Sonia Jelly

Victor Korovkin

Translated by Google

Chapter 9

Waking up on the morning of the battle of vintage watches, Frank came to the conclusion that this fact was not pleased with it as it was intended at the time. In other words, the chimes are not heralds the beginning of the day, which should be devoted to the next achievements in literature, and became only the reminder that Frank should look for other solutions of its problems, if any, may exist, given the originality of the situation.

Frank patiently waited until sleep finally leave him to remember what he stood for in his research yesterday. It was not exactly easy, considering that Frank after a misunderstanding with Jessica, they say, had gone for a while from reality. Half empty proof that he found on the floor in the living room. One can endlessly surprising, as it turned out that he had spent the night there and then, and in the bedroom. Frank picked up the bottle and something smelled the remnants of the contents. As from the effects of ammonia, he immediately woke up and remembered everything that happened last night.

The first impulse was the desire to call Jessica and try once again to explain, but after some thought, he dropped the idea. "What can I say to her new compared to yesterday? I lost that support, which recently allowed me to suppress tightness relationship with her. I just need to find the support again. I promised her that once again turn to Robert for help in the publication of the novel. I'll publish it again, and everything will work out. Then I'll call Jessica. "

The concept was obviously controversial, but Frank had no idea about this. After breakfast that can be found in a house devoid of pretty hostess, Frank dialed Robert.

- Literary Agency. Robert Melvil listening.

- Hello, Robert. It's me, Frank Bailey. I need your help.

- Excuse me, are you sure you need a literary agency?

Of course, Frank was sure, he just could not understand why he still can not adapt to reverse the course of time. Of course, it is an unnatural process, but it is known as a statement that the person gets used to everything. These thoughts come to mind Frank because he realized that if circumstances occurring Robert does not have to know who Frank Bailey.

- The fact is - reconstructed Frank - I wrote a novel ...

- Ah, I got it. you are an aspiring writer.

- New - forced Frank.

- Then I can assure you that you have typed the correct number, and though it's Saturday, I'm ready to take you. My number one rule - always and everywhere to help talented people. I invite you to visit my office right now to discuss all the details. Write down the address.

Frank dutifully wrote down the address, which he knew by heart, and promised to come for half an hour. Frank was already known rule number one, but now he noticed that he did not know anything about the rule number two. Robert never mentioned it. However, it did not matter. Now it was necessary to decide in what form will present Robert Frank novel. You can certainly capture the published copy, but something tells us that it is not necessary to do so. Electronic form, he also rejected and stopped on a normal printout. Frank did not like e-books for what he believed, lack of soul. The soul, in his opinion, was manifested in the rustling of pages and the smell of paper and ink. Read the book Frank preferred lying in bed or on the couch. Reading the same book on a computer screen, he compared with admiration the beautiful scenery through the keyhole.

- Good morning, Mr. Bailey - welcomed Robert Frank included.

Frank looked around. Nothing has changed in the office of Robert since the day when Frank first entered it, shy and not knowing what to expect from a visit to the literary agent. Now the timidity of the young writer was gone, but the rules are not allowed to put it on display.

- Good morning, Mr. Melvil, - said Frank, as if embarrassed. - I'm here ...

- Do not continue. I understand. You try pen and would like to know what your prospects. Guessed? In your face I see that guessing. Well, tell me, please, what is the genre of your work. This is very important and I will explain why later.

Frank did not remember such entry and genuinely hesitated.

- Well, in their own words, not necessarily academic.

- I would say that it is absurd tragicomedy - met Frank.

- Terrific! You are lucky enough. I just specialize in ... how you say ... yes ... tragicomedies absurd. You know what has to be guided by the author in choosing an agent?

Robert was original. It seems that he did not like to repeat, as Frank listened to the lecture for the first time.

- So, - continued Robert enthusiastically - First things first, the agent should specialize on the genre to which the author considers his work. If you were told that your novel is devoted to analysis of the influence of martial arts on the standard of female beauty, I would have retired. But that is not all. Yeah, sorry, I forgot to ask you some coffee? No? Well, okay, let's continue. The thing above all else. Where was I?

- You said that this is not all.

- Quite true. Authors are often mistaken when treated exclusively in "star" agency whose names flash in the press, not being convinced that their product is a masterpiece. Sorry, I did not particularly mean. But these agencies never hear, never interested in you, that is the author if there is absolutely no clear evidence of the potential for success. Do you wonder what I'm telling you?

