Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 16

Frank opened his eyes late in the afternoon. I look around the room, he remembered the events of yesterday and changed his mind up. A cozy room in which he was, was the perfect place, where they could consider its position. And to think it was about. Looking at the ceiling, Frank admitted to himself that his signature in his own impotence, and that all his past actions were again inconsistent. As a result of looking at the ceiling, walls and furniture of the room was a plan, according to which a firm step, Frank goes to Jessica's parents in a confidential conversation clarifies all the circumstances of the accident, which occurred in Stratton many years ago. What Frank and Jessica's parents according to the chronology still did not know, it is not discussed. Important was the strategy, and Frank was sure to choose the right. Fortified in the restaurant, he embarked on his plan. "The fact that I was in Stratton, it is a sign from above" - ??tried to convince himself, Frank, leaving the hotel. On leaving, he asked what for, whether a letter for him.

- I'm afraid not, Mr. Bailey, - as if the employee is guilty said and added: - But do not worry, it will surely come.

"Why is he so sure?" - Frank thought. - "I do not expect any letters." Calling the memory address of the parents Jessica Frank asked how to get there. Completely upset employee said that there is no such address.

- Are you sure? - Frank said, feeling that his plan is falling apart. - It's Stratton!

- But this is the case - there is no such address. But more to the north there is another Stratton. Perhaps you there? There is a functioning water mill.

- Water Mill?

- Yes, and she is very popular among tourists.

The plan seems to be radically changed. Jessica said that a lot of Stratton. Which one? This is the first, where he found himself. What prevents try your luck?

- I'm sorry, I do journalistic investigation of the strange case.

Employee alert.

- It was twenty years ago. In one house every day its inhabitants younger, exactly one month.

The fact that the house was one, and that it all its inhabitants were transferred to the past, Frank invented himself to make up for the absence of other details, but said, was enough to make a deep impression on the employee. He blanched and choked:

- I do not know of such a case.

Frank was upset and said that he was forced to leave the cozy Stratton. The clerk tried to explain how to get to Warrington Sentral to take a train. The word "train" made Frank think of the mobile station.

- What do you know about the mobile station? - Frank could not resist.

- On a mobile station?

- Yes, this is such a new service. Quickly build the station, take the train and ship, and then dismantle the station.

- And why is that all?

- To then build a new place.

- And ... the rails?

- They have their coiled.

Frank went out, leaving the employee puzzled. He has not yet decided where to go, as his spokesman hailed the recent:

- Mr. Bailey, your letter.

It is time to wonder Frank. "It must be a mistake" - he thought, but was listed on the cover of his name, and Frank unhesitatingly pulled the letter. Jessica wrote. She informed Mr. Bailey, that waits in his house, to make a serious conversation. Official treatment and anxious tone of the letter can not hope for anything good, but Frank still hurried to the bus stop.

- It's over there, - said a hotel employee. - Do you see a poster with a red sun?

There, where it was stated really loomed something red.

- The sun is not so red - murmured Frank, who was impressed by the letter.

- You are an astronomer, Mr. Bailey?

Frank praised the issue and decided not to be so categorical.

- The sun is rarely so red - yet he said.

- Of course. But that's exactly the case.

Having caught up with advertising, Frank saw a bright red tomato and sighed: "It is a pity that I did not become an astronomer."

Before his home, Frank saw several dozen people. "Lawton has returned!" - Frank rasped teeth and possibly a firm step towards the entrance. He had intended to open the door as standing closest to him Lady lucidly explained that the queue is not necessary to look for here. Frank looked around and realized that everyone near his house were really organized in a queue. Ask what is happening here, meant the loss of tempo, and Frank hastened to declare that the place is still held tomorrow and had to absent himself in connection with the very important state affairs. The foregoing has generally been met with understanding, but one young man timidly remarked that tomorrow night he did not see anyone here.

- I was here in the morning - Frank said and added confidentially: - And then participated in a meeting with the Prime Minister.

No further explanation is not needed, and Frank went into the house. Here, as promised, he met Jessica. Also it is present unknown to him, white-haired gentleman who his whole appearance showed that he was tired to wait Frank. Frank did not remember that he invited himself to anyone. He also remembered that he gave the keys to the house Jessica. In connection with all this, he rightly expected a plausible explanation, and Jessica satisfy his interest. She said that Mr. Frank Williams offers nine hundred ninety-nine thousand of his house.

