Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 3

New Day Frank intended to devote self, that is their own plans of action for the near future. To stock up on energy for the event, he went to the "St. Petersburg".

- Good afternoon, Mr. Bailey - greeted the waiter.

- Yadrena louse! - I used his knowledge of Frank, sincerely believing that the place.

The waiter smiled knowingly. Restaurant valued his regular customers and are attentive to his individual peculiarities.

Everything was excellent as always - the soul and stomach felt bliss. To prolong the pleasure, Frank even repeated some dishes. But he had a lot of plans for tonight, and Frank with a certain reluctance zasobiralsya. He had wanted to say goodbye, but there was a hitch.

- Excuse me, Mr. Bailey, but your credit card is a problem. Do not worry, anything can happen. We are waiting for you again.

Frank terribly upset even though understanding the waiter.

- It can not be - he muttered. - I'll take care of right now.

He dialed the number of the bank and after identification has received confirmation of the existence of the problem.

- I'm sorry, Mr. Bailey, but it seems that you have not opened an account in our bank - said the sweet voice.

- Have they got it wrong! I am now going to the bank. I certainly will understand.

- No doubt, Mr. Bailey. Visit us again.

Way to the bank on Wakefield Road Frank frantically trying to figure out what could have happened, and how he should act. Nothing came up, and deciding that fell victim to some confusion, Frank turned to Miss Braddock, whom he always spoke, for an explanation. Miss Braddock extremely surprised that Frank himself as a client of the bank.

- Miss Braddock, do not you remember me? My name is Frank Bailey. Back in June, with your help, I opened an account in your bank account and transferred him his fee. Of course, I used part of the money, but I assure you, there is still enough. See my balance, and you will agree that I am right.

- Mr. Bailey, to my great regret, I can not agree with you because, to my great regret, you do not open an account in our bank. Therefore, neither of which the balance we can not go.

- Miss Braddock, I have something you even remember? - Frank pleaded.

- No. Sorry.

In practice, Ms. Braddock such an event has not happened. What she was thinking? One could assume that in front of her fraud. One could assume that in front of her crazy. In any case, as a person working in the field, where the accuracy and validity of above all else, she decided to focus on the logic of it.

- You say that you have opened the account in June. Right?

- Yes Yes! - Eagerly seized on Frank.

- But now still on the calendar in May.

- How May? - Frank felt a little dizzy.

- Today, May 9. You see, Mr. Bailey, June has not come yet, and therefore, you could not open an account. I think that now you agree with me - with apparent serenity summed up Miss Braddock.

Frank looked at Miss Braddock looked around the room. He felt that with him are treated unfairly, and this injustice irresistible force fell upon him with all its weight. He felt that he loses this injustice, and that aid should not wait.

- I do not believe - he whispered.

- Call someone from their friends, - patiently admonished Ms. Braddock.

"Really," - Frank thought with some hope. - "I'll call Robert."

- Hello, Frank. Where have you gone? Here the news!

- Hi. What news?

- An agreement was reached with the "Brun Bay" about Reprint.

- Robert, wait.

- You like and is not happy. OK I am waiting.

- Robert, do not misunderstand me, but I need to know what day it is.

- Uh ... Frank ... I think I perform all of its obligations on time ...

- No, you just tell me what day it is.

- Well, the ninth.

- Robert, do not use my condition, please. When I ask the number I want to know, and a month too.

The last phrase of Frank pricked Miss Braddock. It is more inclined to the version of mental disorder at this person.

- Today, May 9.

- The ninth of May? Are you sure?

- Absolutely. What happened?

- Robert ... I'll call you back later - Frank felt that the land on which until recently he firmly stood out from beneath his feet.

- Mr. Bailey, - re-entered the conversation Ms. Braddock. - If you decide to open a bank account, you should know, our bank is always at your service.

