Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 15

A new day began at noon for Frank to call Helen. It is reported that David sharpens him tooth.

- What is David? - Frank did not understand at first.

- Our favorite chef. I feel that you do not wake up and still in bed, just asking a question. Are you sick?

What should answer Helen? Again writing? But also to meet with David Campbell in his plans not included.

- So are you sick?

- In a way. But do not worry, go on the amendment. David convey my deepest apologies and best wishes. How are you doing?

- Whatever.

- What's the matter? - Frank wary.

Helen and Mike were his best friends, and he was not indifferent to the problem. Helen did not want to burden their experiences of Frank, but when he insisted and cried, told that her cousin a serious mental breakdown, so to speak. Frank, as he could, tried to reassure Helen.

- No, I should meet her. I will'll pick Jessica after work.

Frank flinched.

- Helen, this is Jessica, because of the Stratton? - He asked hesitantly.

- Yes, that's it. How do you know her?

- We met in the sea ...

- In the sea ?!

- It does not matter ... I'm going for it ... Now!

Frank interrupted the conversation and rushed to gather. "Mental breakdown" - Frank repeated, and these words echoed in his heart the incredible pain. "Well, that Jessica left me his address," - he sighed.

When the door opened in front of him, Frank immediately noticed Jessica's tear-stained eyes.

- What happened? - He blurted.

- And you're going to feel sorry for me?

Look Jessica was at least detached and unnatural movements were slow, which together produce an eerie impression. He coped with the initial shock, Frank closed the door.

- Not at all, Jessica - as calmly as he said - I just want to understand what happened, and if possible to help you.

- Whenever possible ... sorry to say that your possibilities in this case are very limited.

Ignoring the sarcasm, Frank gently but firmly took Jessica's arm, held up to the couch and sat her back, he took a seat in the chair across from him. Jessica was still sobbing, continually wiping her eyes with a handkerchief. Frank really wanted to help Jessica, but lost and was silent.

- Frank - the first to Jessica - I'm crazy.

- Jessica - finally decided to Frank - where such thoughts?

- I myself think so. I made this conclusion, being of sound mind.

- Jessica, I find a contradiction in your words ...

- What else contradiction? - Jessica asked irritably and again sobbed.

- You see, be of sound mind and go crazy at the same time is impossible.

- Yes?

- Yes. So let's order.

The impression that the logic of Frank was perceived constructively and Jessica thought, ceasing to rub his eyes with a handkerchief. Feeling that the mind was able to reverse the situation, Frank pulled a chair close to the sofa.

- Tell me, Jessica, - he said confidentially.

- Today, a call from the agency and we asked why I was still at home.

It was clear that the explanations given to Jessica with difficulty. It is unusually long and carefully chose her words, occasionally sniffing.

- Next - Frank insisted, touching the hands of Jessica.

- I said that it was Sunday, but if necessary, it is ready to drive.

- Continue.

- I was told that there is a great need, but discipline above all else, because today is Wednesday, and not Sunday, as I think. I thought it was a joke, but from television news learned very strange things. It turns out, today, May 15, not the sixteenth of June. What was I supposed to think? This is a clear sign of madness.

Further inquiries were meaningless, since Frank became so uncomfortable with the truth was revealed, and his face contorted so terrible grimace that Jessica noticed this, she interrupted the presentation.

- Frank, what's wrong? - She asked quietly.

- I ... I think I saw - well, Frank said quietly, forgetting that he made a vow not to talk about Jessica.

He was very sad that their existence, he hurt his dear man. But any intent in his actions was not, and had to condemn the fatal combination of circumstances that led Jessica yesterday at his home, and that was the cause of her problems.

- What do you understand?

Jessica's eyes glittered feverishly, forcing Frank to take a difficult decision.

- Jessica, maybe you should calm down a little? - Hesitantly he said.

- No, I want to know the truth! Now! - Jessica protested. - You see how I am able to.

Frank saw in what condition is Jessica, and somehow squeezed her hand tighter.

- First of all, neither of which madness can be no question. All natural.

- Naturally?

Jessica's eyes widened. Several times she opened her mouth to say that fundamentally do not agree, but Frank, and not waiting for her objections had to continue.

- In the sense that your psyche is all right - he said.

Jessica turned her gaze suddenly became cold with Frank that you can see outside the window. And outside you could see the sky overcast with heavy clouds, as severe as the atmosphere that reigned in the room.

- Frank - Jessica said dryly, freeing his hand - do you think that your words to explain anything, or you, too, tend to think of my madness?

- God forbid. No ... I'm just getting started. I'll try to explain it, but you must be patient and listen to the end.

Frank, leaning in to the moment all the signs of selfishness overage child, decided to take full responsibility for the fate of Jessica in this difficult period for her.

- Well, - he said softly Jessica.

- It's hard to believe - I myself could not believe for a long time, but in the end I think I understood what was going on. There is not the essence - essentially, I did not understand, and regularity events. In time I was also confused and overwhelmed as you are now. It happened a long time - about three weeks ago. Like you, I found that I was thrown in time a month ago. But the worst ...

Then Jessica blanched beyond measure.

- What's the worst thing? - She whispered.

Frank realized that the critical threshold is passed, and to continue to hide something does not make any sense.

- The worst thing is that the process does not stop, and every day I was younger, for a month. As a result, as you know, I'm younger by almost two years. In two very important year for me. Important because in this time of my life there have been two very important events for me - I published my novel ... and met you.

- To get acquainted with me ?! What do you mean?

- I would like to say that we are familiar with you for over a year, we have even engaged with you and ...

- Frank, you give a report of his words?

Jessica, broke his promise to listen to the end, once again offended, but Frank stubbornly decided to continue.

- I'm ready to subscribe under each word, Jessica. You have to listen, because some, albeit partial, gives some insight, albeit partial relief.

- More - Jessica sighed bitterly.

"He said that we were engaged. What should I think about this? Yeah, he's cute and smart. But so what if he was crazy, just bear such nonsense? "- In the hearts of Jessica thought. "However, a little more than I" - she corrected immediately.

- But I managed to find out the cause of my ... now your troubles.

- And what is the reason? - Ironically Jessica asked. - The aliens?

- In vain you so. The thing in my house - I have repeatedly convinced of this. If left in him at midnight, it's happening.

- What exactly?

- Time slips. Yesterday you just had me at midnight ...

- So you're all rigged! - Jessica cried. - You lured me!

- No, dear ...

- Do not call me that! Do you hear? I demand! I do not know what you're playing with me, Frank, but now it's all over between us. Do you hear? It's over. Forget about his fantasies. We are engaged! It it is necessary to think of this. Everything! Go away.

Jessica stood up from the couch and went to the window, making it clear that if Frank did not go away immediately, it will be even worse. Frank got up and uncertain step, because the floor beneath it lost all resistance, approached the door.

- Jessica - he called softly.

But Jessica pointedly looked out the window, thinking that everything has been said.

- Forgive me - whispered Frank and slowly walked out of the apartment.

Recovering, Frank did not recognize the place where he is. There are signs that it could be assumed that it was hitherto unknown to him cafes. Before Frank had stood unfinished cup of cold coffee. More on the table there was nothing. Frank looked around. The cafe was not crowded - just an elderly man sitting at a table in front. Frank's eyes met, the man nodded slightly, and at this point, Frank remembered what was remarkable for him today. Unsuccessful conversation with Jessica swept swirl in his mind, and then Frank tilted his head low.

- Problems?

Frank looked distracted gaze already known him a man who was now standing side by side and that, apparently, wanted to accept participation. Frank nodded.

- I'm sorry if I'm out of place - the man continued. - Can I sit down?

Frank nodded again and stared blankly at the half-finished coffee.

- Charles Christie, - the man said.

- Frank Bailey.

- Very nice, Frank. Sorry for the molestation, but my grandmother had a wonderful gift of listening.

Frank looked up at the man.

- At the same time everyone she listened noted a certain peace. So I thought, Is not this the case?

- You want to say, Mr. Christie, have inherited a wonderful gift of her grandmother?

- In a way - yes.