- What do you say to that, Mr. Bailey? - Jessica asked.

- Know how to convince you, Mr. Williams - Frank said firmly, pulling the buyer to the exit.

- But what is your decision? - Mr. Williams asked impatiently, crossing the threshold.

- I'll let you know about it in the near future - promised Frank and closed the door.

- Is not this a good proposal, Mr. Bailey? - Jessica asked.

Several trembling voice, Frank realized she was offended. That Frank could not afford, but do not know what he should do, and it is unlikely the world found anyone able to give perfect advice what to do in this situation. By and large, Frank did not want to sell the house - it suited him. But Jessica showed brilliant professional skills and found a profitable customer. Hard to say, she was counting on increased fees or not, but a waiver of such lucrative offers undoubtedly inflicted irreparable damage to her self-esteem. In addition, due to certain circumstances, sooner or later have to sell the house. Yes, he will be forced to sell the house.

- There is a line, and maybe someone will offer a better price - interrupted Jessica thought.

- Yes, of course - he jumped at the idea, Frank, to gain time.

Out on the street, he said, if there's someone ready to offer more than nine hundred ninety-nine thousand. Such was not, and Frank sympathetically remarked that all began to melt. When in front of him there was only one young man, who had recently allowed himself to engage him in debate, Frank's heart skipped a beat. "He's willing to pay more, and I will have no reason to refuse him" - Frank thought and inwardly cringed.

- Excuse me, - began the young man, - I understand that I have the right to be interested in such matters, but could you at least partially lift the veil of secrecy.

Frank was puzzled.

- What secrets? - He asked, clearly aware that the young man alluding to the fact that selling a house apart from the high price is still something different from their own kind.

- For some reason I thought that something unexpected happened - the young man said, and added: - Even the worst.

Frank hesitated.

- Tell me, what he thinks about the Prime Minister?

- Prime Minister?

- Yes. I believe that its opinion will be decisive.

The conversation ceased to be tangible.

- What is the Prime Minister?

- You said that you had a meeting with the Prime Minister ...

- Yes of course! - I cope with Frank.

- And?

- What?

- What did he say?

- He said ...

- Yes?

- He said that the situation is difficult, but not hopeless.

- He said that?

- Word for word!

The young man sighed with relief.

- Thank you, and rest assured that I will not tell anyone about our conversation.

- I hope so. Otherwise ...

- Do not continue. I understand.

Watched the receding of a young man, Frank, too, sighed, and went into the house.

- There have been suggestions? - Jessica asked.

- Yes, we had to bargain.

- Successfully?

- I'm afraid that Mr. Williams remains in the yellow jersey.

Jessica sank into a chair, and a closer look at Frank, said:

- So, Mr. Bailey, the interim results.

Frank took a seat in the chair opposite and prepared to scourging. After a pause, Jessica asked:

- Mr. Bailey, you do not like how I do my job?

- We agreed that we call each other by name. This is not happening. That's me the most and are not satisfied.

Having said that, Frank was surprised at his courage.

- And what remains for me to do, Frank? I found your potential buyers that meet your requirements, try to keep them as long as you is not know where, and you, to put it mildly, ignoring my efforts. We have a contract, and the only thing that binds us together. Or am I not right?

Jessica was annoyed.

- Of course not right.

- What ?!

Jessica did not expect such a response. Her face took on a surprised expression.

- What do you mean?

- I mean, what binds us together is more, only you do not guess about it.

- More - Jessica asked - and I'll see to what you are able to negotiate the absurd.

Frank ignored the snide remark, and gathered courage, blurted out:

- I went to Stratton ask the blessing of your parents.

Frank noticed that Jessica was puzzled.

- The Stratton ask the blessings of my parents? Brad! You need the blessing of my parents? Are you all right, Frank?

Frank was far from all right, but he continued to stick to their own.

- Yes, I need your parents' blessing. What's strange about that? If you remember, we're getting married.

Jessica jumped up, but after a moment sank back into his chair.

- You misspoke, Frank?

- No, not a reservation. We're determined to. And that you did not have any doubts on this score, ready to repeat that I love you very much.

Jessica decided that there comes the continuation of the nightmare that began with the fact that the agency she made the remark that it is very scattered and poorly oriented in time. What if they decided to get married Frank really? Frank liked it, but is it enough for marriage?