Having silence for Frank interest, Ms. Braddock continued:

- Do you know why our Bank is the best choice? Because most banks care about the money, and people care about our bank. We believe that the banking services primarily for you, not for us. It's your money. You - first and foremost. Respect for the individual - that's our philosophy. It does not matter, it's the daily banking services or a loan - you are in the spotlight.

Frank made some sound like a moan.

- Thank you, - he said with difficulty. - I have to think.

He meant that he was crushed that he had to understand what was happening. Otherwise I realized Miss Braddock. As a final argument, it announced a bonus of thirty pounds when Frank opens an account via the Internet.

- Thirty pounds?

- Yes.

Frank stood silently and rocking left. Miss Braddock was relieved, thinking that once again proved that the money the bank concerned in so far as, and mainly for it is the human personality.

Frank stood in the middle of the sidewalk, preventing passers-by and heard disgruntled rumblings in his address. They are all somewhere in a hurry. "They do not care about me. Yes, we are all human personality. " Frank dejectedly walked along the street. "Maybe the world is something special, and I kept to himself and did not see it?" Counting trifle, Frank bought a newspaper. Running her gaze, he found nothing that goes beyond. Only the events described seemed very familiar. Deja Vu.

Frank suddenly stopped in his tracks, and not because the paper was dated the ninth of May, and because he clearly remembered that yesterday's newspapers were for June 9. So it's not that Frank forgot the current date. Everything is much more serious. "Maybe I'm wrong about the ninth of June? Maybe it imagined? How to make? I did not throw yesterday's newspaper! Then all the evidence is at home. " Frank rushed to search his car. He had unsuccessfully pressed the key trying to open the door, until I realized that it was someone else's car. Good thing it did not have time to take over the hijacker. When Frank remembered that he came to the bank, his search took a more orderly.

"If confirmed, this nightmare, I was gone. I'm not a writer, and not even a journalist, I am just a beggar. " Such an attack was too sensitive for Frank, his mind dimmed, and the body sank silently to the ground. Frank was in a sitting position only because it relied on the back door this time his car. The ill-fated newspaper fell in front of him.

Frank brought from obscurity some metallic clink. Frank looked around. Passers still hurrying about their business, but to no avail, Frank decided that no one before him no concern. In vain, because in his eyes, a girl, separated from the stream and approaching Frank, something dropped in front of him, causing came the familiar metallic sound. Frank looked down and saw a newspaper lying in front of him a handful of coins of different denominations. Frank did not have time to evaluate this incident, as it approached an elderly woman.

- I apologize if bother. You do not look at this beggar. But once you have decided on this, I believe the circumstances overpowered you. After all, right?

- In some ways, - he forced Frank, trying to get to his feet.

- Let me help you - volunteered woman embracing Frank elbow.

- Thank you, I myself, - muttered Frank.

After rising in the first approximation otryahnuvshis, Frank took a few hesitant steps on the sidewalk.

- Wait a minute, and money? - A woman called out. - You earned them, and do not be ashamed of this.

Frank looked back. The money is still lying on the newspaper, but now Frank pointed out that the newspaper is in close proximity to his car that only complicates the situation into which he fell. From the realization that he earned the money, begging, he was thrown into a fever. He submitted that among the passers-by could have been people who knew him at work as amended, or, worse still, to know him after the publication of the novel. "What a shame!" - Frank was horrified. - "However, the good Samaritan did not let me go, if I do not take money. But he took the money, I can not get in the car! This will be the inevitable scandal. "

Without waiting for Frank to take this or that decision, the woman gathered up the money, wrapped them in newspaper and handed it to Frank. Frank hesitated, his cheeks glowed. Finally, time to put an end to this misunderstanding, Frank almost snatched a bundle of money and quickly slipped it into his pocket.

- Thank you, - he said, and turned to leave. About the car could forget for a while.

- Listen to me. I see that you need help. In this state, you need to participate. You name?

- Frank - Frank said, without being completely sure that it requires just such participation.