Frank looked at him. Mr. Christie could be given sixty years, maybe more. No signs were not given any social status, any area of ??human activity, to which he had or could relate.

- And what kind of a way, which is unknown to me? - Frank put the question squarely.

- I understand you, Frank. I agree to go straight to the point. So, what you have there?

Frank was so knocked out of the rut that even wondered about the meaning of the continuation of this conversation.

- It's over, - nevertheless he said.

- It is too general formulation - gently said Mr. Christie.

- Yesterday I was full of hope that everything is getting better, - said Frank again and lowered his head.

- You're absolutely right, Frank. In this life, there can be no certainty - said Mr. Christie's - today you are on horseback, and tomorrow ...

- And what tomorrow?

- And tomorrow could be quite the opposite.

Frank tried to imagine the situation described by the phrase "quite the opposite" in relation to the horse, but failed - too gloomy get the picture. The mood was definitely spoiled, and it did not escape the attention of Mr. Christie.

- Before loneliness should still ripen, - he said.

- Accept that it?

- At the very least, to feel this state as quite normal. By the way, you do not have the feeling that we are here temporarily?

Frank just surprised Mr. Christie's ability to quickly change the subject.

- I do not know what your plans are, but I'm really going to go away. That's just finish my coffee.

- No, no, - I protested Mr. Christie. - I was thinking of staying in this world.

- That's it! - Frank said. - I see you, too, was drawn to the dark.

Mr. Christie thought.

- I am concerned about the lack of evidence of the immutability of the world - he said at last. - All will turn to dust.

- What is the problem? - Sluggish remarked Frank. - Leave behind something imperishable. Blind, for example, a sculpture, or, at worst, write a picture.

- Again, you do not sees the root - not appeased the source. - Did you know that scientists have discovered another terrible circumstances?

- What is it? - Frank winced at the word "scientists".

- They say that matter is totally devoid of stability.

With these words, Mr. Christie has made terrible eyes and raised his index finger. Frank, in turn, raised his head to see where Mr. Christie pointed finger, but nothing but the lamp hanging from the ceiling is not found.

- And what does it mean? - Finally I thought to ask it.

- And then - in a tragic voice continued Mr. Christie - nothing, as you say, "incorruptible" do not exist. Matter simply disappear!

Frank became sad again. His problems are now seen him void, but he himself out of solidarity with all the material world again lowered his head.

- Why do not you go home, Frank? - Suddenly I asked Mr. Christie.

- I can not. I can, but ... I can go, but I can not stay.

- Your wife put you out of the house - "guessed" Mr. Christie.

- Not at all. I am not married.

- Then what is it?

- If I stay at home at the moment of midnight, I get back in time.

Frank said it so casually, as if imagined that Mr. Christie long been aware of the possibility. However, the subsequent behavior of Mr. Christie testified to the contrary, because he jumped up from his chair in an incredible excitement.

- Here! - He exclaimed.

- What? - Frank did not understand.

- Beginning ...

- What?

- The collapse of the matter!

- Where?

Mr. Christie looked reproachfully at Frank and again took his place in the chair, continuing:

- Yes, it is not one thing, it's another. Not another one ... so. By the way, I have a friend call him Victor ...

- It sounds as if your friend's parents at the time forgot to give him a name - Frank could not resist.

- Not so long ago, I met with a wolf - in response said Mr. Christie.

Frank squinted for a cup of Mr. Christie, which he sat at his table, hoping to understand what was poured instead of coffee.

- Grey? - Muting the voice, and as much as possible confided Frank asked.

- Relevant questions! The fact of the matter is not entirely gray. I would say, not gray. Most pink.

- Very good - I agreed Frank - just tell me, please, one question.

- With pleasure, - said Mr. Christie, leaning back in his chair.

- That wolf did not tell you about Stratton?

Mr. Christie stopped, seemed to feel some kind of trick. His mustache, and he was at his mustache nervously moved. Frank found the silence quite eloquent, made a last sip from his cup and stood up.

- I have to - once again stunned Mr. Christie and he turned toward the door.

- Wait a minute, Frank - woke Mr. Christie - I have a tip for you.

- Yes?

- Yes. Be sure to think about eternity.

- Good.

- And drink mango juice in the morning.

- Fine. Is that all?

- All.

- I was glad to meet you.

- I, too.

Walking down the street, and strongly thinking as advised by Mr. Christie, the eternal, Frank found himself in front of the cathedral.

"What a strange coincidence" - thought Frank and went inside. Only now he realized to what extent was overheated, for coolness reigned inside the cathedral, miraculously contributed to the fact that Frank wondered about the purpose of his stay here. Before you make a decision that was to determine its next steps, Frank looked around. He was struck by the majestic monumentality that surrounded him, finding, however, that the disparity of all that surrounded him at that moment, and himself as a typical representative of those who have the opportunity to come here to have some pressure. Do not concentrating their attention on this, Frank approached a group of several people stranded tourists gathered around the tray from which sold souvenirs with symbols of the cathedral. In the short chute was intelligent old man appearance. He enthusiastically offered to tourists to buy something on the memory of the visit of the cathedral, which, among other things, is undoubtedly an architectural landmark. Tourists agreed and bought booklets, postcards and pens.

Frank also picked up a brochure and began to leaf through. "Why should I drink mango juice in the morning?" - Could not understand it.

- If you want to make a gift, I recommend this book here. It contains a lot of useful information and is richly illustrated.

Frank noticed that a group of tourists continued to get acquainted with the cathedral, and said only that the words were addressed to him.

- Or this - he continued the seller.

- What?

- Excuse me, you do want to buy something as a souvenir of our visit to the cathedral? By the way, do you know when it was built?

- No, unfortunately - Frank said, without specifying, however, what question he had in mind.

- In vain, in vain, - wailed the old man - then listen.

- Sorry, - I said unsteadily Frank - I have to you a slightly different question.

- Oh, I am ready to answer all your questions - assured the seller.

- Thank you. The fact that ... You come here often?

- Oh yeah. I work here.

Frank leaned over to the old man, the difference in growth has not prevented to express doubts assailed him.

- Tell the people that come here, they think you think of the eternal?

The old man's eyes clouded over slightly, and he turned his beatific gaze skyward. Frank, too, looked up and found the magnificent arches of the cathedral, again turned his attention to the old man. "For too long, he's going to his thoughts" - Frank thought.

- I like this pen, I think I'll buy it - after a minute, unable to stand, had to say, Frank.

- What? - Immediately reacted seller. - This? Excellent choice.

After the gloom of the interior of the cathedral, the sunlight seemed overly dazzling, and Frank turned to the alley, moving on which, after a while ran into a stone wall. The presence of the wall, blocking the alley so radically, it seemed so ridiculous that Frank necessarily shown a keen interest to the wall. Wall, as has been said, was a stone, large blocks have been solidly linked solution, indicating that it is enough recent origin. "This is not the Roman wall," - concluded Frank and looked up. The wall was quite high, and hid what lay behind it. There was nobody around, and Frank allowed himself to kick the wall, which has grown so out of place in his way, though he could not cite any evidence in favor of the urgent need to continue to move it along the avenue. Frank symbolically kicked, and the fact that a crack in the wall, could not attract the attention of Frank. Coming closer, Frank leaned his left eye to the crack. Nothing special for the wall was not found - a very tall and, presumably, ancient pines, stood in the foreground and a covered everything. Frank sighed and set off on the return journey, but after a few steps, turned sharply. Some discrepancy struck him in the eye when the top wall is nothing but the blue sky he saw. "Where is pine?" - He asked himself, Frank. He understood that the wall, no matter how high it may seem, could not obscure the huge trees.

To resolve the contradiction took place, Frank again approached the wall and looked at the work he has previously hole. There are no doubts - what he saw through the crack in the wall, can be called a dense forest and nothing else. Suddenly, before his hearing came a measured voice:

- In the meantime, Mr. Toad, cheerful and carefree, briskly walked down the road a few miles from home.

"What could it be?" - remarked Frank decided to examine more carefully the wall.

