again.

- I do not know where is the way out, - said the stranger.

- Too fell into a hole?

- No, I went to the hole in the wall of the basement.

- And?

- And lost.

There was silence, occasionally broken by the whistle of wings passing bird.

- And the birds as they fly here? - I exclaimed Frank.

- It's not a bird, it's bats. They live here.

These words made ??Frank winced as he was unable to recall any exciting stories involving bats.

- A wild boar?

- It's a mystery to me. Perhaps he lives here.

Frank sat on the floor. "It's very bad," - he thought. - And this is also a fellow traveler does not inspire confidence in me. "

- And how long have you been here?

- Almost a week - said the stranger, sitting down beside him.

"And apparently, he is not eager to get out of here."

- I believe that the lack of light makes it possible you perceive me as a person is very far away, - Frank could not resist.

- Why?

- Yes, because you are complete nonsense! Judge for yourself.You come here voluntarily, are here for a week, and not too much your desire to leave this fucking place.

The man did not answer.

- Why are you silent? I'm right?

- Partly.

- At this point in more detail, please.

After a pause, the stranger spoke in a confidential tone.

- You see, I was in a difficult position. Yes, sorry, that is not presented. My name is Henry. I think that you can trust. Can I trust you completely?

- No doubt - assured Frank, still not understanding what this oath-taking.

- Thank you. The thing that I enjoy history. Here.Over the past two years all his spare time I spent in libraries and archives. And not only for us.

- What do you mean?

- I visited a distant land, only separated by a narrow strait from Alaska. Popular rumor says that one of the local residents decided to move to a place with a more temperate climate. Traveling to the Arctic Ocean, they came here.

- Are you serious?

- More than.Evidence will be later. Unfortunately, migrants had to enter into a protracted conflict with the Romans. I must say that the northern people managed to win a number of significant wins and force the Romans to pay tribute, which was the source of incalculable wealth.

- What happened then?

- Romans did not want to put up with the situation and continued attacks on northerners why last decided to temporarily return to the historic homeland. And back, taking only a small part of the wealth. The main part of it was buried here, intending to ever come back here again. As to their historical homeland, I copied on tracing paper map, carved in stone, stands in the middle of the tundra. The map, according to old-timers, provides guidance on the place where to find the treasure.

- You found it here?

- You are right - Henry agreed quietly. - To do this I had to learn cryptographic techniques.

"He is not all right with his head. He came up with this story on the move. Why should I believe him? "

- Why should I believe you?

- I said, I found this treasure.

- Where is he?

There was a silence."I do not want to show the place. Or any of the treasure is not in sight. "

- I already told you that he was in a difficult position. I have not the strength to make treasure out. I've thought about it and decided to offer you a five percent for the help.

- Fifty - instinctively said Frank.

- Let me ...

- Well, forty.

- Fifteen.

- Thirty-five.

- Twenty.

- Thirty.

- Twenty-nine.

- Not good - Frank snapped and stood up.

- to persuade, let it be thirty - Henry agreed and got up too. - Getting?

Frank accepted the offer to proceed, what of it at first required to follow Henry. We agreed that Henry will tread loudly that Frank lost his way. Henry himself was guided although the touch, but loose enough. It was evident that he has thoroughly studied all the approaches to the treasure. After a while, Henry paused.

- It's here - he said. - Do you see the chest?

- No, I do not see.

- I meant to say that you sat down and tried to find a chest.

Frank sat down and began to move his hands in front of him until he came across something hard. It was a metal box of impressive dimensions.

- Where is he castle? - Frank asked.

- I have not managed to find it. I can assume that it has not yet appeared, because I did not get to the base of the trunk.

- Are you saying that he is still immersed in the earth?

- Yes.

- You want to say that I have to continue the excavations?

- That would be reasonable. That blade.

Frank took from the hands of Henry blade and incomprehensible for himself enthusiastically began to ditch the chest. It was not an easy task, because the ground was very hard and barely resisted. Judging by the sounds, were heard in front, Henry did the same. It took a long time, but Frank could not boast of progress - a depression made ??it, barely two inches.

- Henry, what do you think, what time?

- If my flashlight failed to exhaust the supply of batteries, I could answer your question.

- And you do not have matches?

- over.

- By the way, what do you eat? Are bats?

- Luckily I took a backpack full of food. Half remain. Want a bite?

- Thank you, wait a little while.

- On the question of time. If you have a mobile phone, you could shine on my watch.

The idea was simple and ingenious at the same time. Frank agreed with the conclusion that the fall in the dungeon, he hit hard, just such a simple idea has not yet occurred to him. Look, he became to feel his pockets, finding Lift the phone to watch Henry. Dim light from the darkness almost snatched a clock face, but still possible to determine the current time. The clock showed a quarter to three in the morning. But this is not impressed by Frank. The clock Henry, unlike his own displays the date. Frank saw the number fourteen. Next it was listed in June. The same is read and the phone. It was a triumph of human thought, and Frank rapidly rejoiced that prompted Henry to ask the cause of this inappropriate in his view joy. Remembering Henry, Frank sent him the light of your phone and almost no gasped when she saw the familiar glasses, remember that it is not less than their owner.

- Professor Stanley would be surprised of your interpretation of the problem of displacement in time and in space, too. Or am I mistaken, Henry?

Frank uttered words made ??a deep impression on Henry.

- Who are you? - He said in a trembling voice.

Frank allowed himself not to hurry with the answer.

- Who are you?

- Do you remember those two rabbits, you put in a cell for the experiment?