- Very good. Call me Mrs. Wilton. Do you know why people in need requires participation? I think no. I think you do not know. Do you know the statistics of suicides? And the reasons for suicide? You do not know ... Very good. In the sense that I will bring you up to speed.

When it was uttered the word "suicide", Frank shuddered. He never, under any circumstances, did not reach the reflection on this subject, but a reminder of this method of solving problems in this situation was deeply symbolic.

- So, the important thing is not to withdraw into themselves. It is necessary to speak out, to give vent to his feelings. At the same time, Frank, mind you, your companion should be tactful person able to understand you and to direct your thoughts in the right direction. Such a man can only be a professional analyst. We just head to him. This is Dr. Wilton.

Drawn by Mrs. Wilton, Frank walked into a door. Towards an elderly man, age comparable to Mrs. Wilton. He greeted and offered a seat included. Frank agreed to the proposal and dropped to the soft cozy sofa. Mrs. Wilton continued to stand.

- Dr. Wilton is Frank. He has a lot of trouble and he needs your help. Frank, I hope you can usefully spend time alone with Dr. Wilton.

With these words, Mrs. Wilton retired.

- Well, young man, get down. Tell us what you're worried about, and I'll try to find an adequate approach to solving your problem. Only confession ease your soul. Sorry, this is a joke.

Frank hesitated. He did not know what, in what order and to what level of detail necessary to tell. In general, he was not sure that he should go to the reception.

- The fact that I bought a newspaper yesterday ...

- So-so - the doctor pretended to seriously interested in what was said. - Continue, please. You bought a newspaper and, most likely, began to read it. I'm right?

- Yes, I read it. Not all, of course, but only what interested me.

- Of course! So you read something that you were interested in. By the way, that you are interested in?

- Well ...

- Go ahead, do not hesitate. Maybe you are interested in any juicy details from the life of a secular society?

- Not at all, I was looking for a review of my novel - embarrassed Frank.

- So, I'm talking to the writer? - Said Dr. Wilton and somehow became happily rubbing their hands.

Frank noticed the reaction of doctors and finally effaced.

- In this there is something abnormal? - A low voice he asked.

- On the contrary! Famous writers, great politicians, military leaders - it's quite typical.

- Excuse me, you want to say that I'm crazy?

Frank indignation knew no bounds, but Dr. Wilton managed to convince him that meant something quite different, not what Frank thought so recklessly. Convince was easy because Frank himself at a loss to determine the order of what he was thinking lately. In addition, the version of the madness and Frank have not seem so fantastic.

- Go on, Frank, - encouraged Dr. Wilton. - What did you learn from the ordinary paper?

- The date of issue of circulation.

- Sorry, I did not understand.

- The paper was dated the ninth of June.

- And?

Frank began to lose patience, because he could not grasp that there was unknown.

- Today, May 9th! - He said.

- Then ... Then I will assume that you got into the hands of an old newspaper.

- It's like?

- Very simple! Did you read the newspaper last year.

- Unfortunately, you are wrong. It was a fresh newspaper.

- Yes? Then we have the right to exist Version number two.

- What do you mean?

- Well ... you know the publisher. They allow a typo worthless. And you should not take it to heart.

The conversation took goofy character, but Frank decided to use the last opportunity. He thought of the newspaper, which bought today.

- And how do you explain this?

- What exactly?

Unfolding the paper, Frank dropped the coins, which wrapped up in it, Mrs. Wilton. Some of the coins clinked rolled off the table onto the floor.

- I'll help you - call a doctor.

Frank had no choice but to join in the search, although he did not see this is no necessity.

- That's all I could find, - said Dr. Wilton, rising and putting money on the table. - Recalculate.

- Thank you, but it makes no sense, because I do not know how many.

- That is how? Do not you find that more convenient to wear a little thing in your purse or pocket, at worst.

- A kind of money - recklessly moral Frank retorted.

- What is their originality?

- This is a charity that I gave passers-by.

