Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 6

Contrary to expectations, the dream did not bring spiritual peace. Several times, Frank woke up from nightmares that tormented him. First he dreamed that night he rode on the rollers. By itself, this fact was pleasant if only for the reason that in real life, Frank rollerblading could not do. I do not even try to try. Therefore it was very encouraging to see himself maketh such tricks that were not under force not only to fans of movies, but were totally beyond human capabilities. All is good, but as a result of another pirouette Frank faced with nowhere grafted on his way garbage can. Groaning in pain and shaking himself from sprinkle it empty beer cans, Frank climbed on the tank and read the following inscription: "Recommendations for action in extreme situations are at the bottom." Some unknown force led Frank to start frantically throw garbage out of the tank. Frank felt that doing it under duress, but to the extent that, as the bottom is approaching, his condition more and more begins to resemble ecstasy. When it seemed the bottom, and the bottom is something clearly not found the origin of garbage, Frank was terrified - he could not reach something that, as the tank was deep enough. Trying to get to the bottom, Frank made a sharp move recklessly than upset the delicate balance of your body at the edge of the tank. The result was the fall inward. No sooner had Frank, do anything, lying on a bed of debris before his hearing was the sound of an approaching car, change of brakes squeak. A moment later, Frank felt that the tank easily pulled away from the ground and began to list. Frank instinctively his arms and legs, and that was their strength rested in the tank wall, so as not to fall out of it. Buck banked so that instead of the moon in the sky gaze Frank became available its reflection on the sea surface. The tank was empty - the rest of the debris and for which Frank climbed inside, have already fallen into the water. Frank tried in vain to remain in the tank and not fall - his forces were on the wane. He was not inclined to panic, but when the right under a water saw three crocodiles, wild cry Frank cried out for help.

Help came unexpectedly fast, and Frank woke up. Not believing his miraculous rescue, Frank went on furiously shouting, "Help!". When he finally made sure that the situation has changed radically, and he, lying in his bed, nothing threatens, cries somehow transformed themselves into sobs. Zatihnuv after a while finally, Frank began to solve the problem, try to fall asleep again if he or plunge into the bustle of the day. Already dawn, and the second option would be a reasonable alternative, but thought still flowed smoothly into sleep.

The following events took place in a dream during a walking tour of the surrounding countryside. Everything happens very fast - tourists, and among them Frank, enjoy nature, its fresh air and its landscapes. Soul Frank sang in unison with the feathered inhabitants of the grove, which has led the path. Sheer grace! But after a while it seemed to Frank that his soul will not feel the support of the choir. Solo interrupted as soon as it was discovered that the birds have disappeared along with all the tourists. Throwing a quick look around, Frank realized that he was in the woods alone, in addition, Grove has ceased to resemble the woods - you could even say that Frank was surrounded by a dense forest, trees which, because of their huge size significantly delayed the sunlight. Frank tried to see under your feet the path to go back on it, but much to his dismay found that no path is not close, and the entire lower tier of the forest overgrown thorns. To say that Frank was not alone, would be to sin against the truth. Frank did not just scared, he was very much afraid. It should be noted that Frank was highly urbanized human and wildlife loved only from a distance. Now he turned her face to face, and that is what led him in horror. At this point, the oppressive silence was broken by a strange sound emanating from above. Frank cautiously lifted his head and saw that the tree in the vicinity of where he stood, there was a large hollow. The sound apparently came out of his depth. Under the hollow showed up a board, nail, she was nailed to a tree, and words that was attended, gave her an artificial origin. The words were not the kind that would not be interested in Frank. Putting them together, you could get the following: "There are recommendations for action in extreme situations." Where here? The hollow? "- Wondered Frank. Force majeure caused him to begin to climb to the hollow. The process was completed in a matter of seconds, while Frank was ready to swear that never in his life he did not have to climb trees. From hollow it smelled of damp, and it represented the very black abyss in which it was impossible to distinguish anything. Keeping one hand on the speck, Frank gently slipped his other hand deep into the hollows in the hope that a grope. To this effect he heard a rustle in the hollow, and two burning green eyes stared at Frank. It happened so suddenly that Frank recoiled with fright, forgetting that there is a tree. The consequence was the fall to the ground with the inevitable injuries, because of which he did not even once tried to get to his feet. At this time a rustling in the hollow intensified, and from him to show his shaggy head. His head was so huge that it seemed unnatural that she could fit in the back hollows. Considerations about the unnaturalness compounded by the idea that the brain could not function on its own, as it requires a complete set consisting of the rest of what is usually the head and grow. In other words, Frank's eyes appeared a small part of a huge and apparently a terrible monster. Frank forgetting about the bruises, jumped up and ran away, but caught on the thorns surrounding bushes. He still fluttering like a fish in the net when he heard a weak cough, and his shoulder felt something heavy. Looking back, Frank had nearly fainted at once - before it was as tall as himself shaggy wolf. The right front paw of the wolf was lying on the shoulder of Frank, and it could not pass without a trace for the psyche of the latter.