- P-remember.

- In this case, you must also remember that Rabbits appeared offspring - Frank suffered. - Remember?

- P-remember.

- Have you noticed how quickly it came, but did not bother to follow his fate. Do not bother?

- No.

- What is not?

- Do not bother.

- Well, I'm one of them.

- I'm sorry, one of whom?

- I think that in this situation it does not matter.

Henry is in complete disarray. He nervously went to pick the ground, but he did it mechanically rather than consciously. Attention Frank switched to the chest. It was a piece of metal with no signs of constipation. Frank flipped the spatula on the upper surface. "This sound comes from a solid object that has no cavities - Frank reasoned. - This means that there is nothing to catch. " He was about "good news" so the opening of Henry as he was ahead:

- I advise you not to waste the battery for nothing, otherwise not be able to use the phone for its intended purpose.

"This is a genius at times, Henry. I call the hotel directly, maybe I would not have to deal with these goofy excavations "- Frank thought, and continued his thought aloud:

- You know, Henry, I decided to give way to you my fair share in our company completely free of charge.

- What! You throw the case at the moment, when we are so close to success? It's untold riches!

Frank was in good mood and did not want to be rude.

- I advise you to diversify your bets, Henry, - he said. - In addition, remember that we are responsible for those who tamed.

Henry realized that it once again talking about rabbits and depressed silent.

- "Jakarta House", I suppose ... Very useful ... Yes, I heard your voice ... Frank Bailey ... By your grace, I am sitting in the ruins ... Under those where you sent me ... Yes, under lock and key, damn it ... Yes, it's time to get me out of here ... It would be an act of great humanity of you ... Yes, and could Make the consequences are not so sad ... at your disposal for half an hour, no more ... I hope so too ... Everything.

- Offered selected together - Frank Henry suggested at the end of a telephone conversation.

- I think I'll stay - firmly replied. - I feel the responsibility and the need for redemption.

- It's good.Just do not forget that Professor Stanley does not like long absence graduate.

Frank Henry was calm. He saw it with Professor Stanley in the next month, which means that Henry certainly out of here. Twenty minutes later, Frank heard a dog barking.

- Well, I went - Frank said and turned pale light phone, so as not to stumble.

- Please do not say that I'm here, - muttered Henry.

- I advise you not to stay here for a long time - quite Frank said seriously and moved toward the approaching barking.

Frank tried to look carefully at his feet, lost sight of the danger can lie in wait and the top in the form of various overhanging structures. One of them is a hard blow on the forehead, Frank, then the rescuers found him lying unconscious. Frank came a soon as the finder of his dog started licking his nose.

- breathing?

- Breathe.

- Thank God.

Frank opened his eyes. There were light from the many lanterns - they were kept several men surrounded him.

- woke up!

- How do you feel, Mr. Bailey? - I asked a hotel employee.

- If I get out of here, will be even better. Where is my phone?

- Here. And lie down on a stretcher.

- To hell with the litter!

- It is impossible, you have to lie down on a stretcher. I am responsible for you.

"You bet!" - Frank thought, but lay on a stretcher. The dog did not move gave rescuers continued restrained growl in the darkness.

- Veta what? - Said one of the rescuers.

- There's someone there! - Heard the suggestion.

- There's only bats - put Frank.

- I see. Council does not like mice, and volatile, I think the more, - said the rescuers. - Veta, go.

Veta reluctantly took place ahead of the column, carrying a stretcher with Frank.

For about a hotel employee, who somehow also named Henry, asked:

- Are you in the room, Mr. Bailey?

- No, I will leave your hotel - Frank said, getting up from the stretcher, - where parking?

- That's impossible! - Exclaimed Henry. - First, you need a doctor, because you have broken the forehead, and, secondly, you are going to stay with us until May.

- I said it in the worst case - Frank said and stroked the little dog in appreciation.

- Yes, but what could be worse than what happened to you?

- I'm happy with everything.

- In this case, you do not see the reason for the claim?

Henry beamed, and Frank did not overshadow his joy.

- I do not see - condescendingly he confirmed. - By the way, what do you know about the settlements are natives of a faraway land, separated only by a narrow strait from Alaska?

Henry anxiously looked at Frank.

- Are you sure, Mr. Bailey, that will be able to drive a car?

Frank hearts spat and walked to the parking lot .

When they reached the house, Frank decided it was time to take stock, but abrasion on his forehead distracted by individual thoughts. Wash the wound, Frank contrived and put a bandage on his head. "So brave I have never looked" - Frank thought, considering his reflection in the mirror.

Outside the window was already light, but in the fridge was empty, and Frank again left home in the hope that the restaurant it definitely can unburden himself. William Nightingale was very upset to learn that Frank flying a hang glider collided with an eagle.

- Be careful next time, Frank, these eagles and strive to break the rules of flight.

- Are you sure? - Frank asked incredulously.

William smiled, making it clear that the issue is not negotiable.

Sitting in the "St. Petersburg" and indulging in anything, Frank once said that his experiment was a success. "I met a midnight outside the home, and the time was not lost. The solution is found - I have to move to another location. But where? And what does it mean? I do not have to start over. I do not know Jessica. I'll have to try to get acquainted with it, that is, to do what once happened. Let it be so. I can not lose her. And what to do with the house? It is necessary to move. No.Soon the money for the match of the century end. The leader, of course, was generous, but infinitely live on prize money I do not succeed. We'll have to sell the house. It is necessary to contact the agency. Oh!I will return to Jessica! Right now. "

Looking around the room in search of the answer to the question of whether he comes, and not finding him, Frank dialed Jessica.

