Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 2

I came the next day. As it was planned, Frank woke up from the midday hours of battle. "The regime of this creative personality", - stated Frank. In contrast to yesterday's bachelor dinner, and dinner that something could be called to work, today he decided to eat at the restaurant. Frank went on York Street in the Russian restaurant "Saint-Petersburg". The choice was not accidental - Frank frequented this restaurant, and so was the explanation. As a writer, Frank grew up on Russian classics, among which he singled out Dostoevsky, which, incidentally, was not particularly original. Now it is difficult to say in connection with what happened his belief that life is described in the novels of Dostoevsky, is the real Russian life. Frank often tolerated mentally described the modern stage, finding no contradiction in this, even though the mind realized that now is not the time of those. He was always interested in the question to what extent the translation loses the original, but what he loses, he did not cause any doubts. Who, then, can be the arbiter? Around it appeared that any reader who deals with the transfer and the overwhelming weight of not knowing the original, at the mercy of the translator, kindly relying on his professionalism and integrity. In any case, Frank honored Dostoevsky, and when in Liverpool city center has opened a Russian restaurant "Saint-Petersburg", he was one of the first visitors. He went there more out of curiosity, trying to understand whether there will ever anything from Petersburg of Dostoevsky or face outright sham. Undoubtedly, the Russian spirit of the era in this vital institution, and Russian borscht, which Frank first tried with great care, and later became a regular order, we finally convinced him that he had found a piece of Russia in his native England. One day he visited a restaurant at night, catching performance of Russian artists. The sounds of the balalaika and Russian speech drunk on its own, although the situation has been aggravated by it vodka, varieties which counted more than forty Frank. As a result he found himself on stage, danced squatting. This style of dance, as he later explained, a bit old and is associated with Russian folklore, but Frank found it very similar to hip-hop, and therefore quite modern. Needless to say, he got up in the morning with the greatest headache of which concluded that the Russian can be born only in Russia. Frank became a regular at this restaurant, learned a few Russian phrases in common usage, and from time to time, it is not clear why, insert them into your speech, attracting the attention of other visitors.

"If half the rain from the clouds, through which white light is not visible, then how can we call this day the sun?" - Lamented Frank approaching the Russian restaurant and mindful of yesterday's weather forecast.

- And at the same time they claim that the accuracy of forecasts is growing constantly - in the hearts remarked Frank, shaking the water from his clothes in front of because they do not grabbed an umbrella.

- Come on, please, Mr. Bailey - greeted the doorman. - We hope you have a good time with us.

- Thank you, I'm absolutely sure.

Enjoy a traditional range of dishes, he remembered that he had promised to call his agent Robert Melvilu. Pulling from his pocket a mobile phone and selecting from a list of the number of his partner, Frank pressed the call.

- Hello, Frank. Where have you gone? Here the news!

- Hi. Also glad to hear from you. What news?

- Brilliant news. The "Brun Bay" kept their word - Reprint your novel is already on sale. Congratulations. But that is not all! I have on the table are two offers ...

- Wait a minute! - Frank thought that someone from the two of them a little overheated. Reprint was published in the "Brun Bay" a month ago. Then he learned about the two new proposals. Specifically, it is necessary to give Robert finally wake up today. It looks like he's out of shape. - I'll call you tomorrow.

After completing the meal and paid, Frank went out. His plan for today was to visit the amateur theater - Frank was going to see the play "Fog in the Capitol," allegedly telling about the secret life of big politics. Going to the theater, Frank considered as a measure to expand their horizons, but did not rule out that what they saw could be useful in his future creative pursuits.

I must say that the attitude to the dramatic theater Frank was ambiguous. On the one hand, he thought it was a dying art. It seemed to him, rightly believed that the theater as a form of mapping of people's lives, has been established taking into account operating in a period of human development opportunities. And opportunities were primitive - a scene in one form or another, and seats for spectators in a particular order. Bringing eventually scenery, lighting and other effects did not substantially changed. Actors continue to speak unnaturally loud with a view to be heard in the back row, the scenery is more reminiscent of the art of symbolism rather than the actual situation, and so on. Frank could list in detail all the flaws of the theater, that would confirm his conclusion about the irrelevance of this art movement. In other words, the theater, according to Frank, expressive obviously lost film, television, and even computer animation.