On his luck at a distance from the place where he beheld through the slot world unknown to him, he revealed wooden door. The door was locked, but Frank, mindful of the dilapidated structure, kicked the door, after looking around to make sure there are no prying eyes. As expected, the door creaked opened slightly, and Frank, full of impatience, flung it open and stepped forward decisively. Once at the edge of a pine forest ordinary, Frank lost all interest in him. He turned to be back in the alley, but, struck by what he saw, shuddered and stopped. No doors, no walls, in the doorway had just creaking door, was not in sight. Only the tall pine trees now surrounded on all sides by Frank. He still tried to move in a direction where until recently there was a door, but nothing but the thick trunks he did not come across. In order not to get lost definitively Frank wisely decided to return to the starting point. The starting point, as we know, has been trimmed, and therefore, there was brighter than even a few steps in any direction. Frank felt that he had betrayed his legs were shaking, and he sat down on a small stump, resulting from the fall of the trunk, which was lying nearby.

"I am someone crossed the road", - summed up what has happened, Frank and froze in a pose "thinker."

- Mr. Clerk, please be so kind as to tell me what it is severe punishment may be applied for each of these offenses? Of course, without any discounts, as the defendant does not deserve any discounts.

"Again that voice! But what does he say? It is not me he has in mind? Or is it me? Oh, the fool! After all, they want to blame me for the destruction of the wall! "Frank jumped up and ran away, but stumbled on the fallen tree, fallen, torn jeans and break up blood knee.

- Excuse me, sir, can I have something to help?

Trying through the pain stand up from a pile of last year's needles and cones, Frank nearly fell over when I saw the front of the wolf. "This is the end," - flashed through my head.

- I'm sorry, sir, I see you hurt yourself badly. Let me help you.

Doubt no more - talked to him a wolf, and should somehow respond to the outstretched leg aid.

- God thank you, I'm almost in the order - Frank muttered, getting to his feet.

Wolf also rose on its hind legs than Frank brought into complete confusion.

- In this case, please follow me, sir.

- Where to?- I could not ask Frank.

- where you will have a first aid.

All the time following the wolf Frank had a feeling of unreality. Speaking without any accent Wolf, move to the same on its hind legs - this is too much. Frank almost cried when I finally realized that it confuses even a wolf. Wolf was bright pink, and there was no doubt that this phenomenon had in mind, Mr. Christie. The polite tone wolf never imagined aggression and Frank calmed down. "At the first opportunity I ask how to get out of here, because I have no reason to stay here longer than required by politeness" - Frank decided. Meanwhile, Frank Wolf brought to the old oak tree, under which sat rabbits. Rabbits are not afraid neither Frank nor wolf. Instead, they turned their eyes to the attentive approached diligently moving his toes. "There's just a boar, and so the whole company assembled" - thought Frank, referring to all those animals with whom he had a chance to talk lately.

- Sit down, sir, - Wolf remarked, pointing to Frank for the next stump.

Frank thanked and sat down.

- Our guest injured hind leg - the wolf said, referring to the rabbits - help him.

Rabbits immediately rushed to Frank and clung to his leg, something busily doing. The process could not be observed because of the abundance of the ears and tails, but the pain gradually began to subside. When the rabbits are back in place on his leg, Frank found a large piece of some unknown plants, carefully tied many blades of grass. Feeling the physical relief, Frank sincerely thanked all those present and was about to find out about the way back, but did not make it, as his attention shifted to the wolf. While rabbits are treating the wolf sat under a tree and now sat, throwing one hind leg to the other, while in the front paws he held a book. Turning another page, the wolf lifted his head up and opened his mouth. At the same moment with oak apple fell, and there is no point in saying that fell straight into the jaws of the wolf. Frank was hit by two circumstances. Firstly, it was amazing, like a wolf, anticipating the time of the fall of an apple. Secondly, it was surprising that it has dropped the apple, not an acorn, for example.

- Excuse me, but what you read?

- "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Graham, sir.

"What an idiot I am. Of course. These, Mr. Toad and Mr. Clerk. " Frank was distressed beyond measure, as if he were not such a slowpoke, would not be sitting on the stump he is now tied with the knee.

- Excuse me, sir, may I ask your name? - He asked in turn wolf.

"The wolf is extremely polite, and I have no reason to treat him leniently, or worse, no.

- Of course. My name is Frank Bailey. And you?

- I was the Grey Wolf.

- Porphyria

- Grey. Or do you have doubts as to how my parents called, Mr. Bailey?

- What do you mean, Mr. Wolf!

- Yes, that's another. A letter for you, Mr. Bailey.

- I ?!

- Yeah. You're Frank Bailey? After all, how you say?

- Yes, Mr. Wolf. Where is the letter?

- You're sitting on it, Mr. Bailey.

Frank got up and discovered that all this time he sat on the envelope, but was ready to swear that when he sat down, the stump was free of anything.

- Can I read it, Mr. Wolf?

- Of course, Mr. Bailey, it's a letter addressed to you.

On the envelope was indeed written his name. Not knowing what to think, Frank opened the letter, and deploying embedded in an envelope sheet, quickly scanned the written text. The Duchess asked Frank Barlow kindly visit today the ball, which she gave in honor of the momentous event - the opening of a new cycle track. Frank wiped his forehead and looked toward the wolf. He leafed through the book, trying, obviously, to find a place where I had to be interrupted. Rabbits are located in a semicircle around a wolf, looking forward to continuation of the story.

- It is a letter from the Duchess Barlow - involuntarily remarked Frank.

- Oh, the Duchess Barlow! - Cried wolf, never taking his eyes from the book.

- You know her?

- Yes, we have to meet.

Vague suspicions filled the soul of Frank.

- Excuse me, Mr. Wolf, and that the Duchess Barlow ...

- I'm sorry, not quite understand you, Mr. Bailey.

- I wanted to ask it, that is the Duchess of Barlow, is more like me or you?

Wolf smiled, at least so it seemed to Frank.

- In a sense, you if you ask, is not it wolf.

- In this case, it would be very ungracious not to accept the invitation - decided to take the opportunity and got Frank.

- You want to go to the ball?

- Right now.

- I'm afraid that this is not possible - sadly said the wolf and he lifted up his head, again opened his mouth, which immediately lands another apple.

- Why? - A small voice asked Frank, looking round the oak, under which sat the wolf.

He had guessed that he was in another mess, and there is no hope that he get out of it without any consequences for themselves. Negative consequences, of course, because Murphy's Law does not imply otherwise.

- Do you need a visa, Mr. Bailey.

- Excuse me?

- To reach the castle of the Duchess, you will need to cross a strange forest, and that requires a transit visa.

- And if without a visa? - Hesitantly I asked Frank.

- I do not recommend.

- But what would happen if I cross the forest without a visa?

- I'm afraid you will not be able to cross it, Mr. Bailey. I am afraid that you are right on the edge eat. I'm sorry, but it is safer to get a visa.

Screaming, stomp their feet and call for common sense was useless. It makes more sense to make the world more diverse than it has been assumed until now. Ultimately, it is in these critical conditions occur and great discoveries. Lobachevsky geometry instead of Euclidean geometry, for example. Frank read about it recently.

- Well, what do you do?

- We proceed by legal means, so that no one accused us of contempt of others sovereignty. And then, in the words of Alexander the Great, "and the wolves are fed and the rabbits will be fed."

The wolf stood up and began to pace around the oak, holding the book under his arm.

- Alexander the Great really say that? - Frank asked doubtfully.

The wolf stopped.

- Maybe I did not say - he agreed - but what prevents us to believe that he thought so?

Wolf turned to rabbits for support. Rabbits according nodded, thinking the question settled. Frank sat down on a stump and asked to tell the backstory question.

- Before, we were united and lived, sharing joys and sorrows - began a wolf. - It all started a few years ago. A few individuals using the circumstances, we decided to divide the forest. They retired, and without consulting with all the people of the forest, the forest was divided, with each of these individuals became the ruler of its parts. Now, our common home defiled, and all we are in deep sorrow. We can only read the classics in which we draw spiritual strength. But we still believe that we hated borders will fall sooner or later.

Frank agreed that a personal interest in this case prevail over reason, sympathized with forest peoples and wished not to be discouraged.