- Good morning, Jessica.

- Hi, what can I do to help you.

- At the time I was interested in the question of selling a house and you gave me your number. For Birkenhead within the scope of your interest, do not you?

- Yes, of course. That's right, you asked me, and I'm ready to help you. What did you say your name was?

- Frank. Yes, Frank.

- Frank ...

- Frank Bailey.

- Mr. Bailey, tell your address, and the time when you can be reached. I need to evaluate ...

- Yes, of course - jumped at the idea, Frank - it is necessary to approach and be sure to appreciate.

- So, where and when?

- I have an idea. The fact is that I would like to sell the house as soon as possible. Based on this, I am willing to pick you up so you lose no time, appreciated all the details.

- Actually, this is somewhat contrary to our rules ...

It is evident that Jessica be careful and Frank understood it. With a sinking heart he expected a final answer.

- But if you need it urgently ...

- Yes, immediately.

- Well, I agree.

- Thank you, I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

Some time later, Frank has served the agency. Jessica, who was sitting at a table in the corner of the room, he noticed right away and went straight to her.

- I'm sorry I called you recently.

- Mr. Bailey?

- He's the most. Are you ready to explore my house?

- Yes, of course. Let's go.

Jessica tidied paper lay on the table, I said something to a colleague, Frank could not hear, and got up from the table. Frank bit his lip with impotent anger at the circumstances. Going down the stairs to the sidewalk, Frank, it seemed Jessica unusually gallantly offered her his arm. In this case, however, resourcefulness Frank approached its limit, and to the house he did not say a word, not knowing how to start a conversation more natural way. Jessica did not notice torments Frank did, but when he realized that he was a very serious person, did not waste time in vain and made ??a few phone calls to their customers.

Staying near the house, Frank immediately jumped out, circled her and opened the door for Jessica.

- Thank you you, Mr. Bailey.

- I do not accept this treatment, - stunned Jessica Frank.

- I'm sorry that you have in mind, Mr. Bailey?

Jessica did not understand this turn of events to such an extent that it looked a little confused.

- Please call Frank I just Frank.

- A - Jessica sighed in relief. - Well, if you insist ...

- I insist. In return, I ask your permission to call you Jessica.

- Well, - Jessica smiled.

Frank was genuinely happy and pointed to his house.

- That's the house I want to sell.

Jessica already accustomed to the profession realtor that would immediately realize that she would have to to sell an expensive house. House, of course, was an old but well preserved, thanks, apparently, to generations of zealous owners.

- We can look around inside him? - Jessica asked.

- Of course! I ask you - Frank fidgeted, Jessica skipping forward.

Walking around the house and making notes in his notebook, Jessica came to the conclusion that Frank lives alone, because the house is clearly not enough women's care.

- I can take some pictures of the interior? You know, the buyer easily solved at first contact, if by that time already represents some of the details.

- Uh - handed Frank hesitated.

He did not want to fall into the frame elements of his bachelor life.

- Of course, it's your discretion, Mr. Bailey ...

- Frank.

- Excuse me?

- Frank. We agreed that the event of the sale of the house will go smoothly if you call me Frank.

- Oh, yeah. Of course, it is up to you, Frank, but I would recommend.

- You see, Jessica ...

- I think I can remove the interior, abstracting from the individual traits of the owner.

- Well, maybe so - agreed Frank.

- So, how much You bedrooms, Frank? - Jessica said in conclusion.

- Five, that is three. Those two are like a baby.

Jessica did not understand the last assertion.

- How much you ask? - Jessica asked, sitting down in a chair in front of a coffee table.

- Let there be nine.

- Exactly?

- Well, let it be eight hundred ninety-nine.

- Frank, it seems to me that the price is somewhat overstated. As you look to take advantage of the services of a professional appraiser?

- Negative. I look at it negatively. One more thing.I decided to double your commission. No, triple commission.

Jessica's eyes widened.

- You're Joking, Mr. Bailey?

- Not at all, I am ready to sign a contract right now, if you continue to call me Frank.

- But, Frank ...

- you accept my offer, Jessica?

Jessica could not help again I looked at the bandage on his head, Frank. She turned her attention to another agency, but did not attach much importance to this fact. Now referring to propose to her, this dressing is perceived in quite a certain light.

- Oh, Frank, you have to bandage blood came. Where you've hurt yourself?

Frank did not understand the subtle maneuver Jessica.

- It's okay, just yesterday I was walking down the fellow cavers into the cave in the dark ran into a stalactite.

"Still, he hit his head" - was confirmed his suspicions Jessica. - So now what I do with it? The offer is tempting, but very strange. In addition, it will be difficult to find a buyer at this price. And if he is out of his mind, and subsequently wants to challenge the agreement? That I just do not have enough. "

Jessica was put in a difficult position. Something she suggests that the situation is unique, and it is necessary to take the right decision. It seemed only right decision to abandon the proposal, and Jessica agreed to ....

- Well, Frank. The problem can only be assigned to your price, but we will try. That contract. I enter the commission proposed by you. Are you ready to sign?

Frank signed. What he did not bother to read the document, is not surprised by Jessica, and she got up.

- Thank you, that you have resorted to my services. I hope you will be satisfied with my work.

- I have ...

- Excuse me?

- It is happy.

Jessica shrugged.

- Could you give me a lift to the center? - She said, heading for the door.