- Very.

- Next. The author needs to use every opportunity to get a personal recommendation. Often this allows the agent to look at the work from a new angle. Do you have any recommendations?

- I'm afraid not.

- So-so. Nothing wrong. We continue. Do you think that if the agency demonstrates the impressive list of sponsors, which it helped in the promotion, it is good or bad?

- I think that is good.

- Do not tell me! Experience shows that such agencies are less active in the search for new authors. The same can be said about the agencies with solid experience. They are also interested in cooperation with known authors. The conclusion is clear.

- What is the conclusion? - Has stalled, Frank.

- Very, very simple! The young author should try to find, so to speak, "hungry," the agency constantly seeking for more and more new authors. Want to hear a consequence of this rule? The investigation is the fact that you've come to the right agency!

- Robert ... sorry ... Mr. Melvil ...

- Nothing wrong! I like this treatment. I propose to go on "you". Going?

- Progress - Frank sighed with relief. Robert, is it possible to proceed directly to the business?

- I understand, I understand. All author begins impatient. Oh, as I understand them. So, Frank, show their work.

Robert Frank passed the same interlaced instance that Robert had already held in his hands. Robert put on his glasses and carefully took his work from Frank.

- I have to make a preliminary presentation, before the conclusion of the contract, - said Robert. - You're not in a hurry?

Frank's question caught off guard. Only now he realized that the idea to reprint the novel illusory. Hoping that the novel will be released today from the publishers, stupid. And tomorrow the same Robert will not even guess at the existence of Frank.

- In a hurry - I forced Frank. - Give me the manuscript, Robert.

- But, Frank, I need to meet with your novel closely.

- Like some other time - he displayed firmness Frank. - Give me the manuscript.

- Something happened to Frank? - Robert wondered. He went through all the above in mind, Frank, trying to find anything that might offend him.

- I just changed my mind - Frank raised his voice. He was angry at the whole world, and Robert was at this time one of his representatives. - Give me the manuscript, or I can not answer for themselves.

This behavior of the author Robert was not yet familiar, and he was seriously scared. He quickly closed the folder and handed it to Frank. Frank somehow shaking hands, he took a folder and silently turned and walked out. "Crazy" - thought a literary agent. - "Preserve me, O God, from these customers."

Cool autumn wind chilled Frank, and he understood why he shook hands. Now he was ready to formulate the thought that came to his head in the agency. The idea was that his novel no one ever reads. Nobody ever! Will Frank to resist adversity was paralyzed. He walked slowly along the waterfront, tripping over unseen obstacles until you rested in the crook of the parapet. Looking for him, Frank saw rare leaves carried by Maisy over towards the sea. "That's my destiny inexorably carries somewhere" - Frank thought with desperate sadness. He shifted his gaze to the floating leaves on the manuscript. "Worthless pages, your place in the same place." He lifted his arm to throw the manuscript in the river, but at the last moment stopped, pulled a folder to his chest and wept.

- Such a large and crying - I heard a child's voice. - Maybe you're hurt?

Frank turned to the speaker and saw a girl about seven years old. He was ashamed of his weakness.

- Yes, that is not. I've been rehearsing ... ... Yes, I was rehearsing the role.

- What is the role?

- In the new film.

- What is this movie? Thriller?

- Yes, of good and evil.

- You have the main role?

- Yes ... almost home.

- You're in the movie a strong and courageous?

- Yes, the strongest and the bravest.

- Then why rehearse tears.

Frank was puzzled. He felt that all subsequent explanations are unconvincing. The absence of any logic was obvious even to a child.

- You see, in the life of any human being, even a strong and brave, there are moments when you feel unbearably hard. And there is nothing wrong, if he gives vent to his feelings. Crying is one way to get rid of the heavy emotional load. You understand me?

- I think so. And you know how to do tricks?

- What? Tricks? Of course I can.

- Show me one, please.

Suffice it to say that it is the lot of the tricks of stuntmen, and the problems had vanished. Who pulled the tongue? It seems that the young age of the interlocutor acted relaxing. Frank has hesitated in indecision.

- I know a lot of tricks, even not realizing at once what it was possible to show right now.