If Frank wanted to end the conversation before, and before he had to say this phrase. The doctor seemed suddenly changed. He mumbled something against Mrs. Wilton, judging by the tone, something that is not very flattering. He concentrated on whether, whether, on the contrary, absent-mindedly began to study the ceiling, as if he tried to find the answer to torment Frank problems.

- Doctor - some time later recalled his existence, Frank, still do not understand the abrupt change that occurred with the psychoanalyst.

Dr. Wilton finally tore his gaze from the ceiling and move it to Frank.

- You see, Frank, - he said at last, - your case, apparently, is not easy. Analyzing all that you have told, I have come to the conclusion that you need rehabilitation. I consider it my duty to warn you that this course will be long and may require considerable expenditure ... on your part.

After these words, it was the turn of Frank device study room, but he, unlike Dr. Wilton decided to focus only on the opposite wall for him. It is surrounded by several paintings hung some paper obviously has the purpose to confirm the qualifications of Dr. Wilton.

- Do you understand me, Frank?

Frank looked at the doctor and asked abruptly:

- Dr. Wilton, tell me, please, and whom you have Mrs. Wilton?

It is very likely that the issue caught the doctor by surprise.

- Mrs Wilton ... she ... well, she's just a good woman.

Frank got up and returned to lay on the table the coins back to where they fell, and then put the parcel into his pocket.

- It was nice to meet you, - said Frank, turning his back to Dr. Wilton.

- Mutually, Frank. If you get a chance, I propose to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. With this you can not pull. Complications in the form of various syndromes are more than likely.

Frank found the strength to listen to the end of the doctor and then went outside. Having assessed the incident as unfortunate misunderstanding, he decided to go home as soon as possible to find yesterday's newspaper. The fact must be installed or definitively refuted. Only after that it will be possible to make any conclusions.

Already sitting in the car, Frank said Mrs. Wilton, who led the woman by the arm, lost sight of which testified that Dr. Wilton rehabilitation would be in this case, can be very useful. Frank touched the car from the scene.

Around the house has become a tradition, Frank "accidentally" collided with William Nightingale.

- Good evening, William - first to Frank, as suggested, that the neighbor could clarify the situation.

- Good evening, and, excuse me, with whom I have the honor to speak? Wait, I almost guessed - you are our new neighbor.

Frank was depressed short memory of William, but the retreat was impossible - too important question worried him.

- Quite true. I, as you know, doing literary work ...

- Oh! You write books?

- Yeah, you know, a certain feel for this weakness.

- Oh! I must be sure to tell the wife!

- Yeah, she already knows about me - almost shouts of admiration broke Frank, who did not want to waste time.

- Excuse me, what is your understanding? - William attended.

Frank realized the mistake and, as he could, tried to rectify the situation.

- I think that your spouse is interested in new books?

- That's right. I would even say ...

- If so, she could not read my novel and, thus, meet the author, that is with me ... That is to say, I learned my stance ...

- I understand - mused William, startled harmony and conviction Frank said.

- Well, in this regard, I have to ask you a question.

- ready to help any way I can, - William was delighted. He was pleased that the famous writer turns to him for help.

- Fine. I recently wrote so much - in such cases we say "left with his head in work", which believe it or not, lost track of time.

- I believe! - Eagerly exclaimed William.

- Then tell me ... please ... that today is the day ...

Frank inwardly cringed in anticipation of a response and looked at William almost pleadingly. "Poor man. Earned. It's not saving herself "- decided to myself, William.

- Today, May 9 - a feeling that has great service, he said.

Frank flinched, but found the strength to thank William and uncertain gait into the house. The newspaper did not have to search long - she was lying on the table. Frank did not really wrong - the newspaper was dated the ninth of June. Version Dr. Wilton also failed - in the newspaper he found the reports and notes on real events that occurred in early June.

"Nonsense. I have today that is not right in the head. I admit that I was overworked. I just need to sleep, good night's sleep. Yeah, just get some sleep. " Encouraging that way, Frank took a shower and went to bed.