- No, I'll take you directly to the agency, - said Frank, but then changed his mind: - No, I'll take you directly to the agency. I suggest to visit the restaurant to celebrate the conclusion of the contract.

Jessica sighed.

- You're in a hurry to sell the house - she said diplomatically.

- Yes, but ...

- in this case to the agency if you can.

- Well, - Frank was forced to agree.

On the road He was silent again, and Jessica considered disrespectful on her part to maintain this silence - neither as a commission were very generous.

- Can I ask you a question, Frank?

- Sure, Jessica.

- Sorry if invades the unseen. Then just do not answer.

- Do not worry, you can ask any question.

- I noticed that your house is not corresponds to your family situation. In other words, it seems to me you're not buying it for myself.

"I bought it for myself and for you" - Frank thought bitterly.

- Chances are, you decide to invest your money in real estate. You're right, it is quite profitable investments - real estate price index for inflation the average for the country over the past twenty years has doubled.

- Yes.

- Excuse me, what did you say?

- I think you're right.

- Thank you.So why sell the house so early? It is unlikely that you will be able to earn some money.

While Frank and allowed to ask any questions that he did not have answers.

- I'm sorry, Frank. I showed indiscretion, - hastened to apologize Jessica felt uncomfortable pause.

- It's okay, Jessica. Your guess is quite far from the truth - this house I bought it myself. More precisely, for his future family. And my bride ...

- Oh, Frank, I knew you grief. Forgive me, for God's sake. I should not have ...

Jessica paused. Frank paused, not knowing whether he should continue to explain. When we parted at the entrance to the agency promised to call Jessica tomorrow. Frank gently shook her hand and, without turning back to the car.

Parting turned depression. Frank cursed himself for the sluggishness. Show it wit iota instead of flying in a balloon, they would have been with Jessica still familiar, albeit at an early stage. And now they are strangers, and it seems that he made ??a positive impression on her. The road to the house, which had to sell was torture, and each mile it is a testament to the collapse of his hopes. Frank felt that he could not concentrate on the road, and realized that sleep. After a sleepless night in the rubble that was natural. "Interestingly, this wunderkind Henry dug up the treasure or not?" - Frank thought, and added gas right in front of his house to surprise William Nightingale. "I can not be home tonight," - mentally explained his action by Frank. - "If I go to sleep at home and sleep for the night, tomorrow I can not wait for the call from Jessica." Frank found the closest hotel to the house, went up to the room and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

After going to his workplace, Jessica sat down, took out a contract with a new client and pretended that deepened in his study. In fact, she was thinking of Frank and sincerely regret that irritate his wounds. She was not ready to declare himself that made ??a comprehensive impression of the new acquaintance, but found him, though awkward, but nice and interesting person. In his house, she saw a lot of books, and, judging by the title and author, this was a serious book. He is somewhat angular, and probably explains why he is still single. "What must have hurt him because of his failed marriage. What happened to his bride? I understand it - he wants to forget everything, sold the house, and I have to help him. I give up the high commission. In such a situation, I would have done dishonestly taking them. " This day marked the unnatural sadness Jessica.

In the morning, knowing that time is moving in the right direction to him, Frank went down in high spirits. Hotel owner Mrs. Spreyk provide him with breakfast, after which Frank mood reached its climax. Today he has to call Jessica, and it was perfect. In addition, it can report news on the search of his home buyer. Mrs. Spreyk telling him of a complement to her address and that bringing it into some confusion, Frank left the hotel. The output was waiting, William Nightingale, that seemed quite natural.

- Good morning, William.What are you doing here?

- No, what are you doing here, Frank? Furthermore, I am not sure that a good morning.

Frank has become accustomed to William and his sometimes direct views on things.

- What's the matter, William?

- Yesterday I heard that the city had seen Mr. Lawton. Did you know, Frank, I do not trust rumors?

Frank confirmed that he is well known.

- That's why I did not tell you yesterday about this news.

- What has changed today? - Frank asked absently.

- Everything! Everything has changed dramatically - I personally met him.

- With whom?

- With Mr. Lawton.

- William, please remind me what famous Mr. Lawton.

- You can guess right now. He is now trying to get into your house, shouting unbelievable innuendo. He called you a thief. Rather, he shouted that he who took his home, the most that neither is a real robber.

Frank became grayer very gray clouds. It seems that this is the Lawton, with whom he once bought a house. If you look at the calendar, it becomes clear that at the moment owns a home in Lawton. He came from Australia and was trying to go to his house, but could not, as Frank has changed not only the castle, but the door into the bargain. Frank gritted his teeth. Lawton can understand, but what to do to him? If he loses the house, he will lose everything because the money paid for will not ask from whom. Not with the same Lawton. It has no clue that decide to get rid of the house in the future. In the present situation, Frank decided to take an uncompromising stance - is his home.

- Where is he now, William?

- Mr Lawton?

- Yes. Where is he now?

- It should be in front of your house and calls to punish the robber.

Frank started - conflict with the law enforcement agencies not part of his plans.

- Thank you, William, for the warning. I'm going there.

- I'm in.

It took about ten minutes. It was enough to William wondered why Frank prefers to spend time in the hotel and not at home, and Frank realized that Lawton managed to sow doubt in the minds of William.

- I was part of the image. It is necessary for me to write my new novel - said Frank.

- You're a writer, Frank? - With genuine admiration he exclaimed William.

- Yes, - modestly remarked Frank.

