Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 4

Pleasant chimes in the living room woke Frank at noon. Sweetly stretching, Frank suddenly remembered about the misadventures of the previous day, and the invisible spring threw him out of bed. First of all, he wanted to make sure that the nightmare is over, but how to do it, Frank had no idea. Throwing the bedroom gradually began to fade. A little more, and Frank sat on the edge of the bed. "My belief is that you need to think only about the present, and it can only be changed crashes" - bitterly admitted to himself, Frank. - "I have no influence over it now." With a certain degree of indifference to everything going on, he stood up and walked to the window. On the street drizzling rain. "Is not that what I wanted? Did I not want to retire? Yes, like. But for the sake of a great goal. Now for the big goal is better simply to forget, to not injure the soul. " Frank continued to stare out the window. "It's the nature mourns loser Frank Bailey." A lone passerby under the umbrella slowly walked along the street, somehow breaking the static. Suddenly it came to mind the idea of ??Frank recommended to open a window, which he did, in spite of the slanting rain drumming on the glass. Breath from the unexpected cold shower, Frank called a passerby.

Needless to say, it turned out to passers-by William Nightingale. Frank is not very surprised such a coincidence.

- Good morning, William.

- Good morning. You are our new neighbors? I'd really like to meet you, but will have to wait good weather.

- Yes, - he said evasively Frank, I swear thin memory of William. - But can I ask a question now?

- Of course, - expressed its readiness to William, shifting the umbrella from hand to hand.

- Which day is it? - Frank blurted without any entry.

Contrary to expectations, the issue was not a surprise.

- The ninth number ... Yes, the ninth of April. How quickly time flies!

Horrible face contorted grimace Frank. There was a feeling that someone gave him a very strong impact, and pain as a result of the blow caused him unbearable suffering. Even without bothering to look suave, Frank slammed the window and threw himself on the bed. He groaned and beat his fists on the pillow. It lasted long enough, and then completely exhausted Frank calmed down and forgotten.

Coming some time later in a sense, he found himself still lying in bed, eyes wide, a look that was directed at the ceiling. Looking idly wandered the ceiling as his perfect evenness are not allowed to cling to anything concrete.

"The ninth of April - it all fits together. The ninth of June 9 May, and now April 9. This is the system. What is its essence? The ninth of June May 9, April 9 ... I fell asleep the ninth of June, and woke up the ninth of May. I fell asleep the ninth of May, and woke up the ninth of April. Everything is clear - each day with time shifts a month ago! Brilliant! The shit I've never had vlyapyvatsya. "

Frank was very depressed, so depressed that their arguments contrary to its rules inadvertently used not quite literary word. Yes, the situation was extreme. In addition, a rare person in similar circumstances would have refrained from much more juicy tirade. As for Frank, he noticed his mistake, greatly embarrassed, and for a while the harmonious order of his thoughts disturbed. Hunger still brought him back to reality, but Frank remains lie still.

"Why fill the womb? Why bother at all if it's over ... No, this can not be. These tales of a time machine ... Ha ha! Miracles do not happen. And suddenly ... suddenly someone set out to play me. I'm someone crossed the road! And my revenge. "

Due to the lack of other options, this idea was attractive enough for her to grasp that Frank did, a sitting position. However, this idea was not so realistic that it has captured the mind for a long time. For this reason, Frank leaned back on the pillow.

"It is foolish. Robert, who told me about the ninth May, and William, pleased me today, have nothing to do. Moreover, neither the one nor the other has no control over the newspapers, and even more so the bank. Consequently, any plot impossible. And who, I crossed the road? It is foolish. "

Stomach once again reminded Frank that worthless testing his patience. Frank reluctantly got up and went to the kitchen to check on their stocks. Stocks in the long run was not. Cake so small packet of orange juice had to somehow dampen the desire to eat. "We should purchase products" - Frank thought, and immediately choked, but not because the cake was stale, but because Frank remembered that he now visible financial problems. So the big question when he will next time there.

Frank went up to the office and turned on the computer. For some reason he thought that the problems with the bank might end. Frank went to the site of the bank and introduced their identity. In response, he was asked to specify a password or open an account. And said that if you open the account through the Internet, you can get a bonus of thirty pounds. "It's over" - Frank whispered. Moving slowly through the house, Frank walked and checked out all the places where, for whatever reason, could be money. They were mostly wardrobes with clothes, pockets that Frank tried to carefully examine, bedside tables and other places, where else might lie unpacked after moving convolution. All I could find was dumped on the kitchen table. Here we lay and coins, which helped raise the floor Dr. Wilton. Squeezed juice, the last piece of cake, Frank stared at a pile of coins and crumpled banknotes, trying to assess the size of his fortune in absolute terms. "It's over" - once again whispered Frank. - "I can not hold out for more than a week."

Since the diagnosis was made, or rather revealed the prognosis of the disease, the patient could only take place in the bed, that Frank did. "It's over" - he repeated, and, as before, stared at the ceiling. - "But why me? What I'm worse than others? And what if not only am I? Not only me. Yes, not only me! "This refreshing forced to find under the pillow the phone. Frank decided to start with Robert Melvila.

- Hello, Robert! This is Frank, how are you? - How can you more at ease, Frank began.

- Hello, Frank. We rush to you in full sail.

- Simply breathtaking - he forced Frank sarcastically.

- Ha! I like your ability to draw. You know how to make it appear that upset when things go perfectly. Haha.

- Yes, Robert. I just have no means of May mood.

- Ha-ha. I do not know what you mean, but you're still good. You probably want me to tell about the details of my recent talks?

- Robert, you seest the root. Just me and are interested in the details. You know, yesterday I called you and asked about the date?