- Now you understand, Mr. Bailey, why do you need a visa. Well, if you do not change your mind to go to the ball, we will try to contact the consulate.

- I would be very grateful to you, Mr Wolf.

Wolf tapped the trunk of an oak, he heard the rustle and creak of the branches of the crown, and in a moment on the ground sprang a wild boar. "That's all here," - said to myself, Frank. Wild boar, as well as the wolf, moved vertically and spoke without an accent. Wild boar shot with shoulder bag in which there were apples, and put her down in front of pigs.

- Mr. Bailey require a visa, it is sent to the castle of the Duchess of Barlow. I think you, Mr. Bailey also have to worry about your wardrobe. Your clothes are badly damaged, besides it is not fully consistent with the known criteria.

Frank agreed. Kaban Frank nodded:

- Please follow me, sir.

Seeing guest rabbits waved legs that are extremely touched by Frank. Built of timber structure it turned out the store. Working there picked beavers Frank tuxedo. For the first time dressed in similar, Frank felt like an important person. He spun in front of the mirror for a long time, more and more convinced that this is the thing for him. Boar paid off for Frank, explaining that the public interest, and they went to the "foreign" consulate. Consulate also served as the structure of logs, covered spruce branches. Sitting at the table greeted the wolf through his teeth and asked who came necessary. Wolf was not pink and spoke with a slight accent.

- Mr. Bailey need a visa to cross your Forest - brought up to date the boar.

- Unfortunately, this is not possible, - said the wolf, leaning back in his chair.

The boar made ??an impulsive movement towards wolf, but then took himself in the foot.

- Please explain your idea - only he said.

- It's very simple - I received an order - said Wolf, pointing to a stack of papers lying on the table.

- I still do not come clear - raised his voice a little wild boar.

- Who has banned the import of our honey agaric? - Screamed the wolf.

- Who has banned the import of our spruce cones? - Roared the boar.

Both bared his fangs, and Frank realized that urgently requires its intervention.

- Gentlemen, I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation concerned, but I need to make a statement.

The gentlemen were not against the silent and listen to the statement.

- Long live our centuries-old friendship! - Frank snapped, expecting at least some effect.

By a strange coincidence effect occurred immediately. Outwardly, he looked like a small sheet of paper, but differs from the other the word "visa" letters made ??impressive size. Frank shrugged his hoof boar and wolf paw and went on to show him the path. Honestly, Frank was not going to the ball, because he did not know how to dance, and, besides, he was not familiar with either the duchess, nor, especially, with her ??guests to engage them in small talk. And it is quite puzzling was the occasion on which they had to meet the guests. New cycle track! What is this, a joke or a spirit of the times?

Frank looked at his watch and realized that it was time to yawn. Frank yawned and stopped for a decision. He would prefer to be at home right now, rather than wading through the woods to meet adventures. For this reason, Frank looked back, pondering the option of returning to a "friendly" border, but found only for a gloomy forest without any signs of the path on which he had just passed and it became clear that in this forest you can only move forward, the benefit that the path in front was brightly lit with electric lights, somehow hanging on the branches of pine trees. "Well, I'll change your route later" - Frank thought, and quickened his pace.

On the way, Frank passed another border where issued him a piece played a significant role. Nondescript ground squirrel, which depended, to be held on or whether Frank would be doomed forever to hang out between incredulous friends, more precisely, between their boundaries, turning the long document in every way trying to find at least some clue. Finally, with a sigh of deep regret, he raised the barrier. Of course, gopher, and the gate immediately disappeared behind the tall pine wall.

Along the way, Frank caught another, a guest on the cycle track. A man in his fifties wearing a tuxedo when he heard footsteps and the crunch of twigs underfoot Frank looked around and stopped. The cane in his hand, gave an exquisite finish of his fancy dress. Shifting stick from hand to hand, the gentleman, raising cylinder, welcomed Frank. Frank, remembering a similar subject in his head, did the same.

- I beg your pardon - began a gentleman - but I would argue that you are going to the Duchess Barlow.

- This is so - Frank agreed. - I am also ready to assume.

- What is it? - I asked the gentleman.

- After a visit to the Duchess you intend to return home.

- Right, - confirmed puzzled companion. - But why such a remark?

- How are you going to come back if ...

- If what? - Alarmed gentleman.

Frank turned back and pointed to the tall trees and dense bush, do not leave the idea that through this mess, you can safely get.

- Ah! - Cried the gentleman. - It's ... it should be.

- It is necessary? Who?

- I'm not sure, but I am sure that it should be.

It is logical that after this explanation, Frank paused.

- Do not worry. The castle of the Duchess has only one entrance, but many outlets. Here in one of them I'm going to go home. You too can take advantage of in this way, if you do not intend to stay long in the castle.

Frank did not understand the meaning of the last words, but cheered to learn that the way back is not cut off.

- Maybe - Frank again pointed to the impassable thicket behind him - is invented in order not to confuse this is the entrance to one of the exits?

- Maybe - he agreed gentleman. - However, I think we should be acquainted. Richard Bosworth.

- Frank Bailey.

- Mr. Bailey, and in fact we should hurry - soon the beginning of the ceremony.

With these words, Mr. Bosworth took out a massive clock on the chain and opened the lid and shook his head:

- late.

Frank raised his hand and sliding cuffs, also looked at the clock. This gesture not lost on Mr. Bosworth.

- So-called watch - not without antipathy he said.

- Why is the "so-called"? - Frank did not understand.

- I think this phenomenon is undignified pampering - categorically stated Mr. Bosworth. - In addition, you will agree that would be nice to carry a magnifying glass to see the arrow.

- Yes?- Half-heartedly remarked Frank. - And I, you know, somehow already used.

Both turned out to be true gentlemen, stop arguing, but remains unconvinced. Mr. Bosworth took the lead a little, not wanting to be late. Frank also found only one good reason to accelerate the movement - not only reached the entrance, you can give up the hope to find, and the desired output. To be doomed to wander forever in this forest is not part of his plans, and he caught up with Mr. Bosworth.

- By the way, Mr. Bailey, you know how to ride a bike? - Asked the companion.

Assuming that the answer, whatever it may be, does not impose any obligation on him, Frank remarked nonchalantly:

- More likely than not.

- Fine.

The conversation was interrupted changing environment. The forest thinned somewhat, forming a kind of edge on which you could see a fork. The changes were made ??and lighting - light bulbs, hanging directly on the branches of trees and lights the way gentlemen gave way to torches mounted on poles along the trail. So, I had to decide where to go next. This was, apparently, promote plaque describing scenarios depending on the selection of further route that observation, Mr. Bosworth noticed on one of the branches.

The sign foreshadowed trouble to those who go to the left, disproportionately these and other troubles to those who go right. With regard to the way in a straight line, the label strongly recommended to move.

"It's rubbish," - thought Frank and asked:

- Mr. Bosworth, and which route you chose before?

Mr. Bosworth began to say something about the variability and unpredictability of the world. He emotionally gesticulating and one of the strokes of his hand knocked the cylinder head Frank.

- Still, what do we do? - Frank asked, leaning over the cylinder.

- We Kinema coin - struck Mr. Bosworth. - You will not find any coins?

Having recently, Mr. Bosworth was very scared, because Frank let out a wild howl, I rushed back. Running up an impassable bush, accompanied him the whole way, Frank tried to squeeze between its thick and tenacious branches. He scratched his hands, to his horror, he discovered behind the bushes stone wall, leaving skyward. Having experienced deep disappointment, Frank returned to Mr. Bosworth, remain perplexed by this behavior Frank.

It is necessary to clarify that prompted Frank pour so much emotion. The fact that at the mention of the coin Mr. Bosworth, Frank realized his biggest mistake last hours - he had forgotten to put all their cash when dressed in a tuxedo.

- I beg your pardon, if there was a tactless - not very confidently said Mr. Bosworth. - I found a coin.

- Yes, - he said absently, Frank.

He was crushed. So he struggled in vain in the unequal struggle and chess to show the wonders of creativity over the board. He again beggar away from home and hateful in the middle of the forest.