From a distance he saw a group of people standing in front of his house. Frank stopped the car, and he and William continued on foot. Approaching Frank all the more clearly heard threats against "shameless thief." They were pronounced man of fifty-five. Frank had never seen Lawton - transactions take place through his representative, but he guessed who before him. Further revealed that he was not mistaken.

- Excuse me, but what is happening here? - Emphasized politely asked Frank.

- It's very simple - there is outright robbery. It should absent himself from home, how will fall victim to the insidious and shameless thief.

Frank had absolutely no plan of action, and he hesitated, not knowing what to do.

- It is evident that Mr. Lawton extremely angry - William said quietly.

- A who are the grateful audience? - I asked Frank, looking heed the speaker only ten people ripe old age.

- I think that all of them irreconcilable fighters against injustice.

The action looked quite comical, but the consequences for him, Frank could be very sad. Lawton continued to wind up the crowd, and she answered him by mutual understanding, which was reflected in an approving roar, resounded whenever Lawton again crucifying "is distinguished by its unprecedented baseness robber."

- I'm sorry - could not resist Frank - and by whom you will, to slander an honest man.

The statement is clearly discordant with the reigning mood of the rally, and all turned their attention to Frank. Lawton hesitated, but after a while it again burst:

- I'm George Lawton! Do not believe me?Ask any of us here, and all of us here will tell you that I am the one George Lawton, who was subjected to dirty robbery. Rogue encroached on the holy of holies - the private ownership. He took my house, and I, his rightful owner, have no opportunity to get into it. What kind of an honest man, you then say? It's a real thief! He deserves severe punishment.

The crowd roared in approval.

- Did you just - turned directly to Frank Lawton - support actions of a robber?

- And you actually talking about? - With feigned calmness I asked Frank.

- This thief!

- And what?

One came to empathize Lawton and whispered something in his ear.

- Someone Bailey came into conflict with the law, to kick me out of the house - continued Lawton. - Known you a thief?

Now is a critical time to assert their right to good name.

- I'm Frank Bailey. I own this house legally. The house was purchased by me from a certain Lawton. I do not know why, but this Mr. introduces you all fooled, simply, lying.

The crowd gasped. William grunted approvingly. Lawton paused. Frank seized the initiative and he was no less convincing.

- And what prove? - Finally found Lawton.

Overlooking, dignified, Frank approached the front door and taking a key from his pocket, opened it. Lawton hurried into the house after Frank, but he slammed the door right in front of Lawton. Finding a copy of the document confirming the legality of the transaction, and found her signature Lawton, Frank calmed down. "Let him try to deny." Assuming that Lawton is still standing at the door, opened it, Frank kick.

- I'm sorry - said he was lying on the ground Lawton.

Attention was focused on the suffering of justice to the paper, which showed white in the hands of Frank.

- I believe that we are all gathered is to establish the truth, for there is nothing higher in the world than the truth - began Frank.

- Yes, yes - I heard voices - we want to know the truth.

- Fine.Do you think that if the seller puts his signature on the document, it means that he agrees to the deal?

- Means means.

- Fine.If the seller is the one that Mr. Lawton, this means that Mr. Lawton agree to a deal?

- Yes means.

- Fine.And now I ask you to make sure that the document bears the signature of Mr. Lawton.

With these words, Frank passed it to William. All fell silent. William adapting glasses on his nose, became scrutinize the document.

- I declare that, judging by all available attributes, the transaction for the sale of the house Mr. Lawton Mr. Bailey is not in doubt - finally he concluded. - Signature of Mr. Laughton is available.

- Bravo, William - Frank took the floor. - And now let everyone be convinced of the correctness of my words.

Paper has become alternately pass from hand to hand, and each review it felt obliged to give a moral evaluation of the actions of Lawton. Sam Lawton, still have not got to his feet, he looked sorry - action, organized them, turned against him.

- I do not believe! - Suddenly he shouted wildly, and quickly jumped up and ran to the protesters.

Lawton managed to snatch the paper from someone not really grasping hands, and he frantically tried to understand the meaning of written.

- Not your signature if there is, Mr. Lawton? - Condescendingly I asked Frank.

Lawton stupidly silent and was ready to admit defeat, but suddenly burst out laughing.

- Ha-ha-ha! Yet nobody has been able to hold George Lawton!

- more clearly than Mr. Lawton - William sternly remarked.

- Ha-ha! Where else would clearly? Fraud can be seen with the naked eye. That Mr. Bailey holds us all for idiots.

None of those present did not consider himself an idiot and therefore Lawton words touched everyone. This was evident from disgruntled drone "jury". Frank was still calm, knowing Lawton or a bluff, or insanity due to his incessant laughter.

- Ha-ha! Rascal Bailey wants to say that I sold him a house next year. Rough fake! Ha ha!

The paper has done way back, and when she reached William, the crowd looked at Frank with a pronounced aversion.

- What is it, Frank? - William asked softly, penetrating in what Lawton said. - How can this be?

Explain something and someone in the crowd was useless, and Frank, turned on padded feet, returned to the house. After making sure that the door is locked, he sat down on the floor. Something stupid to come up with the situation was difficult. Now that he has outlined concrete steps to return to normal life, everything starts to fall apart again. He faces the loss of the house, however, is not in danger of losing the roof over your head, for some time have to stay in prison - it will try to Lawton. Coming out of prison, he will be poor, if at that time did not write memoirs. "This is the end," - whispered Frank.

- Frank - called someone at the door.

"William" - Frank laughed bitterly. - "He was a good fellow. But what I can tell him. Normal people do not understand those nonsense, if I choose to try to explain. "

- Frank, can you hear me?