- Can you walk blindfolded through which I drafted on the sidewalk.

- Nothing could be easier. I agree.

The girl took out a piece of chalk and ran a straight line as possible. She then asked Frank to bend, took off his scarf and blindfolded. Summing Frank to the top line, the girl commanded: "Go." Frank very gravely spread his arms outwards, as if to show that he holds the pole, very realistic swaying, overcome all drawn rope.

- Wow! - I jumped around the girl. Artistry, which Frank performed "trick", she really liked.

Scarf wiped sweat from his brow, who spoke on emergency psychological stress, Frank took a deep breath, but elated by success, he has not found the strength to stop.

- Do you want more? - He exclaimed enthusiastically.

- I want, I want! - Clapped baby.

Frank climbed the parapet, balancing folder moved forward. He had already reached the targets set, and turned to appreciative audience to greet, but at this moment the treacherous gust of wind broke the balance, and Frank crashed into the water.

Frank knew how to swim, and even loved, but doing it only in hot summer weather and prefer to leave the clothes on themselves only the minimum necessary. Now, these conditions were not fulfilled, and the cold water instantly pinned his body and mind, and his clothes became potyazhelevshy pull it down. Instinctively, Frank began to bang on the water-free hand folder. Girl at the top of something fearfully shouted, but he was not able to understand it. The course draws him farther and farther away. He realized that he was losing consciousness, making folder squeezed even tighter ...

I opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital, Frank has not been able to reach a consensus, good or bad. He remembered that he fell into the water and began to sink. It is now clear that he managed to escape. But how? And why should he? Would not it be better to end it all at once.

The Chamber of someone entered. Frank barely turned his stiff neck. Seeing the movement of the patient, the nurse, and it was she asked: "Do you feel better?" Frank nodded. "I think I'll call then the girl who helped save you. He and his mother, Mrs. Ashley waiting in the corridor. "

- Looks good - the girl said, running up to Frank. - Mom, this is it, the same artist.

Mom, apparently intelligent young woman smiled and said:

- Christina was very worried what happened. I am very glad that all ended well.

- I am very grateful for your daughter. I was told that it was Christine saved my life. May I know how it all happened?

- Nonsense. When you're caught on a snag, I realized that you do not drown. Then I ran to call for help. Well, you pulled out and brought here.

- Thank you, Christine, - Frank murmured with emotion.

At that moment the nurse has announced a visitor. It turned out that Sergeant Scott is investigating this incident.

- I am interested in your actions, Mr. Bailey. I have to make sure that you have not committed anything illegal.

- What do you mean? I did not do anything illegal.

- Then why are you jumping to Maisy. It is a violation of public order.

- It is not true! - Christina screamed. - He did not jump in Maisy. He fell.

- How can I fall if the parapet will not do it? - Do not let the sergeant.

- Very simple! - Frank defended Cristina. - Flown tornado lifted him fifty feet, and with all his might threw in Maisy.

- What a little hard to believe in a tornado.

- You do not believe my daughter? - Christina stood up for her mom. - If she claims to have been a tornado, it could not be.

The sergeant thought, putting his mind in a speech in a more familiar manner.

- You confirm the words of the young lady? - He turned to Frank.

- I have no reason not to confirm them.

The sergeant thought again, then stood up and said in a conciliatory tone:

- Sorry to bother you, Mr. Bailey. Corrects.

- And you all the best, - said goodbye to Frank.

- Bailey? You Frank Bailey? - Mother Christina was excited

- Yes. What's the matter, Mrs. Ashley?

- When you are lifted out of the water, you squeeze this. - Mama Christina Frank filed a manuscript, which he had not expected to see. - Tell me, did you write?

- I - Frank replied modestly.

- I started reading your novel in the hallway, waiting to improve your condition. I was seized with the first pages. You could not let me ever to read it?

- Take it yourself permanently - Frank said quietly, and tears of joy rolled down his cheek.

- Mom, Mom, look, he is freed from the heavy emotional load.

Frank smiled and patted Christine's head.

Alone, Frank attempted to act. It was the fact that he got out of bed and headed for the exit. At the door, as usual in such cases, he was faced with a nurse.

- Where are you, Mr. Bailey?

- Home - without hesitation, Frank said.

- That's impossible!

- Why?

- We must completely eliminate the development of pneumonia.