- If you drop the case, go to the left, and if the commercials, then right - said Mr. Bosworth, something showing Frank.

Yeah, he was again poor, far from home and in the middle hateful forest in the company of this strange gentleman. Frank looked up and saw the round moon. "It should be there, what is round" - Frank thought, and tried to imagine the reason why the wolves begin to howl in a moonlit night. Finding no definite answer, he drew attention to the stone face of Mr. Bosworth, facing down. Frank, too, looked at his feet and saw the coin, standing on the edge. Coin, apparently, was not going to take a horizontal position, and Frank asked:

- Do I understand correctly, Mr. Bosworth, left that we do not go?

- Yeah, - mumbled Mr. Bosworth.

- And right too?

- Yeah.

They were silent. "What do you do?" - Thought Frank, referring not a coin, but a lack of money.

- What if ... - ventured Mr. Bosworth.

- No, - cut off Frank - is unworthy of gentlemen.

- You're right, Mr. Bailey, - effaced Mr. Bosworth - we go straight on.

After about half an hour traffic into the unknown forest ended, and before the eyes of Frank appeared valley, in the midst of which rises the hill on top of which was flooded with lights an old castle.

- Here, it is the castle of Duchess Barlow! - Said Mr. Bosworth.

"Finally" - Frank thought. Nothing wrong in their way contrary to the promises did not happen, except in front of their noses swept herds of buffalo, which is nearly trampled invited to the opening of the racetrack.

Frank looked around. He still hoped to find a way home, and therefore asked a fellow traveler:

- Mr. Bosworth, and how to get out of here in Birkenhead?

- At one time, when we are in the castle, I'll show you the door, which leads into Birkenhead.

The worst predictions come true - this nonsense does not end soon.

- What else is there a door? - Asked nothing better to do, Frank.

- Well, for example, there is a door, behind which there is London.

- Right after London?

- Imagine, Mr. Bailey, is London.

- It's easy to imagine - Frank did not argue.

- There are door, behind which is located in Paris, - full of enthusiasm continued Mr. Bosworth.

- Paris? Yeah.And if there is a door to get into Stepanchikovo?

- Stepanchikovo?

- Yes, Stepanchikovo.

- You see, Mr. Bailey, a lot of doors in the castle.

They had descended into the valley, brightly lit by the moonlight, when Frank could not resist, asked the Mr. Bosworth regarding the purpose of the event for which they were honored to be invited.

- You want to say that dalliance does not honor the ruling class?

Frank did not want to say because he said nothing.

- Who knows, may be right, my friend, Mr. Marx, who He states that the mode of production came into conflict with the relations of production.

Frank always imbued with great respect for the people who expressed their opinions concisely and yet very clear. Meanwhile, the moment when the gentlemen reached the castle walls. Frank had never had never been in an old castle, and so he experienced the thrill of a light touch to the centuries-old walls. He even made ??some sound that Mr Bosworth interpreted only as admiration for the talent of the medieval masters.

- Do you know, Mr. Bailey, than even the most mediocre architect differs from the most skillful bees? - He asked.

farfetched comparisons no doubt because Frank hesitated, sensing a trick.

- Well, what a bee is different from the architect? - Do not let Mr. Bosworth.

Frank said that the architect does not have wings. Mr. Bosworth took the answer, but considered insignificant difference than extremely surprised Frank. In the end, not having achieved from Frank what he wanted to hear from him, Mr. Bosworth spoke:

- My friend, Mr. Suprun contends that the architect draws the first building in his mind, and only then proceed to implementation. But the bee begins to build immediately. Is that clear?

- No, - said Frank - is not clear.

- What exactly?- Asked in surprise, Mr. Bosworth.

- It is not clear which approach is better. I would say that the bee will save time and do not head in the clouds, in the sense in which it makes an architect.

- Architects are not hovering, and thinks - with conviction said Mr. Bosworth. - Do you know why bees do not think?

- Why?

- Because she does not mind - solemnly concluded Mr. Bosworth, believing lecture finished.

- And how it should be? - Expressed the seditious thought Frank.

Mr. Bosworth did not know where it should be, but, citing the authority of Mr. Suprun, assured Frank that it should fail.

- Because it is so small - completed proof Mr. Bosworth.

- Bee?

- Bee.

- Yes.Good you have friends, Mr. Bosworth. Be so kind as to enter this castle?

- There is nothing easier - he assured Mr. Bosworth and holding cylinder, raised his head to see if there is someone on the wall.

Frank raised his head, but saw no one. However, even if someone was on the wall, then in the coming twilight could not hope to discern the human silhouette. Mr. Bosworth, putting to face their cunning way clasped hands, made ??a sound that rightfully belongs to the ducks, that is grunt. But grunt so loudly that at the same time the wall fell two rope ladders.

- Are you sure that the door to Birkenhead only in the castle - not without hesitation, Frank asked, touching as unreliable in his opinion the lifting device.

- Absolutely - assured Mr. Bosworth. - Do not be in the midst of the forests of the door.

Frank wanted to say that for him personally the door in the middle of the forest has long been a matter of course, but he changed his mind, and his thoughts were busy with the question of how not to fall off the ladder. Indeed the rise is not out of the question. Ladder squirmed at the slightest movement of Frank, giving the possibility to raise the foot, and when he lifted his leg is still able, to put it would have nowhere to go.

- I'm afraid so we're going to be late, - said Mr. Bosworth, all the while watching Frank.

- I am also afraid - admitted Frank and back legs on the ground.

Mr. Bosworth has kindly offered his services, and Frank hastened to agree. Mr. Bosworth according to their plan was to climb the wall and pull the ladder lift Frank. Looking at how quickly Mr Bosworth climbs, Frank decided that Mr Bosworth is likely quite often do such ascent, as his agility was undoubtedly due to the conscientious training. On the other hand, Frank stated that with extraordinary courage, no matter how much he did not train, he never master this skill of the circus.

Mr. Bosworth loud grunt from above. This meant that Frank had a firm hold on the ladder and decompress hands as long as Mr. Bosworth again kryaknet. Frank frantically grabbed the ladder and felt that the rise began. It is possible that all would end well, but one of the sticks, and Mr. Bosworth gave Frank at the time of his ascension and sandwiched Frank under his arm caught on a stone ledge, swam in the immediate vicinity, slipped and flew down. Frank decided to look on the disorder as low cane fell, but to find himself unnaturally high above the ground, he felt discomfort and screamed wildly. Mr. Bosworth fright almost grunted, but he took himself in hand, just asked:

- Is there a problem, Mr. Bailey?

Recovering from a bout of altitude sickness, Frank squeezed:

- Do not worry, Mr. Bosworth, but is it possible to accelerate the rise ?

Mr. Bosworth has accelerated the rise and, a minute later, Frank, breathing heavily, rolled over the edge of the wall. Mr. Bosworth folded his hands and cleared his throat, but Frank from the experience completely forgetting that it should designate, continued to squeeze the remaining cane under his arm, legs and arms entangled in the stairs.

- You can relax and get on their feet - turned his thought Mr. Bosworth.

Frank got and apologetically announced that it had dropped a stick.

- I hope not my - Mr. Bosworth said dryly.

Mr. Hope Bosworth paid off and he visibly brightened.

- But you, Mr. Bailey, can be a problem - remarked casually he said.

Frank missed a deaf ear to the warning. Beneath it was a hard stone surface, and do not talk back and forth. All this makes it feel half happy. To be doubly happy, needed to find a treasured door.

- I remember, Mr. Bosworth, you talked about some door leading to Birkenhead. You still acknowledge its existence?

- Of course.

- Make the favor and show it.

Mr. Bosworth finished with a shake of his tuxedo dust that has settled on it during the ascent to the wall and offered to do the same to Frank.

- Otherwise, you do not be allowed to receive, and you can not get on the ball - said Mr. Bosworth.

- But ...

- Do you go to the castle not to accept the Duchess Barlow?

- But ...

- What do you want, do not know what the Duchess arranges a ball on the occasion of the opening new racetrack? By the way, how do you feel about the number of "Thirteen"?