Almost knowing the condition of the Jessica, Frank, came closer, stood in front of her, took her hand and repeated:

- I love you very much.

Jessica's eyes were clouded. She did not pull away his hand, and they remained in this position for some time. When unbidden tear on her cheek Jessica has long dried up, it is time to continue questioning.

- Did you get a blessing?

- Unfortunately not.

- They refused?

- I was unable to find them. But I'm sure they'll find.

- Where did you find them?

- In Stratton, but it seems, it is not. I was told that there is one close to Stratton, but I did not have time, because in a hurry to you. In fact you waiting for me?

- Yes, - said softly, Jessica.

They fell silent again. Frank, if we ignore irrelevant detail in this situation was absolutely sincere. He loved Jessica and could not imagine myself without her.

- I was told that there is a watermill.

- What?

- I was told that Stratton has a watermill.

- Mill? Yes, there is a water mill. Action. Tourists like it.

Jessica was pleased to hear of his native place.

- Associated with it a memory.

- What is memory?

Still holding his hand to his Jessica, Frank prepared to listen.

- It was a long time ago. But I distinctly remember being at home began to happen any trouble. I myself did not feel any discomfort. I only remember that my mother and father went to the black clouds.

- Yes, - concluded Frank - a strange story.

- Few details? Then I was a child!

Frank jumped.

- What is it, Frank?

- You were a child ?! Why did this before did not say?

"We can assume that the writers somewhat strange. In some, but not to the point. "

Jessica felt unbearably sad.

- What do you mean, Frank?

- Listen. I'll tell you all about it. A child from Stratton - a key concept in my problem.

- What is the problem?

- Uncomfortable admit it, but every day I am a child for a month, if you stay the night in this house. That's why I was going to sell this house. Frankly, I do not want to sell it, it suits me, but I have to. Here's an explanation of my inconsistency!

- Frank, what are you talking about, can not be taken seriously. It's your imagination.

- Remember when you stay here late? Remember, you have had problems in the agency? That's all it is, damn obsession.

- You want to say that this obsession is transmitted like a virus when dealing with you? - Jessica asked in disbelief.

- No, the problem in this house. If someone is late into the night here, he looks younger month. I've lately thought about how to get rid of.

Frank put his hands to his temples and began to walk back and forth to show how he was thinking.

- And? - Only Jessica could say.

- Many facts point to a child from Stratton. I do not know, it's a boy or a girl.

- Hold on, Frank. Let's order. What are these facts?

- Recently I was in Blackpool and it bumped into the trash. No, it was not a container, such as a box, that is a coin machine. I told him that I have a problem.

Jessica's eyes widened in surprise.

- You said this is the box?

- The device.

- Whatever. You said the machine? He that is able to hear?

- Not only hear, but also to talk too.

- Talk?

- In plain English.

- Knows how to talk in plain English?

- Skillfully. Unfortunately, he broke down without finishing his thought. From what he could tell, I realized that the solution to Stratton.

- Is that all? - Jessica asked skeptically.

- If. I did not attach any importance to this until he met Natasha.

- Natasha ?!

Jessica was ready to get up, but Frank convinced her that he was wrong, and it was just Mary.

- Mary ?!

- It is a fortune-teller, - hastened to reassure Frank. - It is also mentioned child from Stratton. Admit it, it's not a mere coincidence.

Jessica thought.

- Maybe, but hard to believe - she said quietly.

- Another case. I was on a tour in the forest and there met a wild boar. He is also inclined to think that the answer to the child knows from Stratton.

- Wild boar is also a coin? - Jessica asked sarcastically.

Frank was offended and silent. In vain he told all this to Jessica. It was better to leave everything as it is to sell the house and try to start over. Yes, it is a solution, but something does not give power to take it to Frank. Something kept him from doing so.

- I'm sorry, Frank. Although I am from Stratton, I can not help.

The clock struck.

- I have to go, Frank.

Jessica stood up, ready to leave the living room.

- I do not know what you recommend. You have a beautiful house. I really like. It is cozy. These striking clock, they remind me irrevocably bygone childhood.

Frank had almost mentioned that under certain circumstances a childhood habit of coming back, but decided not to spoil the mood of lyrical favorite, asked Jessica to talk about her childhood. Jessica was not inclined to remember the past in the sense that meant Frank and instead suggested a walk. This option is escape from reality is quite satisfied with Frank, and he agreed. Some time spent on sorting options, resulting in Jessica and Frank came to a consensus, and went to Birkenhead Park. By the time the swans in the lake was in the park and feed the left the places where they have not yet visited, with the naked eye became apparent that the sun is a stone's throw from the horizon.