On the other hand, Frank obviously felt some kind of trick. He could not understand why with such plausible arguments that view did not become dominant in society. On the contrary, for some reason, it is believed that the art of theater as an order of magnitude higher than the same movies. The theater is associated with the genius author, and it's hard to argue. But brilliant texts only be won if they were presented in a form appropriate to modern development of mankind.

With this in mind, Frank took his seat in the auditorium, some time even looking around. The room was very small, there were few places and places of employment was even less. Apparently, the company has not yet made a name for himself and the audience were either regulars, which in the long run no matter what, and by whom the watch - they took the process, which in this case can be called a ritual, or random, like Frank the audience, which is also by and large do not care to look at, as they visit the theater due to the necessity or as something to kill time or to satisfy a momentary curiosity.

Frank decided that he would accept any workmanship, and customize only what he naked one of the mysteries of the kitchen, the product of which is a large modern politics, but because for a long time wondered, watching the presentation of some of the medieval love story. Others spectators to the fact of non-compliance names play its contents were completely indifferent as soon rumble or murmur expressed their attitude to not completely perfect game actors. But Frank's neighbor to the right in such cases acted differently. He started loud sniff and barely audible tapping his cane on the floor. Neighbor was very old old man in large round glasses.

- Excuse me, - the old man turned to Frank in the course of the play - I am ashamed to admit it, but I did not understand what Leo said.

- Leo said something like "Emalyuzen de Frisk," - shared his observations Frank.

- Emalyuzen de Frick?

- Yes, Emalyuzen de Frick.

- But who is he, Emalyuzen de Frick?

- Someone like ...

- Pagan idols?

- Quite true! Pagan idols. He was worshiped ...

- Who?

Frank hesitated. The old man came to the rescue.

- The Huns?

- And the Huns, too - a sigh of relief, and Frank suggested interlocutor follow the action more closely.

After nearly an hour, without waiting for that for which he has come here today, Frank was about to leave the room, but could not do it without expressing administration all he thinks about it. Not finding eyes in the room of the one who would have to answer, Frank went to the side door, which he thought leads to the premises. Opening the door, Frank stepped in dimly lit corridor. Frank was a little excited, and therefore acted decisively. However, as he moved down the hallway, and to the meeting so no one caught, his determination is gradually eroding. He already began to think that it has closed the route and will continue indefinitely, but at that moment he heard the sound of running ahead. After some time, because of another man jumped out of turn and was rapidly approaching Frank. It is terrible to say, but in his hand he held a huge dagger. The situation was critical. Looking around, Frank noticed leaning against the wall of a small staircase. Frank grabbed her and when the attacker approached to strike a dagger to force down the stairs on his head. The enemy gasped, his legs gave way, and the next moment his body sprawled on the floor. He fell out of the hands of the dagger lying beside.

Thank God for the miraculous rescue, Frank tried to catch his breath. It was necessary to immediately inform the police about the attempted murder, and Frank, raising his dagger and darted along the corridor in the opposite direction. Without going ten steps, he noticed a small gap at the floor, through which the light enters and a muffled voice, most likely female. Above the slit, as it should in such cases, there was a door - strange that he had not noticed it before. The situation required determination, and Frank pushed the door open.

The bright light blinded him, and for a while the focus has been lost. Taking a few steps forward, Frank realized with horror that he was on stage. Female voice belonged to an unhappy love heroine, whose name was Roxanne. This voice, and so is not hard for the author, all stopped at that moment, when Roxanne saw Frank. Frank was silent too, but for another reason. The pause dragged on, but the roar in the hall stopped. Output stage actor in modern dress was regarded as a modernist approach of the director, while his suspicious silence and a dagger in his hand foreshadowed the bloody finale, bringing sluggish plot for a fresh approach. The audience held its breath, waiting for the denouement.

In another incident apprehended Roxana. She guessed that there was a failure in the play, and wait for help from anywhere. It was her debut and further it was given is not easy.