- Pneumonia excluded. I feel good. Let me go home - I have a lot to do.

- But how do you go if your clothes still wet?

This was serious. Frank tried to look at ourselves and came to the conclusion that this form can not be driven on public places. "You have to ask someone to bring clothes. Jessica can not bother - it can interpret the situation wrongly. Helen? No. Women generally ask about this inconvenient. Mike! Similarly, I will ask Mike. "

- Where's the phone? Ah, here it is. Let me make just one call.

- Do just nothing better comes to mind - reproachfully said the nurse.

The number of beeps causing Frank seemed endless. He was preparing for his next defeat, as the sleepy voice heard Mike.

- Mike, could you do me a favor?

- What happened? - Startled Mike.

- It's okay, I just got to the hospital.

- What? Why is that?

- Then I'll tell you. That's better, but I have nothing to get home. Do not you lend me some coat?

- Of course, Frank. Give the address and wait for me.

Frank with the help of the nurses gave the address and waited. We had to wait a short time, after hours of Mike's lanky figure appeared in the doorway.

- You really look okay - gave Mike conclusion. - That coat that you asked.

He took the coat from her bag and handed it to Frank. Frank took the coat, but then looked concerned in the bag - it was empty. And there is! Mike understood everything literally. But what about the pants? Himself to blame. We must be able to express their thoughts. " The coat belonged to Mike and when worn on Frank, a little lacking in the floor. Although the lack of trousers is not so conspicuous, but the feeling of incompleteness of the composition did not leave anyone who watched the bare ankles Frank coming out of the hospital. Fortunately, the car turned out to be close to Mike and Frank was soon able to catch his breath. Mike was silent, glancing at Frank as if waiting for the promised explanation.

- There is a situation - Frank began hesitantly. - I was walking along the promenade.Suddenly flew tornado lifted me fifty feet, and with all his might threw me into the water.

- A tornado?

- Yes.

- Fifty feet?

- Yes.

- Frank, are you sure you should leave the hospital right now? I am concerned about your condition. Something tells me that you're in big trouble.

Mike looked at each other and think this has to trust. "And why do not I share with Mike? Let him okinet situation with fresh eyes. He works in a scientific journal and is close to many scientists. Then he tells me the way. "

- You're right, Mike. I'm going through hard times. The problem is that at some moment for me began the countdown.

- What do you understand by this? - Interested Mike asked, his voice, oddly enough, was serious.

- I understand the following. With each new day I transfer a month ago in human history, no matter how loudly it sounded. For example, a day for you today?

- The ninth of November.

- Here. And for me it's too ... November 9.

- Well?

- I did not mean it. I meant that if you were yesterday November 8, for me yesterday was December 9. I clearly explain?

Mike thought, and Frank did not stop him, knowing how ruthless struggle of worldviews going on in his head.

- I understand you correctly, that for me tomorrow is November 10, while you are destined to be tomorrow in the ninth day of the month of October? - After a while, said Mike.

- Mike, what you clever! All exactly as you said. Thus pay attention to that, because tomorrow I will meet you in the past, you will not remember anything about our conversation today.

Mike a little bit down the window to cool the overheated head.

- A bad situation - he managed. - Have you tried to do anything?

- Honestly, I do not even know which direction to go. I want to ask you for advice. Admit it, it's natural anomaly. Your friends - scientists need to do something similar.

- Wait a minute. I recently met with Professor Stanley. He studies the interaction of space and time. I think that makes sense to you to ask him.

Frank alert. He realized that Mike sees the root. Space and at the same time time - that's what he needs. Mike went on to extol the virtues of Professor Stanley, but Frank listened to him only half an ear. He was fascinated by the very formulation of the problem - space and time. Finally someone explained to him the cause of his misfortune. It lies in the anomalous interaction of space and time. And if the reason is clear, it remains only to find a way to rectify the situation.

- He is familiar with the very Stephen Hawking! - I did not stop Mike inspired.

- Oh!With Stephen Hawking himself ?!

- Yes, and it uniquely characterizes professor Stanley as a brilliant scientist in the field.

- Yes?

- Yes.

- Sorry, Mike, but who is Stephen Hawking? - Frank woke up.

- Who? Stephen Hawking? It's the most famous British scientist in the field of astrophysics. You're not familiar with his work on the "black holes"?