- Yes, William.

- Mr. Lawton is going to go to the police.

"It is logical. And he left? Technically, he's right. What should I do? That's right - wait for the police. "

- Frank, can, do not aggravate the situation? Maybe we should confess all?

- No, William, I did not cheat. There was a terrible mistake. I have nothing to confess. I'm clean conscience and before God. Farewell, William.

Not waiting for an answer, Frank got up and went to the stairs. Upstairs, standing at the open window, Frank was able to hear everything he was saying at the bottom of Lawton. And because in addition to the word "thief" and "cheater" to say he had nothing, he mainly confined himself and shouting those words. Poor William was trying to convince the presence of some terrible mistakes, but his remarks are not a success.

"This is the end", - Frank whispered back and fell on the bed. Staying in such a nervous strain drained his strength, and he immediately fell into a painful sleep that lasted unnaturally long. Get out of this state helped him a phone call came from his trouser pocket. Absolutely indifferent Frank said

- Hello.

- Frank, good afternoon, this is Jessica. I have good news for you.

- Jessica! - Exclaimed Frank, immediately jumped out of bed. - I'm so happy!

- Yes, there are the first who asked to see your house.

The street heard a noise, which prevented him from speaking, and Frank went to the window. Seeing Lawton and orchestrated chorus of them, Frank dimmed.

- He asks whether it is possible to drive today.

- Jessica, thank you ...

- What shall I answer him?

- Today? I'm afraid that's not out ...

- Are you busy tonight?

- Yes, that is not ... I ... I just do.

- What a pity. Well, I'll ask him to wait. Is recovering quickly. Bye.

- As long as ...

a call that he was waiting for the pain and frustration brought. "What could I say to her? Let him come and look at this theater? By the way, where is he? "Looking out the window, Frank saw the empty street. "Carried" - he sighed with relief. - "How long?"

As the pendulum output from the state of equilibrium, Frank began to make periodic movement from wall to wall. When it became clear that this occupation is unproductive, he again went to the window and was surprised to see that the day is approaching steadily to its logical end. To ensure that Lawton left him alone, not hidden in the wall, Frank raised the window sash and stuck his head out. On the street there was no one even William. This fact in spite of everything suddenly brought Frank into complete confusion. He did not know what to do. Although this condition has recently become customary for him, and he, Frank had to accept the fact that all his decisions and actions are intuitive, and about any logic we could not go, this time the situation did not allow a superficial approach. He must consciously adopt an action plan and take it ... - Frank looked at his watch - ... for four hours. Why four? Yes, because then follow the change of the day, and depending on where he will meet at midnight, throughout his life may take one or another turn. In truth, any possible sequels had both pluses and minuses, and Frank could only be defined, in which case the balance of the consequences would be positive for him, or at least less negative.

If he stays at home, the problem with Lawton It will go into the future, as Lawton will again be in Australia. Is not the solution? And the fact that so hard to built a bridge in relations with Jessica will also be in the future. If, on the contrary, he will spend the night anywhere outside the home, he runs the risk of this house will never see, because it is possible that the wily Lawton may take another attack was at night. That and all the conditions of the problem. Frank back his head back into the room and straight, fixed his deep sad eyes skyward, as if no ceiling or roof above it was not. Slowly moving his lips, he whispers oath one by one and asked for leniency. If someone with a very imaginative immensely strained, he would have probably realized that Frank promises to fantasize less when communicating with their fellow citizens, to drink less beer, vodka and even less, to love animals in general and individually, a negative attitude to the occultist and not Fly on the balloons. And all this only in exchange for the return to the quiet and consistent flow of life. It's hard to say whether he knew who these vows were addressed, the essence, and, if realized, he decided that Frank deserves participation, but at some point in the hearing, Frank caught the sound of brakes. "It has begun!" - Frank wary, impose a moratorium on its promises.

Caution crept up to the window, he glanced warily down. There was no Lawton nor William. Instead, they stood in front of his door, and Jessica was trying by all means available to residents of the house to understand that it is necessary to admit. Frank, even with all his artistic imagination could not assume the possibility of such a turn of affairs for a long time and drew his head into the room, as the window sash from the impact of the nail on the head, is very timely decided to go down.

Jessica knew that Frank patient may rise to difficult bed and go down, so be patient while continuing efforts to reach out. "Where he managed to catch a cold in such warm weather?" - Asks Jessica herself. - "Perhaps he had a fever, he was delirious." At last she was heard uncertain footsteps, and the door opened.

- Hello, Frank.How do you feel? - Jessica said sympathetically.

- Hello, my dear ... I'm sorry ... I mean ...

- It's okay - Jessica Frank assured, writing off a strange greeting for her hearing on the heat in the patient. - So, how do you feel?

- It is, thanks ...

- And I thought that you ... Temperature

- Temperature? What temperature?

- You said that simple. So I thought that you have fever. And my grandmother always in such cases treated me jam prepared by his own recipe. I brought you a jam, but I see that you are already going better.

Listening to it, Frank blushed. He felt unbearably ashamed of the fact that he lied to Jessica about her cold.

- I ... No ... Yes ... the temperature is still slightly higher than the norm ...

Looking at the pink paint on the face of Frank, at the bandage on his forehead, which he forgot to remove, to abrasion on his neck, formed during the struggle against the window sash, Jessica regretted that the disease has no intention of retreating.

- Clearly, - she said, and added in a businesslike way: - Go, get in bed, and I'll make you a hot tea jam.