- Sgin - barely breathing, whispered Frank.

Wolf silently back to the tree and sat beneath it. Frank became apparent that the wolf realized that Frank nowhere to run, and that it can be eaten at any time. Frank has just started to imagine how it will be crunching the bones in the jaws of the monster, when he heard human speech.

- Why are granted?

There was no doubt that the wolf said. Frank did not know what to do. He has not had to talk to the wolves, going for the reason that he was poorly represented, what problems he might have to discuss with them. Meanwhile, as time went on.

- Well, what are you silent? Scared?

- To be honest, yes - almost whispered Frank.

- Still out with it.

- And you are a real wolf?

Frank felt regret asking them, as Wolf frowned. The fact that Wolf frowned, of course, Frank just assumed because the interpretation of the phrase "frowning Wolf" at the time he did not know. We can only say that Frank noted some changes in the appearance of a wolf, the most significant of which was the increase in the exposed portion of the canines.

- Sorry, - I hastened to add Frank.

It is to defuse the situation, and the wolf again insisted on explanations concerning the residence of Frank in the forest.

- If I tell you, I can get out of here?

Frank was surprised why he continues to tempt fate. Something about what he was not aware, pushing him to clearly undiplomatic statements. Wolf frowned.

- We will be traded? - He asked.

Frank did not bargain.

- I was on tour and lost.

Wolf lay on its side, resting his head on his paw, hoping for a long narrative. Frank, in turn, stopped believing that the interlocutor is already introduced in the course of the case.

- Is that all? - I surprised the wolf.

- Yes.

- Why do you go on a tour?

- A breath of fresh air.

- I feel that you are not completely sincere, - said the wolf.

His voice was dry, and he frowned again.

- I have a spiritual crisis - finally confessed to Frank.

- How is it called?

- I am deprived of the future.

- Ha, all mere creatures are deprived of the future. Did you know that every phenomenon is an end apart from its beginning. I'm not too philosophically? So, any wolf lives eventually come to an end. You, as I can watch without too much like real wolf, but it does not change the facts. You realize that death, and it has cast you in a crisis, which you call spiritual? If so, then I have to tell you that you have shown cowardice.

Frank listened, his mouth wide open. It is not surprising that the wolf was talking, he was struck by a train of thought of the wolf. Destiny of being told that the natural course of natural processes should be taken for what it is, and it should not cause negative emotions. With this it was possible to agree. But the situation into which he fell, was quite different.

- Something a little not so, - said Frank.

- What exactly?

- In my case, the end will coincide with the start soon.

- I want you to be expressed more clearly.

- The fact is that every day brings me a month ago. To make it clearer, I will say that after twelve days I will be a year younger, twenty-four days I'll be two years younger. Now it's easy to imagine what would happen if it will continue unabated. As this process, anyway, can not be called natural, I am in a deep depression.

Wolf sat back and scratched his head. Frank thought he saw a thick fur, like a wolf wrinkled his brow that could indicate a real hard mental work.

- What I heard from you, strikes my imagination - finally said the wolf. - I think that I do not know the recipe for you.

- What is it? - Frank quipped, nodding his head in the hollow under the inscription.

Frank Wolf to immediately put in place, re-baring its fangs.

- I feel you do not need form factor, and it's unfortunate.

- I apologize.

- Well, listen boar - wolf showed tolerance and thrusting his paw in his mouth, whistled.

Frank did not find out who was referring to the wolf, and began humbly to expect. After a minute or two there was a crackling bush and came out into the clearing something huge, overshadowing the remnants of sunlight. In the end, Frank realized that before him a natural boar, but its dimensions were too large. The tusks sticking out of boar's mouth were even more impressive than the wolf. Thus, Frank had good reason to believe that he was under no circumstances should not argue with wild boar.

Kaban went to the wolf, and they greeted each other.

- He's not too much like a boar or a wolf - wild boar remarked, nodding toward Frank.