- I'm afraid that is not so close - barely squeezed Frank, feeling worthless against the background of Mike.

- I'll take you home, and on the way talk about the problem of "black holes" .

Mike started the engine and they were off. For a while they rode in silence - Mike was in the process of mobilizing their journalistic talent, Frank thought about the possible assistance of Professor Stanley. Most likely, he would have stayed on in thinking up to the house, if not remembered that it would be better to say to Mike, this is the house where he was.

- I need to Birkenhead. We could not go there?

- Frank, tell me, please, what do you need in this state took in Birkenhead.

- I live there - Frank said grimly, anticipating further questions.

- Do you live there?

Mike's expression was understandable that he had believed that a tornado dropped from another fifty feet.

- I'm telling the truth. I bought it for a long time, after the publication of my novel.

Mike did not say anything until the end of the road did not say a word. Silent and Frank. Only at the very end of the street and he called home. When the car stopped, Mike asked incredulously:

- So this is your house?

- Yes. I invite you to visit.

Still assuming that is involved in the adventure, Mike Frank hesitantly followed. Coming out of the car, Frank traditionally saw William Nightingale, not the message that is done near his home.

- Good afternoon. Glad to see a new neighbor. Let me introduce myself ...

- I must say, William, that the day today is not good, but very, very bad.

- How? We are perhaps already met?

- Continually.

William stepped back, eyeing Frank eyes, as if trying to remember where they could meet. When this view has reached the floor coat of inertia continued to move downwards along the bare legs of Frank, his eyes, from this view came spontaneously took a form somewhat different from the standard. Noticing that neighbor in some way excited, Frank said good-naturedly:

- I participated in the race through Maisy. You can congratulate me, William - I took the top prize. Come on, Mike, - he said to the other, with some interest the scene played out.

The regular life of William recently had little experience, so a meeting with Frank barefoot greatly impressed him. He remained standing with his mouth wide open, despite the fact that his friend had entered the house.

The confirmation of the words of the acquisition of own homes, Frank opened the door, and this detail did not escape the inquisitive nature of Mike. And once came across a familiar computer Frank, Mike finally ascertained the veracity of another version of their place of residence.

Do not have time to recommend Mike Frank nap on befallen his troubles as he had in his pocket when the phone rang.

- Hello, my dear ... I Frank away ... It's okay ... I then tell ... What an anomaly? Natural? On TV? Thank you ... Thank you, Now look ...

Call us, guessed Frank, Helen, to report any anomalies.

- Call Helen. She talks about natural anomalies by our side. Where's your TV?

- Downstairs.

Mike ran down. "For the scientific editor of the news this behavior is understandable," - decided to Frank and went after Mike.

- As previously reported, a powerful tornado swept over Liverpool this afternoon. It was a complete surprise for the meteorological services, as they are not projected to be expected is a natural phenomenon. Strange that it was in principle in our region. However, according to eyewitnesses the tornado lifted Maisy held along the waterfront to the height of a man fifty feet, then the accident fell into the water. Authorities to investigate the incident confirmed the version of the tornado. At this hour it is known about one affected. It appeared to be the correspondent of "Flash Chronicle" Frank Bailey. Fortunately, his life is not in danger, and he was discharged from the hospital. The last word of the scientists. Our studio is professor Bastvel - a specialist in abnormal natural phenomena. Bastvel Professor, could you make a hypothesis about what happened?

- Well, strictly speaking scientifically, any event that is non-zero probability, sooner or later occur.

Frank knew that Mike was like a minute is immune to facing him said, so he decided to use the break to go upstairs and put himself in order, as still roam around the house in a coat, wearing next to the skin.

Having a hot shower and dressed in all clean and warm, Frank decided that their wet things best dry. At the time of removal from the bag jacket, she fell out of her pocket phone, while uttering a plaintive sound, vaguely reminiscent of the calling bell. Frank thought it calls Jessica and mechanically pressed the answer button. It really was Jessica.

- Frank, my God, is that you? I was so scared when ...

Communication interrupted. Frank useless shaking the phone - only a trickle of water leaked from its womb. Frank ran to the phone on the desk and dialed Jessica.

- Honey, it's me.

- Frank, when will it all end? - Jessica sobbed.

- What's the matter, dear? - Frank was frightened.