- How the average of its neighbors - not without irritation remarked Frank.

He was beginning to get angry at Mr. Bosworth, because he played for time, not allowing Frank to go home. Maybe, for Mr. Bosworth, and this ball was the end point of the journey. Maybe he finds the beauty in everything that is happening around. Before that he, Frank? Why did he have to open a cycle track if it detects the possibility of not opening, and depart in the direction of the house? Frank looked around. He was on the defensive wall of an ancient castle, and there was no sign of a staircase that led down to. Day has passed all the powers of the night, but it was bright as all the space around the lighted torches. That torch, not electricity, as it seemed, when he came out of the woods and first saw the castle. Frank looked into the woods and was stunned. As far as could be seen, and it was possible to see the narrow strip of the sunset on the horizon, the water splashing everywhere. Where not long ago was a forest where he had hastily left his clothes, changing this unfortunate tuxedo, there was the sea. Shook his head, Frank finally convinced that the castle is on the island.

- What neighbors?

"What is it?" - thought lost Frank.

- What kind of neighbors you mentioned, Mr. Bailey?

- Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale and Mrs Owen, think, Mrs. Hilton.

- Let me ask you, Mr. Bailey, but where is Mrs. Hilton?

- Not being as well as the number of "Thirteen." You better take a look there, Mr. Bosworth. What is it for you? Personally, I believe that is the sea.

- Of course the sea, - said Mr. Bosworth.

- And you do not bother?

- Excuse me?

- I say you do not bother?

- What is this? - Did not understand Mr. Bosworth.

- Well, let it be the sea. So we're on the island. But, if my memory serves me, here we come to you on foot. After all, right?

- Right.

- Then tell me, please, this is a contradiction. Just as possible so that I at least understand something.

Here, apparently, to Mr. Bosworth realized that Frank was confused, and with conviction, he uttered:

- So sometimes.

From this brief explanation, Frank, oddly enough, I realized everything. "This nightmare will never end," - he thought, his head in his hands, fell to the floor.

- Are you all right, Mr. Bailey? - Worried Mr. Bosworth.

Not immediately, but Frank said:

- Nothing is better.

- Then, I suppose we should hurry not to miss the fun.

- You're right - getting up and dusting himself off again, Frank agreed.

Mr. Bosworth took Frank along the wall, telling how one of his youth, he traveled to the United States, but a violent storm, which hit their sailboat, completely repulsed hunt to take something similar in the future.

- I have developed motion sickness, - concluded Mr. Bosworth. - So I was no longer able to visit in America.

- Why do not you fly to? - Took active part, Frank.

- Heh-heh! - Said Mr. Bosworth.

- I once flew to America - open up Frank. - I think it's much faster than the sea, and even on a sailboat.

Frank, of course, did not mention the balloon, but also what has been said for some reason was enough to Mr. Bosworth once looked at him strangely. At this point of the pocket depth before Frank came the sound of his phone, which, unlike money, Frank guessed to take with them when changing clothes. Called Jessica.

- What's your entertaining music box! - With genuine envy said Mr. Bosworth.

- That's my girl - for some reason, explained Frank whispered and pressed the answer button.

- Frank, I have to apologize to you, - said in a conciliatory tone, Jessica.

Heart pounding Frank. He is well remembered than their last conversation ended, but let's hope this call, which is not all that bad.

- Frank, I behaved like a naughty girl. Forgive me. Could not you just come to me. I understand that late, but I was so lonely.

A few moments Frank felt infinitely happy person, but remembering, in what was a trap, very upset.

- Jessica, unfortunately I'm away, and I need some time to get to you .

- Far? What does this mean Frank? Where exactly are you now?

- I'm not sure, dear, that is Jessica.

- You do not know where you are?

- Jessica, I am invited to the reception to the Duchess of Barlow, but at the first opportunity, I will go to you.

Jessica somehow silent, and Frank in proof of his words gave additional details.

- Here opens a new cycle track. Here. And Mr. Bosworth has kindly agreed to show me the door. Yes.

Jessica remained silent.

- Behind it, apparently, and is Birkenhead. In addition, there is a door in Paris ...

short beeps were heard, and Frank is clearly understood that the rush anywhere will not make sense. He stared blankly at Mr. Bosworth, who impatiently tried to entice him into the twilight gallery, where all the lights were far spaced apart torches attached high on the left and the right in the course of their movement. The smell of burning products was unusually specific, which, coupled with a memory failure has prompted a phone call Frank to make a statement.

- Mr. Bosworth, I need urgent home. Do me a favor, let me see my door.

- Unfortunately, Mr. Bailey, this is not possible, - said Mr. Bosworth is guilty.

- What !? - Exclaimed Frank. - After all, you promised me ...

- From this we can not get into that part of the castle, where this door.

So the door is still there. Even easier.Frank stopped abruptly.

- What's wrong with you, Mr. Bailey? Come away. We're almost there. Can you hear the music?

From somewhere far away in reality the sounds of music.

- The ball has already started, you and was late. Come well, Mr. Bailey.

Frank did not move.

- Look, - he insisted - propose to go back down the wall and beating the castle, climb to the right place.

- I'm afraid that this is not a good idea.

- Why?

- Because the ladder by which we climbed, gone.

- What is not? - I could not believe it, Frank.

- remove it.

- Who removed? There is no soul.

- It retracts automatically.

Frank throat was dry. The last argument of Mr. Bosworth was irresistible.

- We will contact our tuxedos like ropes and later - with the faint hope Frank said.

Mr. Bosworth ruefully looked at his shiny new tux and said quietly:

- Mr. Bailey is forced to remind you that under the walls of water splashing - the same sea that you recently had the opportunity to observe themselves. Even if we manage to come down, and that we will continue to do? We will drown!

"He's right," - Frank thought, resuming the movement toward the place where music was heard.

- But there must be some solution, Mr. Bosworth? - Frank asked quietly, aware that he was in a certain dependence on his fellow-traveler.

- This solution is, - said Mr. Bosworth.

- Speak! - Frank said, pausing again.

- I want you to or not, we have to go through the hall.

- Let. But we can go through the hall quickly?

- rules of decency will not allow us to do so. We will have to take part in the planned activities.

- And what events are planned?

- Ball and cycling on a new track.

Frank wilted. He not only knew how to waltz, but not presented himself rolling on the bike with the aim to come first. Freed from the cylinder inlet, Frank found himself in front of the hall. He still hesitated, but to reveal the moment the door was not allowed to retreat. Seen fascinated Frank. A large number of elegant couple dancing in the center of the great hall. Free dance were any small talk or contemplated action, while the gentlemen to a place and not used lorgnettes and ladies tirelessly used fans. Suddenly the music stopped, and a loud voice announced:

- Mr. Bailey and Mr. Bosworth!

The hall swept hum of admiration. Yes, Frank could not be mistaken, it is admirable. It was very strange, and Frank could not agitated.

- The Duchess Barlow would like to attest to its respect, - whispered to Mr. Bosworth.

Frank paled, but he decided to stay to the last. Mr. Bosworth led Frank to the lovely lady of middle age. She thwarted all attempts Frank overdo receptions etiquette and soft voice said:

- I am grateful to you, Mr. Bailey, you have found it possible to visit our Ball.

- It is a great honor for me - finally found Frank.

- We are all fans of your talent, Mr. Bailey. Could you give me your autograph.

There is still refusing to believe in the reality of the situation, Frank gladly accepted. Duchess filed quite shabby little volume, and she handed it to Frank.

- This is the first publication of your novel. Be so kind, Mr. Bailey, sign up here.

- I am very pleased to do it - in spite of their thoughts, Frank said, and signed on the cover.

The hall resounded applause.

- And now, - announced the duchess - ask everyone to cycling track.

Guests were drawn to the door, and for a moment Frank was forced back by the Duchess, but it did not prevent him to hear the voice of Mr. Bosworth:

- He leaned to his ear the music box and for some time talking to her as a lively. Then he said it was his girlfriend. And he said that he was flying to America. Yes, you heard right, he said.

- Leave, Mr. Bosworth. This is typical of talented people.