- What is the red sun, - said Jessica.

- The sun is not so red - to something remarked Frank.

- You want to say that it is not the sun? - Jessica surprised.

To assert that moves across the sky red tomato Frank did not - too much is discordant with accepted notions. Instead, he decided to read the sonnets of Petrarch by heart. As Frank went from one to another sonnet, Jessica's admiration grew. Petrarch, of course, was good, but at the moment the object of admiration Jessica was Frank. He and he alone. Jessica constantly asked to continue and would do it again if I had not noticed that it was already dark, as evidenced by, among other things, was an incredible cluster of bright stars above their heads.

- What are the brightest stars! - Jessica exclaimed.

Frank was happy with the proximity of Jessica, from understanding that evolved between them, from the absence of William at hand that he easily changed the subject and went on to a lengthy discourse about the infinity of all things, showing Jessica where to find not only the Big and Small Dipper but also Bear. Jessica this fact somewhat puzzled, but Frank has been difficult to stop, and he solemnly announced that the bears are born not striped, no matter what anyone said about it.

- I wonder - Jessica mused.

- Yes - confirmed Frank and added: - I do not believe it at first.

- Frank, it's too late - returning to reality, Jessica noticed. - Do not you think that we should not continue to be in the park so late?

- You have anything to fear? - Frank was surprised. - Because I'm with you!

- Yes, but ...

Miss Wesley at one time has been generous to the information, and Frank was ready and willing to generously share it with Jessica, but understood her concerns, agreed that, no matter how beautiful the evening , complete it will be better in some cozy place. Involuntarily embracing, Jessica and Frank moved toward the exit of the park.

- You asked about my childhood? One is not very nice to me now remembered the case.

Frank said unpleasant incident should be left in the past, but Jessica continued.

- As a family we spent the whole day at the mill and went home when it was already quite dark.

Frank looked around. "Just as it is now," - he thought.

- When logged in to the house, found that our living entirely empty ...

- What ?! - Frank escaped.

- That's it. Absolutely empty. Not one thing.

- Yes ... case. I sympathize with your parents. I think they were very sorry.

- At first, yes. And then, you would not believe, they were glad.

- How's that?

- I do not know.It is necessary, however, to add that before this event in our house something went wrong. Parents were gloomy. Mom cried often. Even our cat lost weight so that he did not pay attention to the neighbors' cats that he was unusual.

- Yeah ... the case ...

- After stealing everything was settled quickly. Mom with her ??father again became cheerful.

- A cat?

- Cat?

- Yes, the cat.

- And the cat too.

- Became cheerful?

- Not a word.

- Yes ... things ... Found thief?

- No.Neighbors said they saw some unfamiliar car. Van. But the investigation so to anything and did not result.

Frank said that, frankly, does not know how to treat him to this incident. He just glad I did not come any serious consequences, and for this reason invites Jessica to his guests. Jessica agreed. For a while they were still looking for his car, then also slowly went to Frank. Frank was happy and forget about all your problems. He was just happy.

Frank was happy exactly to the moment, until the car drove up to his house. That happiness, apparently came to an end, it was clear the figure police. This figure is talking with William, who gesticulated passionately, showing the left, then right, then up.

- Is there something wrong?- Jessica asked excitedly Frank.

- Yeah, right. However, as usual. So do not worry.

They went out of the car. Seeing Frank, William invited him to fasten and take the blows from the peculiar to him, Frank resistance. Frank flinched, but thinking of him standing next to Jessica, gave his face manly look.

- Mr. Bailey? - I asked the policeman.

- Y-yes.

- Sergeant Scott. Mr. Nightingale told us that he had witnessed the theft of your home.

Frank swallowed. He understood everything. "They stole my computer, to find out on what I'm working on. Who are the "they" and what "they" need to know what he was now working, Frank did not know. He did not know how he should do at this point.

- It is necessary to examine the scene - told Sergeant Scott. - Come in.