- With me nothing. I mean you. I'm such a terrible heard about you in the news. It's true what they say about tornadoes? What do you fell from this height?

- Stop, stop. Jessica, calm down, do not worry. You know these channels - Give them a sensation. Well, all is not so ... or not quite true. I would say, somewhat exaggerated ...

- I know you do not want to upset me. It certainly noble of you. But I have a right to know the truth, do not you?

- Jessica's the truth, I'm all right. Mike from me, he can confirm my words. I came up with. Now I'll come to you, and you will be convinced that there is no reason to worry.

- No, a thousand times no. I will not let you in this state to go anywhere. You must observe the rest. Tomorrow, Sunday, I will be free and will come to you in the morning itself. Now promise me that you drink hot tea with lemon and wrapped in a blanket. Promise?

- I promise - sadly said Frank.

Frank was upset because he knew that Jessica would not come tomorrow. First, she did not know where to go, and secondly, it is very unlikely that tomorrow will be Sunday. Eyes fell on the table compiled by Frank "calendar". Yes, no doubt, tomorrow should come Wednesday.

Sad thoughts were interrupted by Mike burst into the office. He was very excited.

- How can you sit here quietly, and even taking a sour look?

- Yourself surprised.

- I knew that we can not escape the consequences of the Big Bang. We are on the verge of big shocks!

- more what?

- shocks. In vain you not listening to the end of the interview. Professor Bastvel said that the comet flyby Bailey certainly affects ...

- I'm sorry, a comet?

- Bailey. This astronomer discovered a comet in the seventeenth century.

- In the seventeenth century?

- In the seventeenth century. So, its influence on the Earth's atmosphere beyond doubt. Universe can radically transform! Like the Big Bang. Here, take the arithmetic mean of the number of stars in two nearby galaxies ... Yes, the nearest neighbor ... If now, when the comet is far we have come such disasters, what can you expect when it is closer. And it will happen very soon - in the two thousand four hundred and fifty-ninth year.

Frank choked. "The obsession to the point of insanity," - he thought.

- I'm sorry, Mike, but as an event will not happen tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow, then I think we, or rather you, there will be time to prepare for it. In the meantime, I want to ask you a favor. Please, sit down in a chair.

Frank stood up, giving way to another. "Frank just does not understand that what happened to him today is a landmark event" - angrily Mike thought sitting behind the desk, Frank. Shaken heard predictions he had no idea what he wanted to ask Frank. At this point he did not remember about the issue, about which he told Frank nor his promise to tell him about "black holes." His thoughts revolved along the comet's orbit.

- Remember when you told me about Professor Stanley? - I brought him back to reality, the voice of Frank.

- On Professor Stanley?

- Yes, of Professor Stanley. You said that it is studying the interaction of space and time.

- Professor Stanley! Of course.

- What course?

- Prof. Stanley studies the interaction of space and time.

- Well, I want to meet him. So please give me your recommendation.

- Got it. I can call him now.

- No, Mike, given the specificity of the question, I need a written recommendation. Here's the paper that's pen. And please do not put a date.

- Whatever you say.

For a while, Mike wrote intently, then leaned back in his chair and read a paragraph:

- "Currently, Frank Bailey is preparing a review article devoted to current research in the field of interaction between space and time. Could you advise him of his questions. " Going?

- Progress. The date is not set?

- Do not set.

Then Mike hastily zasobiralsya home, referring to the abundance of new information that needs to systematize. It became clear that the systematization Mike runs smoothly, if he is at home. Frank did not obstruct other, especially now that he needed a rest. He thanked Mike for everything and conveyed greetings Helen.

Meanwhile, Mike at the exit waiting for William.

- I am sorry, however, that our new neighbor but actually won a prize in sailing?

- Yes - tired voice said Mike. - You can be proud of it. In one swim, he broke from eight to sixteen world records.

The machine Mike has long disappeared from sight, and William was trying to understand all that means "to beat from eight to sixteen world records in one swim." Having experienced an insuperable difficulty, he went to his wife for an explanation.

Having retired, Frank felt an overwhelming desire to go to sleep. Today, he has not been able either to do something or anything to think about what he should do. The last thing he heard in reality, there was a report in the latest news about the mysterious all-destroying tornado crossed England from south to north, numerous witnesses and victims.