- On what date? Yes, you did not call yesterday. Relax, it is sometimes useful out of the way.

Frank gloomy, foreboding approached so close that dismiss them was impossible.

- Hey, Frank, where are you gone?

- Here I am, here. And what day, Robert?

- Ninth.

- A month?

- Oh, Frank, I always envied the creative people - they can not look at a calendar.

- Well, you are our business, if you please answer my question. Or you have something hinders.

- Okay, okay, do not be offended. Ninth day of April you satisfied?

Frank was ready to scream with all his might that there is not satisfied that it is unfair that this simply can not be. Instead, he asked Robert, but a voice that he could not recognize his own:

- And yesterday?

- What do yesterday?

- What day was yesterday?

- What is it may be possible? - Robert's voice was heard ill-concealed anxiety.

- Can - Frank said firmly.

- Frank - as gently as possible, Robert began.

- Do not feel sorry for me, I want the truth, no matter how terrible it was, - Frank's voice almost broke. - What day was yesterday?

- Eighth April - said Robert understands nothing.

- So I'm the only victim of this nightmare - Frank whispered, and tears freely, without anyone forcing left the confines of his eyes.

- Frank, I feel you are tired. I am also tired. We live in a crazy world. Look, if you hesitate to ask a doctor, I'll try to arrange it.

- Thank you, Robert. Next month I have been with him.

Robert was scared. First of all, he did not want to lose such an author, Frank had been linked certain plans. In addition, Frank was nice to him as a person and because Robert humanly feared for his state of mind.

- I'm sorry, who did you go?

- A psychiatrist.

- Or a psychoanalyst?

- What is the difference now ...

- Okay, and what did he say?

- He says that the case is heavy, it will take long-term rehabilitation, and that I owed a lot of money in his favor.

- Yes, things ... But what if you gently unwind? Go to Austria for skiing. You said you had it pretty well.

- Robert, do not you understand yet? I'm at zero. All I got from the publication of the novel with your help, turned into ashes.

- You got the edition with my help ?! Frank, you are aware that I am aware of your affairs? Listen to me, I see that you have a breakdown. It's bad but not fatal. I promise to help you. I think, check and call you back tomorrow. Try not to make any sudden movements. Going?

- Go ...

That's all. The last illusion is gone. Everyone lives as normal, and I ... I should not show weakness in front of Robert. He will be there to think, to consult, call back ... This is my problem, I have to solve it. "

Frank took a seat at his desk in his office, took a sheet of paper and began to draw up a calendar. From Gregorian his distinguished primarily by the fact that every month consisted of just one day, and the current of each month is invariant and equal to nine. By the similarity can be attributed the same twelve months, with the same names. But for the convenience of calculating the order of alternation months has been reversed. Alternating days of the week can be established only experimentally, for example, Frank discovered that today and tomorrow will be Sunday. Looking at Frank, it was difficult to understand, I am glad he is to this circumstance or distressed.

Frank again thoroughly rechecked their work. Everything looked very logical in its sequence. Or sequentially in its consistency. Only one author put the question of a new calendar in a deadlock. For a period of deep - the concepts of "forward" and "back" Frank decided avoided - should be a calendar? Let twelve days in fact mean the twelve months, that is the year. "Idiocy. Twelve lived my days will cost me a year of life. Year erase from my life. " Frank decided to limit thirty-six days or three years - that he had realized the same thing. "And then time will tell", - has philosophically remarked Frank.

It printed a few copies of the calendar - one for the office and one for the living room, a third bedroom and finally a fourth, who will be in your pocket, intended for operational use. Frank had the right to be proud of their work, as notice, open patterns in the world around us has always been the lot of ordinary people capable of in a special way to look at things which have become commonplace. Frank pleasure for some time, even forgotten about the root causes which impel them to make such a breakthrough in science. All pictured it in the abstract, without any regard to his own position. Frank was a freshman in science and did not realize that very often the laws of nature have consequences. Continuing to study the calendar, he could not have imagined at the threshold of new discovery it is. Frank just multiplied them lived thirty-four years, twelve, that is the number of months in the year. It turned out a little more than four hundred. Mindful of the fact that it is the day of the calendar month, and days despite the commonplace notions are now running in the opposite direction, he concluded that in four days to reach infancy.

Frank paled. "After about a year I'll be in diapers! And what will happen then? Finish! I'll disappear from the face of the earth. " Frank jumped up from the table in an extraordinary excitement. A few steps to the Cabinet and excitement gave way to apathy and detachment. Going to the window, Frank discovered that the day gave way to night, and, it seems, quite a long time. The sky cleared of clouds, and the moon competed with street lighting on an equal footing. Frank seemed particularly looked at the moon. "Eternity ... Yes, it's an eternity. It was stupid to me, when I was muddled and, apparently, will be three times after me stupid. "

Returning to the table, Frank took a clean sheet of paper and put it in front of him. Several times he had his hands on it, as if smoothing, though sheet was perfectly flat. Taking a pen and looked again at the moon, he wrote only one word - "Testament."

Continued followed for the reason that Frank found it difficult to list what and who he is going to bequeath. He also was not known form of the document, and he seriously feared that the will can be taken as a chapter of his new and, say, the descendants, unfinished novel.

Frustrated bequest was a place at the bottom of a drawer. There, Frank found a jar with sleeping pills. Pours the entire contents into the palm, Frank went in search of liquid, fearing that choke, trying to take the chemicals inside. Before you drink a sleeping pill, Frank disabled for some reason, all the phones. Climbing up into the bedroom, he drank for courage three glasses of vodka. Bites him, as we know, there was nothing, and, judging by the circumstances, there is no need, therefore, to sleeping pills, it never came.