The last voice belonged to the Duchess, and Frank mentally thanked her. On Mr. Bosworth, he would harbor a grudge, but he did not do it, because he still has promised to bring Frank in Birkenhead. Track markedly different from the one that Frank used to seeing on the TV screen. In fact, it was the usual, but quite a large room with a completely flat floor. Along the perimeter of the hall were arranged stands, which immediately began to fill with guests, and in the center there were seven bikes. It stood for had three wheels each. The height of the bike was so great that Frank found it difficult to understand how they have to climb up, and because a whistle.

- Like? - Asked from nowhere who undertook Mr. Bosworth, referring to the bikes. - Latest model.

- Yes, - remarked Frank uncertain - but it is markedly different from that to which I am accustomed.

- The big differences?

- Very.As between the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

Mr. Bosworth said nothing, and then, as if by chance, he said:

- Mr. Bailey, you claimed the first race.

- I ?!

Frank was about to categorically reject any possibility of their participation in the race, but the words of Mr. Bosworth large cash prize for the winner was forced to postpone the decision. Meanwhile, six gentlemen have saddled their iron horses, and Frank noticed that they used to do ladders.

- We are waiting for you, Mr. Bailey, - was heard around.

"But in order to compensate for the loss of money," - thought Frank and solid step toward a free bicycle. Climbing a ladder, Frank took his place and, glancing down, I felt a little dizzy, which was held as soon as Frank forcefully grabbed the wheel. Put your feet on the pedals, on the axis of the huge front wheel, Frank was ready to start.

Before the start of the race with a farewell speech to the riders approached the Duchess Barlow, winner promised two hundred pounds in prize money. Hall gasped excitedly, from which Frank knew that two hundred pounds were considered in the castle a lot of money, even though he did not think so, but it was undignified retreat, and Frank decided to just not think about what he had to. And he had to lead a benevolent greeting visitors almost the entire race, and it is neither more nor less than ten full laps around the room, and fall on the last corner. Frank fell because I forgot that tricycles do not like steep turns. Nevertheless, the audience applause was awarded without winning a gentleman, and it was Frank.

Rubbing his bruised knee, Frank pretext of the need to seek a doctor insisted Mr. Bosworth, that he took to the cherished door. At this time, Mr. Bosworth did not resist.

Led by Mr. Bosworth, Frank found himself in space, more closely resembles the hall of the hotel. Long, filled with electric light, flowing from the elegant chandeliers hanging under the still high ceiling, he was carpeted with an unusually long pile, in which the feet were buried in the grass. On both sides of strict intervals followed doors with signs that Frank alive began to read. "Aberdeen, Seattle, Dublin, Palermo, Sevastopol, Salzburg, Kiev, Buenos Aires, marsh, Toulouse, Leipzig, Marseille, Novosibirsk ..." - Frank pronounces himself as one moves. Frank realized that the door should be cherished somewhere nearby, so at least promised Mr. Bosworth. Imagine his disappointment when, having reached the end of the corridor, he found a sign reading "Birkenhead". Frank looked at Mr. Bosworth. He was shrewd enough to read the content of the question for the expression of Frank.

- Maybe we missed - hesitantly said Mr. Bosworth.

Once again they walked all the doors, but has not found the road to Birkenhead.

- There is an option - vigorously noticed Mr. Bosworth, feeling their responsibility to Frank.

- What?

Frank quite tired and was ready for any option, bring it to the house.

- Hire a crew near to the town of Birkenhead.

- It's great you came up with, Mr. Bosworth - handed Frank. - And what is the nearest town?

- I think that Dublin.

Frank whistled.

- Or Aberdeen - adjusted his proposal, Mr. Bosworth.

Frank hesitated, rightly considering that for the crew will have to pay, it seemed very difficult in the absence of funds.

- I'm afraid that this is - finally decided to voice his thoughts, Frank.

Gentlemen silent. The situation was difficult and even intractable.

- Remember, Mr. Bailey, on the left side there is a door, completely devoid of signs?

- Yes, - Frank responded, feeling that picks up the idea.

- There is a suspicion that a sign saying "Birkenhead" was filmed for restoration.

"Of course for the restoration, as I just did not think" - Frank thought, and said:

- You're right, Mr. Bosworth, I go there.

Frank expressed his appreciation to Mr. Bosworth, for his part, and they bowed. Vigorously under discussion by opening the door and took two steps forward, Frank was in a small room with no windows, but with a turnstile and a table, behind which sat ... kangaroos. First of all, Frank noted with satisfaction that the outlined variety of actors - boars and wolves have become boring enough. Kangaroos meanwhile writing something in a notebook, and was so busy this action, he did not notice the newcomer. If you can write a kangaroo, Frank thought, it would be quite appropriate to ask him simple human question.

- Sorry, sir, - Frank began.

Kangaroo raised his head, while continuing to hold a pen.

- Yes?

- In your office, I found no signs ...

Kangaroo put pen, ink and moved the notebook.

- I thought that I was just in time for you - Frank finished the thought.

- You are right, Mr ...

- Bailey.

- You're right Mr. Bailey. Plate sent for restoration.

Frank once again marveled at Mr. Bosworth insight and asked:

- Can I go there?

Having said that, Frank pointed to the turnstile. Kangaroo closed the notebook and put it on the table.

- Excuse me, Mr. Bailey, and where are you going? - He said.

- I need to Birkenhead. I can get in Birkenhead?

Kangaroo rubbed his temples.

- There is a finite probability that you will fall in Birkenhead, - he said.

Frank was glad he did not hear a categorical denial, although not fully understood heard the statement.

- Thank you. So I can go?

- It depends on the preservation of props.

- Excuse me?

- I have to check the props that you have rented, as well as its state.

Frank wanted to say that he had not rented, but did not argue, do not fully understand what is happening.

- I ask you, Mr. Bailey, turn on its axis three hundred fifty-nine degrees - asked the kangaroo, removing from the table notebook.

Frank obeyed. In the course of its rotation kangaroo alternately looked at Frank and his notebook.

- Where is the cane? - I asked the kangaroo.

- Cane?

- Yes, the cane. Tuxedo. A complete set.I put a tick. Cylinder. At the site. That is on the head. I note. Cane. Canes can not see. Sit down, Mr. Bailey. So where's your cane?

Frank thanked for his kindness and kangaroo sat in the chair said. "Cursed stick" - he thought.

- I ... I lost it.

Kangaroo frowned.

- I'm afraid you can not go, Mr. Bailey.

- But how can this be? - A small voice asked Frank.

- I'm sorry, Mr. Bailey, but you have to either return the stick, or compensate for the loss.

- How to compensate?

- to pay its cost.

- And what is its value?

Kangaroo looked into the notebook.

- Two hundred pounds .

- But this is impossible! - Frank said, regretting that he fell off his bicycle at the finish.

Kangaroo opened a drawer to clean the notebook.

- Wait! - Frank ahead of him, grasping a brilliant idea suddenly yavivshuyusya him.

Kangaroo drawer back to its original state.

- I think I understand you correctly that you must pass all this - gently asked Frank, pointing to his robe.

- Exactly Mr. Bailey.

- And then I can go?

- Can.

- The underwear?

- Excuse me?

- If I wanted, then I stay in the same, sorry, shorts.

- Not at all - seriously noticed a kangaroo. - I will give your clothes.

With these words, kangaroos opened notebook and began to drive on it with his paw.

- Jeans. There.Shirt. One piece. Jacket.One jacket.

Frank leaned back in his chair. His face was flushed. "There is a clue!"

- I offer - blurted Frank.

- What?

- I was in pieces.

- Meaning? You're still not be able to go without paying for the cane.

- The point is! This is the case when the whole is not equal to the aggregate of its parts.

It is the turn of kangaroos does not understand, and he agreed ....

- Change cylinder jacket.

Kangaroo long cross-checked his notes. Finally, he shook his head.

- No, that's impossible. Unequal exchange. Here, a forest - I'm afraid I do not understand. Democracy, you know.

- democracy is possible only in a society of gods. Then ... then I tuxedo jacket. Will?