In order not to contradict himself, Frank was forced to comply. He went to his office and lay down on the couch. For a while he forgot about Lawton and unfair treatment of him, Frank. He was pleased to see Jessica, it was nice to know that between them to establish contact, fragile, of course, but it was already possible to hope for something.

- Barely found you - Jessica interrupted his thoughts.

With these words she put the tray on the nearest sofa chair. In addition to the promised tray of tea and jam sandwiches were ham and cheese.

- Getting Started - commanded Jessica pridvinuv chair close to Frank. - You have to get better quickly - the disease is not the best way of spending time.

Seeing sandwiches, Frank just realized how hungry he is. For this reason, a tray was soon empty. In order not to embarrass Frank, Jessica sat in the chair behind his desk. She viewed with interest all around and found that the atmosphere in this house is not like all that she had seen so far. A huge number of books everywhere - in large bookcase, bookshelves, on the table in front of her. Jessica pulled up near to her book and was surprised to find that its author was a certain Frank Bailey. "What a coincidence," - she thought, and shared his discovery with Frank.

- It's me, - modestly remarked Frank, satisfaction with the state of his stomach.

- What! - Jessica exclaimed. - You write? You're a writer?

- Yes - even more modest commented Frank.

Jessica looked great respect for Frank. "That's why he's so impractical", - she realized. - "All of these talented people."

- This was the raspberry jam, you should be better, - said Jessica, looking at the empty tray.

- I feel that I'm better, and I even have the strength to stand up - Frank tried to insist.

- No, - Jessica protested. - Lie down, please.

Frank obeyed. From a distance he saw Jessica with interest considered his book, and suffered from the fact that the role of the patient does not allow him more vividly present their work.

- Oh!- Jessica cried again. - There is a typo.

- Where?- Frank was worried, I jumped off the couch.

- Year. Here Set the next year. Explicit typo.

Frank had to agree to the presence of misprints, and as more reasons for excitement not find Jessica, she again told him to lie down.

- Jessica, I would like to give you this book - Frank said hesitantly, dropping her head on a pillow. - I hope you will not refuse.

Jessica gratefully looked at Frank.

- Thanks, - she said quietly. - I am very pleased.

- And I'm very pleased that you came to visit me - decided to tell Frank.

For a moment they both looked at each other, oozing fluids that for this reason his bipolar effectively attracted. Soon accompanying such cases embarrassment both been successfully overcome, and they spent a few hours in an intensive verbal communication, during which Frank Jessica was able to prove that he had never felt such a tide of health as it is now, what won the right to adopt a vertical position and contemplate the world in a more familiar perspective.

Suddenly they both felt that a third person intervened in the conversation, and it was done very shamelessly, taking into account heard statements such as "brazen cheater Bailey." Jessica still looked around bewildered, while Frank already knew what was going on. Apologized to Jessica, Frank went to the window and in the light of street lighting as it was quite dark, and saw Lawton with a support group. Frank indignation knew no bounds, but in the presence of Jessica, he had not the slightest opportunity to give vent to his feelings and for that reason just stared at the show.

- What happened? - Jessica was worried.

The content of the statements to her unknown men left no doubt that he was not going to be friends with Frank. She stood behind Frank and went to the window. Seeing a decent crowd, Jessica was worried even more.

- What happened? - She asked.

- Huh? No!Just play ...

- You mean the idea of wandering artists?

- Yes.Stray.

- And how do they know your name? - Jessica wanted to know.

- My name? And ... it's just ... Someone who reads his monologue, called Lawton. He is my old friend.

- A friend?

- Yes. I'm also fond of the theater. Here.So this all Lawton threatened me to play - a hobby he is.

- Yeah, but he picked up some strange words to his drawing.

- Yes, a little strange, but I feel that he passionately improvises and slightly touches this passion.

Almost satisfied this explanation Jessica zasobiralas home, explaining his choice late hour. Indeed, until midnight it had only twenty minutes, and Frank had nothing that could oppose the decision of Jessica. Perhaps this evening would have ended, but the unexpected happened. First Street was filled with flashes of flashing lights and then across the street from Frank stopped a police car. From it came in the form of three people, which immediately went to Lawton.

- This is also an idea? - Jessica asked with alarm.

- I suppose so ... We Lawton rich imagination.

Frank replied Jessica almost mechanically. Strange how he succeeded, because his head was full of confusion. He just gave a report that with the advent of the police attack Lawton entered the final phase. The nightmare was that Jessica will be witnessed all over, and then rely on her account is no longer necessary. Frank was so upset that I missed the first sentence, he addressed the police.

- Mr. Bailey, in your best interest not to go to excess - finally could hear him.

Jessica turned pale.

- Frank, and that this representation does not involve your remarks? And how many acts in the play? Soon midnight.

Midnight! Frank instantly glanced at his watch. There were only ten minutes to midnight! The solution was found.He needed to hold only ten minutes! Only in this way he will solve all their current problems - and Lawton will be in Australia and familiarity with Jessica will be saved.

- Yes, you're right, dear. Now my way out!

Jessica drew attention to the word "dear" but did not have time to give him an assessment - Frank noisily opened the window.

- Look at the bandage on his head! - Yelled Lawton. - He's a real thief!

- Mr. Bailey, we have questions for you, - said one of the policemen. - Please open the door.

- If only someone gave me the right to judge me, this list could not I have just listed, as well as a god - as the spirit Frank blurted out.