While Jessica were mostly trying to reassure Frank William through inspection door found that it was hacked "the most shameless manner." Sergeant Scott has brought this fact in the minutes. Opening the door, Frank hesitated. Where to go? What to do?Computer! Check your computer! "Promptly ran upstairs, Frank cautiously opened the door of his office. The computer was in place. The muscles are still supported him smoothly figure had suddenly went limp and collapsed into a chair, Frank. "Carried ... not stolen. And why we break down the door? Stole something else! "

- Mr. Bailey - a voice was heard Sergeant Scott - you have found any missing?

"Yes, I stole something else. We must explore the whole house. " Frank went through all the bedrooms, bathroom, toilet. Everything was in place. "Down!" Visit the kitchen and did not give a positive result. "It's very strange." Before you leave the kitchen for some reason, Frank opened the refrigerator. It was empty. "That's it!" Frank was ready to call the sergeant, but he remembered that the refrigerator was empty even this morning. However, as of yesterday morning. And the day before yesterday, too. "Misleading version" - rightly concluded Frank and turned on the light in the living room.

What Frank saw left him in shock. To be entirely accurate, Frank saw nothing. None of that was before some time in the living room. Just nothing.Only the walls, floor and ceiling. The ceiling also was empty - a chandelier, which is so appropriate to the Frank about the beautiful, completely absent.

Frank went out of the house.

- There's a ... that - he concluded.

Jessica took Frank's hand, and Sergeant Scott, along with William, meanwhile, , came to the house to check the version of Frank.

- Frank - Jessica said softly - do not worry, everything will work out.

- Yes, dear. Of course.Adjusted. The main thing is that your computer is safe.

- And it intact? Did you check?

Frank paled.The idea that a thief could just delete from the computer all the information, all the materials that he had long collected almost deprived him of reason. With a loud yell, Frank threw himself into the study. Looking through a file-by-file, he was relieved noted the absence of threat to his plans. "Y-yes, I was right in saying that between good and bad must be a balance."

- Mr. Bailey, I heard your voice, - said Sergeant Scott, peering into the office - you could find even some missing?

- No.

- All right.

"What does he mean?" - Frank thought.

- I believe that we are dealing with burglary, - continued the thought Sergeant Scott.

William Head, squeezed in the doorway, nodded in agreement.

- We proceed as follows: . Now we have the first ten minutes, I'm going to the police station. Tomorrow we will begin an investigation. Hopefully, Mr. Bailey, an early disclosure of the crime.

Frank was silenced.

- Tomorrow, you say ... - he said listlessly.

- Yes, Mr. Bailey.

- Now, ten minutes of the first ...

- Yes, Mr. Bailey.

"By Why should I investigate it if I lost again, Jessica. What an idiot I am! Who prevented me to look at the clock before you go to the damn house. "

- Yes, I trust you completely. I'll take you.

- Thank you. Along the way, I'm going to ask a few questions to the witness.

William has expressed a willingness to help the investigation, he almost fell down the stairs.

- Tell me, Mr. Nightingale, not if you've seen any suspicious persons near the house of Mr. Bailey?

- I'm afraid not.

Sergeant I opened the door, and the fresh night air back to Frank's ability to think. "I once lost Jess." This thought process is ended.

- Although, wait a minute! Seen! - William exclaimed, crossing the threshold and somehow looking at Frank.

- Please, detail, Mr. Nightingale. How many were there?

Frank went out onto the porch.

- Well, Frank?

The one that asked the question, was Jessica.

- Jessica ?!

Something unusual was the cry of Frank and Sergeant Scott found it necessary to become a part of.

- Mr. Bailey, you right?

- That's ... that's my girl - Frank mumbled.

Sergeant Scott smiled indulgently.

- I'll be honest with you, Mr. Bailey, from the beginning I thought so - he said.

- Jessica, honey, and I had already decided I lost you. But what are you doing here?

- Like what, Frank? I am waiting for you.I have to be with you at such a difficult time for you.

- Yes, it is. But why do not you disappear? Do not answer, I am rubbish! How nice!

Without explaining what is going on, Frank just loved tenderly embraced.

- So how many were there, Mr. Nightingale?

William thought.

- One or more?

- probably one.

- You remember the signs?

- He was ... he was in a ski suit.

- The ski suit?

- Yes, in a ski suit - confirmed William, with clear purpose pre glance at Frank.

"William crazy" - decided to Frank, still not letting go of his embrace Jessica, - however, I am also not far from it left.

- What did he do, Mr. Nightingale?