- Will - without hesitation, said the kangaroo. - More detail, please respect the divine society.

- It Rousseau, but in this I agree with him.

Having taken note of a speech, and getting up from a chair, a kangaroo jumped to the right, where there was a closet. The room was spacious enough, and the tail of a kangaroo, hitting a chair, turned it upside down.

- Whoops - kangaroo growled, pulling his jacket out of the closet.

"She!" Frank looked at his watch in satisfaction. It was a quarter to two. "Deep night, in the morning, God forbid, get home." Kangaroo jumped back and putting a chair, sat down on the seat. Frank reached for his jacket, but refused kangaroos.

- Tuxedo.

With regret, submitting, after some time, Frank was in his underwear and a hat. After receiving his jacket, Frank feverishly felt pockets. He found what he was looking for, and offered to compensate for the loss of the cane. Kangaroo, surprised by this turn, asked him to wait until he will act. Frank sat down and watched silently for a while, gradually clean sheet of paper filled with some phrases.

- I'm sorry, but as you have proved my clothes? I remember that left her in a different forest.

- your clothes teleport - without stopping, said the kangaroo.

- Of course.

Listening to creak pen Frank meditate on its course of action. "Hire a crew, that is a taxi, a good sleep, call Jessica ..."

- Oh, I forgot to say that for a teleportation you owed ??another two hundred pounds.

- What hundred?

- fifty for the subject. If you do not believe me, I can show tariffs. In the absence of a customs union we have bilateral agreements.

Frank did not know that he would say such a thing in return. He eventually found a logical flaw, and said:

- One hundred and fifty.

- Why?

- I have three things: a shirt, a jacket and jeans.

- Two hundred.

- Why?

- Jeans counted as two items.

- Due to the two-leg?

- It's possible.

To not have him for two sleeves jacket, Frank stopped clarify the truth, then the kangaroo was another act. On teleportation.

- Sign here, - said finally kangaroo finish the job.

Frank signed and counted the required amount. Kangaroo got up and again knocking a chair, jumped to the cabinet. Dressed entirely, Frank was pleased to note that the hole in the jeans disappeared. Unfortunately, he noted this fact loud and kangaroo remembered that the service and repair of clothing worth two hundred pounds.

- I'm sorry, these rules - said the kangaroo took for the preparation of the next act.

- Why do not you change the rules?

- It is necessary to fill budget. In the absence of a customs union, our management believes such actions are justified. Want some tea?

- Why do not you enter into a customs union?

- Our management equates the conclusion of the customs union to the loss of sovereignty.

- And you need it?

- Personally, I - no. And our leadership, I think, is very necessary.

Frank leaned across the table and whispered:

- What if you hold a referendum?

Kangaroo thought. Do not disturb him, Frank got up and went to the turnstile. When he awoke, kangaroos called Frank:

- Wait, I'm released.

With that kangaroos pressed a button on his desk. At this time the wing opened for free, giving Frank the opportunity to cross the border line.

- Thank you, and think about my proposal.

- Certainly, Mr. Bailey. Bon voyage.

Once in the Door, Frank I expected to find himself anywhere but not at the station. Meanwhile, the fact that it is located at the station confirmed heard the announcement of the arrival of the train from Sydney. "Australia?" - Stunned Frank. - "I am in Australia?" He was angry at Mr. Bosworth, the kangaroo and the same. The prospect of relaxing in his bed after a night of misfortune did not seem as obvious as, say, five minutes ago. Frank nervously and abruptly turned around and tried to open the door through which he had just left a kangaroo. But the door did not yield, despite the fact that Frank put a lot of effort by turning the handle. Stepped back, Frank read the attached plate, prohibiting passage of persons not of the technical staff. Frank threw himself into the waiting room, but no one was there, that has not prevented, however, made ??another announcement are invited to board the train to Montreal. Frank sat down, pretending to expect no other, namely, a train, and once again for the last time into deep thought. The main question is no longer lies in the fact where he is. It's the little things. Most of all he was interested in what is common in Sydney and Montreal in terms of the railway. "You just have to ask someone else." Pleased with a brilliant solution, Frank spotted a reference and, pretending to be outdone by his train, asked where he was.

- The Stratton, - said the girl, did not surprised of the question.

- Australia?

This time, the girls look a little longer lingered on Frank.

- Not at all.

- And then where?

- United Kingdom.

- You say Stratton? - Frank woke up.

- Yes, - has confirmed the girl.

Frank looked around. The station building was so great that Frank had some doubts, which he did not fail to share with the girl.

- This is a mobile station, - explained the girl, realizing the essence of doubt.

- Mobile?

- Yes, our company decided to bring the service to the client. From time to time we carry our stations in arbitrary areas, often at random.

- by chance - Frank nodded, thinking that something is understood. - What about these tracks ...?

- We just expand them from the roll, - said the girl and looked impressively added: - It is so easy.

Yielding to the expressive eyes, Frank agreed with the above arguments:

- Really, just, I have to guess was right. And for a long time you're in Stratton?

- No, it will send a train to Montreal and begin to gather.

Frank was about to end the conversation, but the mention of Montreal, prompting him to ask another question.

- I'm sorry, but between us and Montreal, not to mention the Sydney Ocean. Is it not a hindrance to your trains?

- Not at all, - assured the girl. - In front of the train is a machine that digs a tunnel.

Imagination drew rushing underground in front of the train set, and from this vision Frank is so dry throat, there was no strength to endure. Having found a bar, Frank asked pour mango juice. Mango was not, and he was offered a cherry. "The Cherry Orchard," "Uncle Vanya," "ripe cherries in the garden Uncle Vanya." Remembering all this logical row, Frank felt that collapses from exhaustion, but just leave the station failed. The output of man in railway uniform invited to use the services of his company again. The words "once again" Frank have left indifferent, and he assured that as soon as you need to send the train on the road of this company.

- You can not go wrong in your choice. We provide the best service at a reasonable price.

- We see things your company go up the hill? - For some reason, I asked Frank.

- This is not no doubt. Only last month the price of shares of our company has more than a hundred times.

- Really? - Frank was surprised. - I'm starting to think a little bit to buy your shares.

- I do not advise - dryly railroad.

Frank was taken aback:

- I had quite a long journey, and I feel that the weariness ceased to catch the fly. You just said that the value of the shares of your company is growing at an unprecedented pace?

- Quite true.

- And at the same time warn against buying them?

- That's right.The fact is that once you buy the shares of our company, the price will go down.

Frank wondered again.

- But where is the logic? You speak as a holder of these shares? Or do you want me to warn against irrational step?

- Both. Let me ask you ...

- Yes.

- Because you're not a professional trader?

Frank thought for the possible consequences, and answered in the negative.

- You see! Once you buy the shares, their value is immediately reduced.

- If you explain your idea, I gratefully listen - hinted Frank.

- Good. Did you know that people tend to lose out on the exchange?

Frank heard about such an outcome and nodded.

- Do you want to know the reason for this?

Frank took a step back, casting a glance Railroad to assess whether that's because, by chance, by the stranger, to learn the secret of trading.

- I want to.

- Everything is very simple.People tend to lose out on the exchange, because they tend to make wrong decisions.

Frank sighed with relief - the miracle did not happen, and in the present context, it was not so bad.

- Honestly, I knew about it - he confirmed.

- Now you understand why stocks go down?

- I'm sorry, no.

- your decision to buy a stock with a high degree of probability will be wrong. Counting on the growth of their value, you get the opposite result.

- Good. And if I had the shares, selling them and I will lead it to their growth?

- Of course. I will benefit from it, and what kind of interest to you? You somehow still lose. You will lose anyway.

"You lose in any case." Something sinister was in the phrase, and Frank winced. Leaving the station square, he found a complete lack of wanting to make a trip. "Apparently, not all are aware of this convenient service," - he concluded he went to a single taxi, got in sight. In the traditional question, Frank told the taxi driver that he is the whole day on the road from Sydney, they were very tired of the road, and that he must hurry to the hotel to rest. The taxi driver correctly understood all, and after a while, fell onto the bed, and not paying attention to near dawn, Frank went to sleep.