Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 5

About the dangers of alcohol says a lot. However, the above-described case of the salvation of man, and passing and promising writer makes is not so clear to determine the properties of the product. Without loss of generality it can be said that the context is always important.

Not knowing about the importance of context, Frank woke up early enough. "Robert rights, do not make any sudden movements," - he thought, looking at pills scattered on the floor. Frank gently gathered them in a bottle, which he added to the other debris, and then went downstairs.

From television news Frank learned today on March 9. Took it for granted, he went to the mirror. His eyes appeared haggard, wrinkled thoroughly and also unshaven face. At the moment, he was not ready to answer that annoyed him more - headache or empty stomach, but the two issues needed to be addressed urgently. As for the problem, so it is ruined in the last days, then, oddly enough, it did not stand in the foreground. It looks like she was stuck somewhere deep, and Frank began to perceive it as a background. At least Frank obviously felt that his feelings were dim. Perhaps it was something to do relaxation after severe stress, but not eliminated, and the consequences of drunk yesterday. In any case, it should be recognized that the temporary psychological relief was welcome.

Quoting myself up, Frank left the house. He dressed like dress up in early March, and therefore did not experience the discomfort of even cooler weather. It was strange that has already become a familiar figure Nightingale absent in sight. Not at all upset by this fact, Frank sat in the car for the first time in the last half a day thinking.

"I do not need to make any sudden movements. I will try to adapt to the situation ... in order to sort things out ... as far as possible. I was right in saying that we must live in the present. So we proceed. What does a person need? That's right - bread and circuses. Let's start with the bread. "

Frank was already moving when in the rearview mirror, he saw William. "William, I'm sorry, but you're late", - said Frank and accelerate the movement of the car.

- First of all I have to repay the debt, - said Frank administrator "of St. Petersburg."

- Excuse me, Mr. Bailey, but you absolutely do not need. We are pleased to welcome you. What will you order? Borsch as usual?

- Yadrena louse! I do not want to feel the debtor. The day before yesterday I unfortunately was not able to pay, so I would like to do it now.

The administrator looked at Frank, trying to understand what makes that carry utter nonsense.

- Mr. Bailey, I repeat, you do not have to. Please, sit down at your table.

Frank understood. He understood that it was stupid to talk in March about the return of the debt if the debt will be made only in May. "It's funny," - Frank thought, absorbing food with incredible speed - "so you can nazanimat a lot of money without any chance to be compelled to return them. That is to say, carouse on all cylinders last. Some people in my position would have done. Some, but not me! Well, I'll give debt when things will get better. If adjusted. And if you do not improve, then the debt will be written off due to the fact that the debtor was not born yet. "

Before leaving, Frank tried to confidentially ask the administrator of the sore:

- You do not fall into a situation where you suddenly begin to feel that today was a month ago?

The administrator would like to say that yes, there are sometimes moments when you want to relax, but it is rare, and certainly not at work, but at the last moment he changed his mind and said neutral:

- I'm afraid I do not remember such a case.

Drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, Frank tried to understand what he had in mind when speaking of sight. Along with the hunger was gone and headache, so Frank felt much better and was able to make a decision about what to do next.

"If I get stuck, I'll go crazy. You just have to have fun. I have not been to Blackpool. That's where I go. "

All the way to Blackpool Frank to stay focused on the road and at the same time to think of something else was not. And just at the entrance to the city on his memories flooded his youth, when he and his friends first visited here. Then he went here for the weekend to have fun and carefree time. Actually right now he was here with the same purpose. But now and the weekend was defective - only on Sunday, and the load circumstances which stifled somewhere behind the scenes, clouded existence. Considering the impending adolescence and later childhood, one can even say that it is a return to basics was full of some kind of diabolical symbolism. In the past their stay in Blackpool, which was held in one of the summer months, Frank excitedly tried a huge number of rides, games, cakes and ice cream. Bright youthful impressions were fixed stopper, which hit their bus at the exit from Blackpool. Now it was different. The sedate Frank walked on Pleasure Beach, condescendingly looking at the flocks of the same teenagers how he once was, and how, perhaps, it has yet to become. A colorful booklet invited to visit the Frank Zone Adrenaline, bowling center, imagine yourself villagers to explore the Woodland Gadnz, compete on roller skates. This is only the beginning of a list of possible entertainment that Frank did not read to the end. Especially hulking could posozertsat colorful show on the central promenade or sit at the bar. Despite the abundance of temptations, Frank still wandered listlessly in one direction. For unknown reasons, his eyes becoming wetter. He realized that the traditional thinking, he never resolve the dilemma, whether to be sorry about the past youth, as do all normal people, or regret that the youth will come again. It is clear that only the perverted mind can seriously consider the benefits of such abnormal rejuvenation.

At this point, thought Frank was interrupted by cheers - with him some young people happy some gain in any game. Attention was drawn by Frank strong accent talking, and Frank walked over to see the essence of the game.