- He endured things from the house of Mr. Bailey.

- He did this one?

- probably one.

"Never mind, I'd like to look at the person who single-handedly will move my sofa."

- Where then these things happened, Mr. Nightingale?

- He loaded them into the car.

- He came by car?

- Most likely yes.

- Do you remember the make of the car?

- I'm afraid not. Let me just say that it was a van.

- Do you remember the number of the car?

- First, I remember, and then forgotten. Sorry.Let me just say that it was an Australian number.

"William unwell, I have not heard anything like this from him."

- Australian? Are you sure, Mr. Nightingale?

- probably yes.

- Good. And where he went?

- I'm not sure, but I think that in Australia.

- Very good. You have given us invaluable help, Mr. Nightingale.

You should have seen William at this time! Frank saw William at this point and I realized that he is very proud that his observation helped the investigation.

- I'm sorry if me do not need anything, can I go? - Frank asked.

- Of course, Mr. Bailey. I will inform you about the investigation.

- I would be very grateful. Good night.Goodnight, William.

At first, Frank wanted to offer Jessica sleep with him, but thinking of the empty refrigerator, with great regret he changed his mind. He drove Jessica home, on the road to taking her word for it that they meet tomorrow, no matter what the circumstances. Jessica knew of no circumstances in question, but just in case agreed. When he returned, Frank walked around the living room again, hoping to find at least some clue to explain what happened. In vain.Blank walls were so smooth that cling was not for that. Hungry, sleepy. Of the two evils, Frank chose the latter.

The next morning, the first thing Frank phoned the police station. The news that Sergeant Scott never worked there, not too burdened consciousness Frank. "If the sergeant does not work, and in the living room is all right," - he concluded. Alas.Inspection living showed that the number of items in it, compared with yesterday evening has not increased. Frank scratched his head and hurriedly dressed and left the house.

- William - Frank turned to the first comer, - I was robbed.

- It can not be! - Exclaimed the astonished passers-by. - Are you sure, Frank?

- I'm sure. My living room is empty as the universe before the Big Bang.

- Excuse me, do not understand - William confused, looking at the door that Frank intended to close.

While Frank was thinking, what to say, William concluded:

- No sign of forced entry.

Frank does not believe his eyes - the state of the castle was perfect. "But yesterday was different! Yesterday, the castle represented a pitiful sight. "

- No, no, William. Please, go into my living room. You will find that it is empty.

Carefully inspect the premises, William agreed that living yet.

- Here!All of you have seen with my own eyes, I mean William go to the police.

- Uh, Frank, are you sure that the living room had to beat? After you have moved yesterday.

- Of course! I am sure one hundred percent!

At this point, Frank stopped. "Why am I so sure?"

- Why do you believe in this, Frank?

- Maybe you're right, William. Of course, I'm not sure.

- You see.

- Thank you, William. You are very sensitive and thoughtful person.

William was very flattered by the assessment given to him by a famous writer. He remained standing with a smiling face is much greater than the time it took the car to Frank to depart from Birkenhead. "Indeed, why am I sure? In general, I can be sure about anything? Yes I can. I am sure that I wanted to have. " The phone rang.

- Hey, Frank! I have news for you. There was a proposal to make a film on your novel. What?Are you glad?

Robert Rang obvious. "Again, I'm not sure. This must be Robert. But what interested him so stupid joke? "

- What do you say? Are you saying that is not happy?

- I'm glad Robert. Just ... I'll call you later.

- Whatever you say. Well, not yet.

- As long as ...

"I am not thinking, because it is hungry. While I do not sing, I do not need to think further. " Telephone again his voice. This time, called Jessica.

- I'm glad to hear you, Jessica.

- I love you too, darling.

"Something is wrong. What a dirty trick. " Blood has long othlynuvshaya from the stomach, from heard abundantly filled cheeks and ears of Frank.

- I want us to go with you in Stratton. Wow you finally meet my parents. You, too, think so?

- D-yes, dear. I have long think so. And now ... just I wanted to offer it to you.

- Fine.I'll call you later and we will discuss the details. Well, not yet.

- While ...

Frank got out. "Everything conspired. Definitely we have conspired. Yes, a bad day. It all began with William. You see, he thinks that I have not had time to buy furniture. And why not have time? Because they say only yesterday moved. Ha ha. " Frank frowned. "Or do not ha-ha? Or ... "