There was a general silence. This is undoubtedly a decent answer is clearly contrasted with the disorderly cries Lawton. Yet Frank is most interested in the opinion of Jessica, and he looked around. Jessica looked at Frank's eyes, full of pride and admiration.

- How are you good at, - she whispered.

Police also praised the performance of Frank, but remained adamant in wanting to make a conversation with him.

- I gave the word, that I just opened the door, who knock no earlier than midnight clap.

- It's your condition? - I asked puzzled the police.

- I said everything! - Completed Frank, knowing that it will be able to trick rather than not.

He closed the window and pulled the chair Jessica.

- Sit down and watch how events will unfold.

- And how will they develop? Two minutes later it was midnight, and they start knocking on the door. I did not understand the game or it's true.

- Of course the game - assured Frank.

- What, what happens next?

- Well, open secret. As the play provides, at midnight the action is complete.

- No one will knock?

- and no one will knock - almost surely Frank said.

He watched the clock while listening to the excitement in the street crowd, occasionally interrupted by another call to Lawton. Frank nerves were stretched to the limit. What if you do not work? What then?

His watch had already begun to show the beginning of a new day, and the voice on the street and did not abate. "It's a failure!" - Frank cringed. He already began to think, what to say to Jessica if he set out to arrest as from the living room came the battle of his favorite hours. At the same moment the window was completely silent, as it should be at this time of day. Carefully, so as not to scare off potential success, Frank walked over to the window. The street was deserted, except for a lonely bredshego William Nightingale on it.

- That's it! - Frank said triumphantly. - Look.

Jessica looked out the window.

- It is strange - she said.

- What?

- I do not hear the sound of a departing car.

- Yes?But it's just a weak props, dummy, you might say. How do you say you had the police?

- Ayvn Forrester.

- Yes, Ayvn. I saw how Ayvn decorate some rattletrap. There's an electric motor, because you did not hear the familiar rumbling.

- Yes?

- Yes.

Jessica did not dare to question the version of Frank and zasobiralas home.

- How? Already?

- Too late, Frank, - sorry, Jessica said, and headed for the exit.

With this argument, Frank could not agree more. He volunteered to drive Jessica home, but was refused.

- I'm not for you treated you to a cold again. See how sharply colder, as if there in June are now at all.

A fresh breeze sneaks thoroughly, and now Frank was worried about the health of Jessica.

- I'll get you a warm jacket.

- You should not, Frank. In the car warm. Thank you.It was nice to see you.

To not worry Frank, Jessica promised to call as coming home. In addition, she left Frank to sign him full location your home address. The machine Jessica already disappeared around the corner, and Frank is still waving after her hand. For doing this it and found Nightingale, William.

- Finally, this dirty story Lawton successfully completed - after greeting shared his joy Frank.

- Excuse me?

- Lawton again in Australia!

- Mr Lawton? My Neighbour? Yes, it is most of the time it is in Australia.

- A former neighbor - said Frank.

- What do you mean what you just said? Why is the former? Excuse me, but who are you? And what are you doing here at this hour?

Looking William was extremely full and comprehended every suspicion. Frank was about to say that he also has a claim to William, the main of which was the fact that William caught his eye more often than it would like, but remembering Nightingale dignified behavior in the episode with Lawton did not do. Instead, he wrinkled his forehead, trying to show concern.

- The problem is that Mr. Lawton went to Australia.

- And?

- Actually, that's all.

- I do not understand. After all, he can come back.

- I would not advise him to do so.

- Why?

- Because I live here now.

- Here's how! So you're our new neighbors? Very pleased. I hasten to introduce myself. William.William Nightingale.

- Frank.

- Frank, why do you stand, raising his hand?

Frank looked at yourself through the eyes of William, and he was sad.

- I produce measurements, - he blurted out without thinking about the consequences.

William visibly agitated.

- Something happened?

- Soon, the world will have to pass through the tail of Comet Bailey. And it will have a huge impact on the Earth's atmosphere. Fact.

William turned pale, and it was noticeable even in the dim light.

- When, when will it happen? - Panting, he uttered

- is exactly what I'm trying to determine.

William Frank approached very close.

- Well? It turns?

Frank thought that it was necessary to come up with something better, but it was too late to retreat. You only need to remember all that on this occasion told him Mike.

- Strong background interferes say exactly - once again raising his hand and turning his hand, he said Frank.

William has done the same procedure, sincerely hoping that he'll have better luck. Nothing felt out of place and I swear intensified background, he once again turned his attention to Frank.

- A possible about?

- About you can.

- Well?

- We'll get to the tail ...

Frank was sorry cowering and closed his eyes, William, but more humane will tell the whole truth , no matter how bitter it may be.

- We'll get to the tail in two thousand four hundred and fifty-ninth year.

William sighed.

- A month?

- Aug.

- And the number?

- I will not say number - prevents background.

- Damn!

- That's right. Come sleep better, William. Already quite late and quite cool.

- What ...

- We still have time.

- Are you sure, Frank?

- More than.

With these words, Frank entered his house. "What will become of him when the Earth will face the tail of a comet?" - Thought Frank, referring to the house. Soon he called Jessica, saying that Has reached safely. It urged Frank several serious about his health and promised to tell the hour, as soon as in the sale of the house there was a positive shift. Not all heard fully satisfied with Frank.

- Jessica, and what are your plans for tomorrow? - He put the question squarely.

- I had a hard week, and I would like to have a rest from the last weekend.

To Frank did not seem that it comes from him unjustly, Jessica once again said that the call in the near future.