On a small table, a young man spoke with an accent, like the one that won, moved the three pots, previously put under one small ball. After some time, the pots stopped and asked to guess under which of them is the ball. If you guessed right, and at the same bet, you can expect to win. Around the table does not dry out crowd of participants and fans. Frank, however hard they tried, could not recall a game and stayed to watch. Once he explained that in such important games the probability of winning. In other words, if you do not look at all the pots, the probability of winning should reach only one-third, that is, on average, one win two loss. However, the opportunity to observe the movement of pots, according to Frank, was to significantly increase the chances of winning. Even Frank realized that winning helps some training, otherwise how to explain why won, usually young people, with a focus, and the rest are usually lost. Frank was not going to play, even if he had the chance, it's just for some reason, interested participants in the focus.

- We represent the left wing of the movement "on tour without borders", - he said the most active young man asked Frank.

It is not enough that Frank said. He did not know about such a move, and certainly not unaware of the presence of his left wing. Just out of curiosity, not because he thought the work in the editorial, Frank asked:

- And what is the activity of your movement?

- We are fighting the global globalization - Boyko said the young man.

- Is the name of your movement - I mean the word "borderless" - do not show some kind of global approach?

The young man was not able to explain the caveat noted by Frank, and because his voice sounded tinny.

- The game will be? If not, pass and do not interfere with the mobilization.

- Sorry.

Frank turned towards the sea. "I should not have come here. I once in this celebration of life. Of course, you can play paintball, but would not it be an escape from yourself? Will. I can many times to pretend that nothing is happening. Many, but not infinite, as I'm limited in time, and rather short-lived its segment. I need to find a solution, and walking here, I should not be entertained, and to seek a solution. No one will find it for me. And even better to go home. " Going down the steps to the water and almost committing ritual washing face, Frank felt some physical relief. He again and again drew in the palm of sea water and wetting his face. Cold water is completely removed fatigue, and Frank briskly walked to the spot where he had left his car.

Soon, his attention was drawn to standing alone slot machine similar to one of those, which was already in the early years, Frank was chasing aliens. Cursing nostalgia, Frank approached the machine, which on closer inspection turned out to be not at all to playing in any case, not causing excitement. In the explanatory inscription stating that the appointment of the machine is to issue recommendations for action in any given situation. It was also added that the machine is in test mode, and therefore removed any responsibility issued recommendations not fully satisfy the request.

Frank has long been noted that holidaymakers at this time of year in Blackpool is substantially less than in the summer, and where he found a mysterious machine was nobody. If this had happened in a crowded place, Frank will likely ashamed and passed, but now had the opportunity to test this miracle of technology. The device was completely devoid of any controls except for only one coin slot. Counting the required amount, Frank dropped a coin in the slot.

- Formulate your problem, - remarked the device in a low voice.

- In what way? - Frank escaped.

- Imagine that you are talking with someone you trust. Try to imagine himself the interlocutor.

The voice was male and the owner of it, seems to have lived in the world no less than six decades. Frank dreamed that he was in the confessional.

- Presented - Frank said.

- Well, - said the voice. - And now tell us that you are concerned.

Frank at some point hesitated.

- Do not worry, just tell us what fills your soul, regardless of whether it is joy or sadness.

Tactful remarks until app from the unit, set up in the confidential conversation, and Frank decided.

- I got into a very bad situation.

- What is its essence?

- I have a problem with time ...

- Go ahead, please. The more details you provide, the more accurate will be my recommendation.

- You see, every time I wake up in the morning, I find myself thrown ... Well ...

- You fall out of bed in the morning?

- That I literally ... I wanted to say, which has thrown a month ago.

- Exactly a month?

- Yes, exactly a month.

- What is happening to the people around you, to your loved ones?

- I live alone, and as for the others, as far as I can tell, they have no such problem.

- Just a minute, I can do with my database.

Frank stood impatiently. The term "database" sounded so solid that he unwittingly imbued with confidence in this device.

- The database showed one case - after a pause said the voice. - Something similar has already happened in Stratton.

Frank was extremely excited.

- What's over there?

- There is a record of that, thanks to the measures taken in time it all ended well.

- What measures have been taken? What should I do?

- There is a record that has taken the following steps ...

A soft cotton, resounded inside the machine, and a small puff of smoke, get out, and told that the test device has been completed. Frank almost cried out in annoyance. He's already looking forward to the end of the torture, but the insolvent unit killed all his hopes. Gathering courage, Frank decided to go home as soon as possible. And he would have done if it were not for the new label, found on the side of the unit, is offered in case of technical problems contact the address below. Realizing that this is not so far away, Frank almost ran off for technical assistance.

In the address, he found a small utility room, in the corner where the table sat an elderly man of about sixty. The man was fascinated by solving a crossword puzzle and therefore did not pay any attention to Frank.

- There's your box exploded - with some calling hastened to tell Frank.

The man raised his head and watchful eyes praised Frank.

- Joseph - he greeted.

- Very nice. Frank. There's your box has died.

Joseph crossword postponed and pushed to his thick book lying on the edge of the table.

- Please specify who or what is at stake - he said.

- I mean the device that promises to give out recommendations, but at the last minute breaks or pretends to break.