- Forgive him his shortcomings - he was in trouble.

- What kind of trouble? - I asked the boar, sitting under a tree next to a wolf.

Kaban leaned back against the trunk of a tree, so that it is strained and creaked.

- He says that every day for a month younger.

- Has he learned the secret of eternal youth? - Brightened boar.

- I think he's learned nothing and turn into a baby with all the consequences he does not want, and therefore suffers greatly. I hope sincerely.

"He hopes! Sam would have got in my position. However, let's see what happens next. "

- Younger month. You get younger for a month every day? - Wild boar turned to Frank for confirmation.

- That's right.

Boar hoof scratched his head and thought for a long time. No one dared to interrupt the thinking of the wild boar - wolf was hoping the boar will be able to find a solution, and Frank just fear them both. Finally boar slapped his hoof on her forehead, perhaps, it could mean that he found a clue.

- What is a hypothesis? - I asked the wolf.

- Adnure! - He said the boar and triumphantly looked first at Frank, and then the wolf.

Neither Wolf nor even Frank does not understand the enthusiasm of a wild boar. All three remained silent. Finally, Frank tried to take the initiative in their hands, and broke the silence.

- Excuse me, but is it good or bad? - He asked.

- What exactly? - I asked boar, marveling stupidity Frank.

- What you said.

- Adnure?

- It is.

- Recondite at first sight phenomenon, to which I refer is what you told Wolf and Wolf told me, and there adnure. Is that clear?

- Clearly, - said Frank ruefully. - And what of the practical conclusions that follow?

- You're too impatient - showed dissatisfaction with the boar. - I would be in your place, I asked whether there were someone before this adnure.

- Whether there anyone before this adnure? - Using the Council, I asked Frank.

At this moment, somewhere near the phone rang. Boar with visible displeasure due to the interruption, reached out and pulled out of the hollow tube. However, it turned out that this is not called, and any other phone. Wolf and wild boar shrugged. Having waited until the calls die down, wild boar went to answer the question posed to him.

- This adnure occurred in Stratton many years ago. This told me Cat, who lived in the same family. All family members, including Kota, were rapidly getting younger. Fortunately then able to quickly determine the cause. Even the cat did not have time to suffer.

Frank tried not to breathe, so as not to miss the final word, but in the end could not resist.

- How they got rid of this obsession?

Wild boar and wolf reproachfully looked at Frank, but that did not stop the boar to continue.

- The recipe was very simple ...

At this point, the phone rang again, and the boar stopped. Frank felt the unbearable heat and started screaming.

- Continue! I ask you to continue!

But his voice was drowned in the phone calls, which were unnaturally loud and unnaturally long. Some became gradually blurred to hide boar and wolf, trees and shrubs. When it was gone, Frank realized that it was a dream.

He still continued to thrash on the bed, muttering incoherently: "Help. Continue. Save. " But, as it is farther removed from the dream, he could hear the phone ringing. Fumbling his hand under the pillow, he found and took the phone.

- Hello, - said Frank.

- Well, finally! - Breathed a woman's voice. - Call Natasha.

- For some, Natasha? - Not having the strength to be upset, Frank asked.

- Like what? Do you have more?

A woman's voice is clearly beginning to be rude, to which at the moment Frank was not predisposed.

- We do not have them at all - as far as possible he said politely.

- But I urgently need a Natasha!

- I'm afraid that nothing can help - and Frank said dryly, thinking, added: - By the way, you know that Natasha is not very English name?

- I would have asked me not to teach! - I sold a woman's voice.

- Madam, do not go to the falsetto - said his catchphrase Frank, intending to end the conversation.

- Hey! Wait. How to call Natasha? Where ever she lives?

- I think that in Kerby.

Frank exhausted continued to lie in bed. He felt the intense heat, and the conversation took his last strength. Looking out the window showed that the day ends. Downstairs, Frank found in the refrigerator one hamburger, which he bought yesterday on the road from Blackpool. Hamburger was immediately eaten.

For the amendment of health is nothing but aspirin was not. Frank looked at the pill for a long time before you throw it into the glass. "Once a month is lost, and I passively contemplate the process and take no action. Stratton. It was in Stratton. And why should I believe the boar? It's been just a dream! Believed boar! Say this to anyone - ridicule. Stop! But the speaker box in Blackpool also mentioned Stratton! It is not a coincidence. But what's the point in this match if I do not know this happy ending history ". Frank drank aspirin and went to bed.