- Oh, Flavio, well, finally. Tell me, what news do you bring - I remain in the dark. I wait in vain Bolzano. Where is he? Narrate, you saw him?

Frank guessed that a remark made replica answer and waiting for expression Roxanne told him the same thing. He realized that in the hallway whacked this Bolzano and frustrating performance will be on his conscience. Frank opened his mouth, and he himself began to bear ungodly medical benefits.

- Yes, madam. But the news that I bring, there will be a consolation to you. Bolzano was a hero and beat the enemy fearlessly, but the forces are not equal. And in that battle, he fell. I saw myself as a lifeless, he fell to the ground, clutching this dagger.

Here for the full credibility of Frank he raised his hand, showing a dagger.

- Oh my God!

Again reigned pause. Roxanne thought feverishly, she should oppose such an eventuality. The audience took this silence for granted, knowing that such news is able to plunge into shock anyone, not to mention the fragile Roxane. Meanwhile, Frank tired to hold a dagger at arm's length. He was like no one wanted a decoupling of silly situations.

At this very moment on the stage, swaying and dragging a ladder that protects Frank went Bolzano. Frank's heart skipped a beat, which prompted him to speak out.

- Oh, a miracle! He is risen!

Roxana did not stay in debt.

- I believe that svizhus again. Bolzano, dear, nothing in the world of separation we will not ...

- Who is this motherfucker? - Not quite in the topic spoken Bolzano, pointing to the stairs Frank.

Taking into account a number of circumstances, it was obvious that the Bolzano did not realize where he is. Unfortunately Frank Bolzano was substantially larger than him, and the staircase in the hands of Bolzano reduces the chance of Frank in the upcoming fight. And the fact that the fight will, no doubt, even the audience. Roxana tried to save the situation.

- Bolzano, I hear. You're jealous! Such worthless we do, it's Flavio, our old friend.

- What is it to hell each! This motherfucker hit me on the head with a ladder. He wanted to kill me to get hold of you. Now it's my turn!

Frank realized that this show may be the last in his life. Bolzano, this is no less the bastard, is not in control. He imagines that has some right to Roxana. Better to let him stay dead hero. Hero, but dead.

- Oh, right! It's time to confess. Bolzano rights, which I love, and a sense of how deep the English Channel. And I'm ready to fight for love and not judge me harshly, because I'm ready to give life for Roxana.

Roxana froze, wide-eyed, not knowing which of her fans hit his head harder. Bolzano by this time had stopped to think, and remained standing only because of the stairs, on which it relies. Frank is totally reincarnated, he continued to spew a monologue, not yet dried up.

- I've waited a long time, tomivshis ...

Deciding it was time to move from words to deeds, and felt at that time weak point Bolzano, Frank strode up to him and kicked kicked the ladder out of the hands of an opponent. Deprived of support, Bolzano collapsed like a sack of dust. After confirming the absence of any attempt by the rise of Bolzano, Frank swung stuck a dagger in a wooden stage floor, symbolizing the victory.

- I'm yours, Roxanne ...

It was a good place for an ending, and Roxana brilliantly took advantage of this opportunity.

- Oh, Flavio!

But Roxanne was not limited to words. She approached Frank and gently hugged him. Whoever moved the curtain also correctly understood that a more favorable moment to close it can not be presented. For some reason, Roxanne and Frank continued to be embraced, even when the curtain closed. Behind him were heard applause, but the couple did not seem to notice around. Around there were several actors involved in the play, in anticipation of a bow. Bolzano lying in the background.

The curtain opened again, and applause increased when the eyes of spectators appeared piquant scene. Excessive noise has led, finally, the characters to life, and they have cut with visible displeasure his arms. Already familiar to the old man drew Frank as he resisted any, behind the scenes, and there was the lavish their compliments. Frank does not find near Roxanne waved with regret on this adventure arm and began to listen to what he says the old man, who was the director. The essence of what was said was that Frank obvious acting talent and a great ability to improvise. For this reason, the old man offered to join their troupe. Before communicate its decision, Frank expressed his long-held grudge:

- Today's performance is not the "Fog in the Capitol." Or am I wrong?