- Recommendations ... Recommendations - Joseph muttered, dragging a finger through the pages of a thick book. - Here it is! Let's see ... This new device. It was found two weeks ago. Broken, say ... Yes, it broke, so what? It is regularly broken.

- But, it is necessary to take some action!

- And we are taking them. Now comes David, and he will fix it.

- The next time?

- Yes, again. What? Do not offer to fix?

Frank's eyes narrowed in anger.

- I understood everything - he almost cried. - I heard your voice! That said, your voice mailbox! Or maybe not a box at all. That you said. Where you have a microphone? Show the microphone!

Joseph shook his head.

- Frank, listen to an old man. He has seen a lot and has the right to say that the mistake the one who looks at life simplified. I even dare to say that he did not understand life. Beware, Frank, unambiguous assessment. Life is diverse, and the one who neglects this fact, destined to receive from her surprise.

- Joseph, I respect your experience, but what is the entry? Are you talking to me?

- I have to tell you, dear Frank, David very clever.

- To hell with David. That you pretended to box?

Joseph looked at Frank reproachfully.

- You are a very hot young man, Frank. But let me finish the thought. Sit better.

Frank sat down on the empty chair and tuned in to explain the sluggish Joseph, though he already rather tired and wanted to get home to find himself.

- So, the inventor of this device is David. It is, as I said, a genius. David recorded several I said something to the media. Using this medium, David synthesized speech apparatus with the range of my voice.

Although prior to use of the words "carrier", "synthetic" and "spectrum" Joseph looked into the thick book, the explanation seemed plausible as a whole.

- When will this David? - Frank asked.

- Should be any minute now. Are you in a hurry? Why do not you try to try your luck tomorrow?

- I am a stranger.

- That's it! Then we'll wait. Here comes David, and you'll see that he's extremely intelligent. Imagine his unit recognizes human questions, analyzes them and searches the database of answers.

The term "database" was also drawn from thick books, but Frank is not paying any attention to such details. He wondered if he wait for "genius" of David, or go home.

- Frank, say, you could think of this before? I - no.

Frank confirmed that even before this he would not have thought of.

- You know, Frank, what David's brilliant plan? - Joseph changed the subject, including both light as dark outside much.

- Joseph, and the name of David accidentally Korovkin? - Suddenly I asked Frank.

It turned out that Joseph did not know exactly the name of David, but it is absolutely certain that no Korovkin.

- A well-known than Mr. Korovkin? - He asked.

- He is famous for his long awaited.

- Ha-ha. This is a hint? And who was waiting for him?

- Residents of a small town Stepanchikovo.

- Stepanchikovo? This county in which?

- This Russia.

- Frank, you hit me. And how would you learned?

- Dostoevsky wrote about it.

Frank stood up, signaling that it's time for the journey.

- It is a pity that you did not wait for David - you would be interested to talk to him.

Frank also expressed his regret and opened the door, but the question of Joseph stopped him.

- Frank, and that residents waited Mr. Korovkina?

Frank nodded.

- And Mr. Korovkin? - Departed not intrigued Joseph.

- You would not believe Joseph, but he was smashed.

Before departure from Blackpool Frank stopped in front of a girl who asked her to throw Kirby. "I do a good deed. Maybe I should be counted "- he thought Frank and nodded.She sat in the car in the first place began to brush up on the consequences of a sudden the wind force. Frank, who was under the distinct impression from communication with the "box" fellow traveler did not pay any attention, and it was even seems that he has forgotten about its existence. This state of affairs could not arrange a girl and an hour later she gave voice

- You will probably want to say to you I do not care.

Frank startled - he really went too deeply into itself.

- What?- He asked.

- You ignore me?

"That I still did not have enough" - Frank thought aloud and said:

- What do you mean?

- You are silent all the way!

- Do you find it a sign of bad taste?

Frank turned left and found time to see the girl . Of course, she was pretty, but Frank drew his attention to this, because they are still trying to guess what is still not time to tell him the "box".

- bad, or bad, and to ask my name, I think, you can do.

- Yes, you're right, it is able to do. Well, what's your name?

- Natasha.

Frank said nothing.

- Were you surprised my name? - Surprised girl.

- And why it had to surprise me? - In turn, I surprised Frank.

- You do not find that it is not too British?

- You want to say that you are not too Englishwoman?

- Stupid is as stupid! - Said the girl.

- What is it? - Frank did not understand.

- Who is so familiar. It's irrational approach!

Heard such language, Frank was not too lazy to look at the girl again.

- I'm sorry, I have a lot of trouble - in a conciliatory tone, he said. - I think you should not take offense at me.

- Trouble? Throw. Tomorrow all will be adjusted.

- The trouble is that for some people there is no tomorrow.

After a pause, she suddenly shouted:

- Stop! Stop here! I need to get out!

- You did not Kirby?

- I changed my mind! Yes, right here! Everything!

She jumped out of the car and ran in the opposite direction. A little more, and she disappeared into the darkness. "A strange kind of." Frank shrugged his shoulders and drove off.