- I am afraid that you are right, young man. Premiere of "The Mist in the Capitol" announced exactly one month later.

- In a month?

- In a month.

- Exactly one month?

- Exactly one month. What's the matter?

- Do not worry, I'm so.

- What about my offer?

- Thank you, I promise to think about.

- I look forward to your participation in our troupe. You and Linda so well everything turned out.

- Excuse me, what did you say? I mean ... who ... well ...

- Linda. That she played Roxane. However, I do not dare to detain you.

"Linda. Let Linda. It's not my fault that it is so named. Although Roxanne is better "- Frank thought, leaving the theater. - "An empty, forget this is a misunderstanding." But forget not immediately possible, as several people standing at the entrance began to ask him for an autograph. Frank was not long to be entreated, deciding that the value of the autograph will increase many times, when his fans happen to read his novel. Sitting in the car, Frank noticed the poster heralds the premiere of "Mist in the Capitol," the tenth of July. "Exactly a month! Lied not twitching. I do not go to him in the company of then "- firmly and seriously as if Frank concluded.

Before returning home, he bought a couple of newspapers, suggesting night to do what he did the last time regularly - look for reviews of his novel. This behavior he considered unworthy and otherwise tried unsuccessfully to get rid of this habit. He understood that we must look forward and not to dwell there. It has long been thought to myself that the memory is bad, that the memories of the past not only warm the soul, but also act directly opposite. Reflections about missed opportunities, about befallen failures, loss of friends and loved ones only reduce vitality. You must live for today, thinking about future plans. Above that you power this be corrected. Change the past is impossible. So, Frank thought, and to what extent we can agree with him.

Approaching the house, Frank saw from afar a figure of William Nightingale. "It will probably be a continuation of compliments" - Frank thought. - "This neighborhood, or rather, this obsession, I will definitely be a burden in the future."

- Good day, - welcomed William coming out of the car and Frank before he could answer, said pre-prepared monologue clearly. - My wife and I accidentally learned that you, our new neighbor, a writer and has just published his novel, which has received good press. We, however, have not yet read. I mean the book. But we are very pleased that you are our new neighbor. Sorry to repeat. Let's get acquainted.My name is ...

- William. William Nightingale.

- Really ... Really, I'm so. And unless we are with you ... However, it does not matter. I'm so pleased. A friend of my wife ...

- Margaret Hilton and Bessie Owen?

- Done right ... I'm not surprised at anything - you are so educated ... I was extremely uncomfortable ... I may detain you?

"And how!" - I almost flew off Frank's lips. It is still not decided what he should do with William, but decided to be cautious:

- Unfortunately, I'm really busy today. Let's get continued dating for tomorrow.

It was not a question, it was notified. Whatever one may think about this, William, he had to agree. Wishing strange neighbor Good evening, Frank went in.

Going into the living room, he looked around. There was no doubt - this is his home. Then why the house, a place that should bring peace, a sense of security, confidence, acts now it is almost the exact opposite. "I must have not fully recovered from the turmoil and troubles of the last days. Now I should not hurry with the new novel. I have to look around, get used to a new way to come to terms with the new realities. And how to deal with intrusive fans? It is necessary to work out for themselves certain tactics of behavior in situations that I did not know before. Every step I take is to be planned. I would assume that I was not prepared psychologically for entry into a new life today. I'll start tomorrow. By the way, what a day? So, today is Monday, then tomorrow will be Tuesday. That's fine. How?Today is Monday? Then everything is clear. "

Frank was not superstitious, but he became calmer when any sign of at least some degree could explain the strange situation in which he found himself. Frank spent the rest of the day dozing on the couch watching TV, nothing from the displayed and are not interested, then looked at the newspaper. Reviews were, but some painfully familiar. In other words, Frank had read the newspapers, which is indicated by the date of issue. "They sold my newspaper a month ago!" - Came to Frank. He has already planned tomorrow to take action on this issue, but, mindful of his principle not to worry about what happened, I turned on the TV and went to sleep.